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Astro AI Digital Clamp Multimeter Voltage Tester 2000 Counts

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Last updated on June 13, 2024 8:00 am Details
  • TEST A WIDE RANGE of measurements including Voltage, AC Current, Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance, Frequency, and Temperature, Tests Diodes;
  • PROFESSIONAL LEVEL features includes True RMS for accurate AC Current and Voltage readings. Also includes Auto-Ranging for faster and more accurate results;
  • CONVENIENT FEATURES included Data Hold and a Large, LCD Backlit Screen, and Extra Large Clamp;
  • IDEAL FOR COMMERCIAL settings where it can handle the demands of a long workday, from the durable exterior to the wide range of heavy-duty capabilities;
  • LARGE DIGITAL DISPLAY with backlit LCD for visibility in dimly light areas.

Specification: Astro AI Digital Clamp Multimeter Voltage Tester 2000 Counts


1 AAA batteries required. (included)

Product Dimensions

23.37 x 4.57 x 10.92 cm, 560 Grams

Date First Available

March 23 2018



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13 reviews for Astro AI Digital Clamp Multimeter Voltage Tester 2000 Counts

3.3 out of 5
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  1. Charles Poitras

    If you’ve never used a power meter with an amperage clamp, let me tell you, it’s the greatest thing. Sure you can measure amperage with it, but you can also use the clamp to hook the meter somewhere while you hold the probes. Such power should never have been given to us mere mortals, think of all the versatility it offers, no longer do you need to ask your assistant to hold the multimeter for you, you can just stick it over a nail or hook, or even clamp it or your assistant’s nose to free their hands.

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  2. isaac

    Received the product yesterday. The meter has good build quality, the clamp is sturdy. I tried to measure the AC current off a single line, the reading is ~5% off what I expected, but this is pretty good for a clamp based amp meter. The rest of the functions work well. voltage and resistance measurement all worked within expected ranges. The item comes with a bag , which is great to keep everything together. I am happy with this product.

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  3. James Toal

    1. Function/Range Switch has no click stops, moves through 360 degrees and springs away from some settings.

    2. Nothing changes on the display, whatever setting it’s at. It reads Auto, top right; 0.L centre and m+ohm symbol.

    3. Automatically switches off after 15 minutes but switches back on in the case for no apparent reason.

    4. Pressing buttons changes nothing on display, except red Hold button which toggles H on and off top centre right.

    5. Gives 3 beeps occasionally but no change to screen display

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  4. Burt

    Didn’t work properly, was slow to respond and the circuit tester “buzzer” didn’t always sound. Can’t trust it so it went straight back.
    I suppose I thought it was good value for money with the carry bag etc but it was too good to be true. Will now spend a bit more on a brand I know and trust my life with.

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  5. S. A. Twells

    I ordered this with next day delivery with Amazon Prime on a Monday and it arrived on Friday. Not sure who is responsible for that. It has a feature that measures AC current through a single conductor via the tips of the clamp. Mine doesn’t work. If you trusted this you would quickly get electrocuted. The other features, which are the reasons I bought it, seem more than adequate. The clamp is useful for hanging the meter on my bike. The probes are quite robust but slim enough to reach into tight spaces for checking motorbike electrics. I like feel of the meter, it seems like a good quality device but I have not owned it very long or used it often.

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  6. Ann G

    From initial unpacking and overview it looks good so far. I have yet to test it out to know for sure.
    Only concern and wonder is…
    Here they provided, a well packaged product. In a carrying case with batteries but for some reason skimped out on the equally important detail, the instruction/guide manual. It’s a extremely small printed (possibly less that 5pt font) photocopy requiring the use of a magnifying glass to read it.


    Received a quick response from the manufacturer, apologizing for the really small manual and provided not only a PDF format but also a discount for the trouble.

    Looking forward to testing the product out when I have time.

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  7. wls-senatus

    I bought it for the ammeter function, and photos left and right show the reading and the actual on a metered PDU. It’s close enough (within 10%) for the purpose. I also noticed some variation depending on where in the loop I placed the wire under test, but that’s hardly surprising for induction. For such a cheap price I thought it would be somewhat flimsy, but it feels quite solid and well-made. Obviously it’s not a Fluke, but if I didn’t know better, I’d have guessed this was a rebranded UNI-T (which is decent!).

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  8. DD26

    Used to test 480volt system up to 100amps.
    It’s not as accurate as a higher end brand but is very close enough for what it’s for.
    Bought for a friend that runs a sand/gravel plant. He is able to do some minor tests and troubleshooting to give me some info making his service calls more efficient.
    My only complaint is that when testing for continuity there is no buzzer. Otherwise it works good.
    I’d recommend to apprentice electricians/ service techs looking for a decent meter when they are starting out in the trade.

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  9. Humourless in Montreal

    The unit has pretty decent features for the price. I liked having the clamp ammeter, voltage and capacitance in one unit for air conditioning testing.

    However, the one I had was unable to make any voltage readings. I have used many meters and do know what I am doing, and made sure I had the probes in the right jacks and the right settings, but was unable to read AC or DC voltage. Tried low voltage AC and Dc, 110v Ac. Nothing. Tried to wiggle the V jack to see if bad connection, but still nothing.

    I was able to read capacitance, resistance and temperature using the thermocouple. I did not test the clamp ammeter functionality.

    I returned the unit. Avoid would be my recommendation.

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  10. Oscar

    The media could not be loaded.

     Por mi voz parece que no tengo idea de lo que hago o digo pero estoy estudiando mecatrónica asi que realmente se lo que les digo de no ser asi no subiria un video (el multímetro truper del video costo $645 pesos mexicanos y el multimetro truper que tiene el gancho cuesta aproximadamente $800)

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  11. Jerry J

    Not overly happy with my purchase…a cheap Chinese version of more expensive and better meters…the meter is too heavy..too bulky…the clamp itself is too big…it might be difficult to work with it in tight electric panels?!…temperature probe is too cheap…I do not think I am getting good reading over 300 deg C..like oven testing?! No mA or DC current capabilities…no crocodile clamps provided for the leads…50/50 split between keeping it or returning it…hmmm

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  12. Karma

    Here I have listed its pros and cons of AstroAI Digital Clamp Meter:

    – Very convenient to measure voltage-amperage, resistance etc of any electrical/electronic devices
    – LED backlight makes it easy to read temperature in dark areas
    – Very useful to test the voltage, ampere and resistance etc during renovations
    – Large clamp makes it useful to have it in cars which comes in handy at times
    – Battery indicator is very useful to let us know when to replace the battery
    – Holds data for the last reading
    – Auto switches off to conserve battery life
    – Did not experience any overheating problems
    – Durable build
    – Reliable till date

    – None as of now

    Improvements suggested:
    – None

    Things to know before buying:
    – NA

    I will continue to use this Digital Clamp Meter in the coming days and will update this review if I find any other issues. I recommend this.

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  13. The Wise Old Owl

    The product arrived promptly, well packaged and complete with a small useful guide. I purchased this product specifically to be able to measure current flow. It is very reasonably priced and it does work well. The leads are robust and connect easily to the meter. It’s early days, but so far the meter is fine and works ok. Once I have used it more, I may well go to 5 + stars.

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    Astro AI Digital Clamp Multimeter Voltage Tester 2000 Counts
    Astro AI Digital Clamp Multimeter Voltage Tester 2000 Counts
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