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Corsair Carbide Series Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case Black

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Last updated on June 21, 2024 11:28 am Details
  • Contemporary angular design and direct airflow path layout ensures massive airflow to keep your system cool. Maximum GPU Length: 330
  • Light up your system with three RGB led fans, each boasting six customizable LEDs. Not iCUE enabled
  • The front panel’s dark, angular accents become transparent when backlit, providing a unique window into your system
  • A frameless tempered glass side panel window shows off your pc at its best
  • A full-length PSU cover hides your PSU and cables out of sight, making creating immaculate builds easier than ever

Specification: Corsair Carbide Series Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case Black

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Product Dimensions

‎43.99 x 21.01 x 45.01 cm, 6.35 Kilograms

Item dimensions L x W x H

‎44 x 21 x 45 centimeters


‎Temprered Glass, Black

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13 reviews for Corsair Carbide Series Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case Black

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Priyam

    Wonderful Case.The disk cage is awesome and so is the cable management options in this case.
    The Black color on this case is simply awesome.
    The front I/O panel USB 3.0 was not working but I had assembled all components and returning it would have been time consuming so I just emailed Corsair India and they sent me a Replacement Front I/O panel within a week.Simply loved the customer service of Corsair.

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  2. Cliente Amazon

    Il case é davvero molto bello e impeccabile nel suo stile. Parliamo di una struttura di medio – alto livello, non posso dare ne 5 ne 4 stelle ne dovrei dare 4,5 per un solo (piccolo) motivo, non viene esplicitamente scritto nella descrizione che dentro c’è una presa a 20 pin per le 2 prese USB3 sopra, il punto é che non tutte le schede madri supportano tale connessione e sono stato costretto a comprare un adattatore. Inoltre devo aggiungere che per far andare i colori e le ventole servono almeno 4 prese di cui una particolare a 4 pin che non é compatibile con tutte le schede madri, quindi un problema che andrà risolto anche questo per sfruttare a pieno tutta la potenza di questo bellissimo oggetto… Consigliato…. ah consegna amazon una sicurezza, scriverò una recensione tra qualche mese

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  3. Richard

    Good quality case, really smart. You need lots of patience when installing the PSU and planning for AIO cooler.
    A few things to note however. My Corsair H100x AIO Cooler will not fit in the top. Now wether or not that’s because my Aorus Elite B450 Motherboard is taller which brings the RAM higher and conflicts with the space for the radiator and fans. Anyway, managed to fit the radiator on the front behind the 3 fans which works great.
    PSU was tricky. My EVGA 750w modular psu fit fine but had to move the HD drive bays over for more wiggle room. Would probably recommend a fully modular psu with more agile cables.
    Cable management is easy with plenty of cable ties and space to hide cables. The 3-1 splitter was handy for connecting to RGB but would be good to include a few splitters for the fans too?
    All in all happy with the end results

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  4. Onelif333

    Great case for the price and any first time builder would enjoy how simple it is to get around inside. I appreciate how many screws it came with. Note: there are no disk drive slots and no real cabin to store additional cables, even though there is a lot of wiggle room under the hard drive ports.

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  5. PennyMindingMom

    I hadn’t built a PC in at least 13 years (switched to laptops about 10 years ago) so I was pretty stoked to start building again. After doing some research, this seemed like a decent quality case with good fans/ventilation and some RGB for fun at a reasonable price. Here’s what I’ve noticed with my case thus far:

    – I’m not sure if it’s the glass or the case (more likely the case), but the glass doesn’t fit perfectly. I have to be sure not to tighten all of the screws all of the way to avoid putting too much pressure/flex on the glass. This could be a “your mileage may vary” sort of thing.

    – Cable management is pretty good. Lots of holes with rubber grommets to avoid cutting into wires. I do wish there was just a hair more space behind the back panel for some of the thicker cables coming from the power supply.

    – Air flow seems pretty good, and lots of dust covers to help keep the inside of your case somewhat clean. The 4 fans are relatively quiet, but you will definitely notice them. Especially if you have them wired to spin up faster as thermals increase.

    – RGB is decent, works well with my ATX MSI mobo. I just wish the rear fan was RGB as well to match the front. For the price of the case, I think they could have included that and still made a tidy profit.

    Overall a decent case from a well known name brand. Price might be slightly higher, but I feel comfortable with the quality.

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  6. Owen Griffiths

    I originally bought a cheap PC case so I have something to put my parts in and just get ready. I had this offer where I get £80 Amazon gift card for free for upcoming or current university students so I thought it was the best chance to get this case before it goes back to its retail price (I got it for £40 not £50. Worth £50 though), The PC case arrived day after because of Amazon Prime and I am not surprised by how good it works as a functional case.

    When I put the parts inside it felt easier than my old flimsy case, all parts went into the right places just right and it doesn’t feel like talking out any time soon. The one and only problem I had with the build is the power supply I have (Corsair CX550) Couldn’t properly fit into place, but with a bit of force I could manage to fit 3 screws in and with extra force I could of got the 4th screw in to.

    Talking of screws. You get more than plenty of you need any extras if any of them break or you lose some. There’s twice as much as you need for each screw but the motherboard screws (you only get 4 of them).

    Inside the pc you can fit an ATX,MATX Or of course an ITX motherboard into the case with ease and medium graphics cards too (2 fans. Depending on what mobo you have you can possibly put 3 fan graphics cards in here). I personally have an ATX and fit perfectly as you can see in the pictures.

    There is one preferred red led (or depending on your case colour I’m assuming) fan to the front of the PC, and an additional 4 extra fans you can add to it (one extra at the front, two on the top and one at the back) unfortunately my pc can only go up to 3 non molex fans so I need additional adapters for the full experience on that. So if you wanted to do cooling (water cooling etc) you can.

    The size of the case is just right, with the drive bay stuck in one corner with a stand where you can design it if needed (I put an Elizabeth Dishonored pop vinyl just to show that you can do it), and there’s easy to access drive brackets to take out and put in your hard drives. At the back you can put the ssd on the side part or even put it in the bracket.

    The window side shows everything which you need to see in a pc (motherboard, graphics cards cooler and the top of the drive pay as shown. So it does have nice representation in terms of if you cant cable manage right (like me haha)

    The bottom part of the pc has a dust collector so you can easily collect dust and has 4 strong parts where the case does not slide and you need to push with force. I think this is good because my previous case was like that so I’m happy this one doesn’t slide.

    The only negative other than the one I mentioned earlier is probably the placement of where the usb, or front panel connectors are. This can be different in every build, but it’s faced to my wall and it’s hard to do specific things with it other wise. This is a small pick from a good near perfect pc so don’t make this a reason to not buy it at a good price.

    If I had to rate it out of 10 it has to be a good 9 because of how nice it looks and how nice it also represents. It’s a must buy if you’re a beginner or just want to upgrade like myself. (9/10)

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  7. anonn

    For a light user build, the case works great. As for a budget gaming case, there are better options like the SPEC-01/02. Two major concerns of this build I found was that the material for it was very flimsy (top and back of the case) and there are no dust filters covering the top and back fan mounts so it will get dusty really quick.

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  8. Thomas Herr

    The Corsair Carbide Spec Delta is a good looking case. My son picked it for himself and he was much in awe once we put all parts in and fired it up for the first time. The RGB fans in front are spectacular and nice to look at.
    The case itself its a Micro ATX motherboard just fine but there is absolutely no space to spare.
    You have to remove the HDD enclosure to be able to put in the power supply and run the wires for example. No biggie, just inconvenient. The manual itself leaves a lot to be desired. The instructions on how to install a SATA drive for example are minimalistic and not helpful at all. A beginner will have their struggles to get this set up, anybody who has built PC’s before should be able to figure it all out.

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  9. Steven Taylor

    Exceptional case for an upgrade. I’ve had the pleasure of building my first PC in over 10 years and having done a little of research this seemed to be a complete win-win and it has not let me down. It’s carefully packaged, lightweight and well thought out. The screws for assembly are all of decent quality and I’ve been really impressed with general space for cable routing from all major components. There’s copious amounts of notches for cable ties to keep everything and tidy. The window has a really subtle tint to it just illuminate any fans or components that aren’t a distraction of being either too bright, or too dim you wouldn’t notice. I honestly can’t fault this case and wouldn’t pick anything over it unless I was one seriously expensive and crazy build. For your beginning to mid build ranges you don’t need to look any further.

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  10. Dan

    Nice case, shows off my build quite well.
    Looks good and had decent airflow for what I am running.
    Few things I would change.
    Front upper fan mount for 140mm fan. Can only install screws into the two lower fan holes. Meaning the top 2 mounting points on the fan are just floating. Although if they are attached tight enough you really don’t notice it.
    Also maybe a port or two above the ATX board mount to run your cables through would be nice. Case would have to be 1cm taller to make it work. I managed to sneak two fan cables behind the top of the board. But it was extremely tight.

    All in all. It’s a very nice case and I am happy with it

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  11. Vladimir

    Pros: the case is a great starter case. If you want an arc motherboard in it it will be a tight fit. The case is also pretty easy to disassemble and includes a red led fan which is not enough if you’re building a gaming rig. The case is built with quality but it’s a little flimsy.

    Cons: •when doing cable management on the case its soooo hard. The back panel removes easy but when it comes to putting larger cables its a headache to close the thing up. The front panel plastic glass is so easy to scratch, put it on the floor and you instantly get a scratch.

    This is a great beginner case but you can find a better one for the price

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  12. Amazon Customer

    Very good value for the cost, just some things to keep in mind.
    Asus Aurora did not seem compatible with the RGB fans in the front of the case, though this may have been due to an issue with my motherboard, an Asus Prime Z390-P. I had to use an older version of AI Suite 3 to change the settings on them. Besides that, the case is everything I needed. If you are looking for extra drive space, consider a different case, as you can only fit a maximum of 2 hdds and 2 ssds or 4 ssds. This was not an issue for me, just something for other buyers to be aware of. The fans in this case are super quiet, I was honestly expecting a jet engine due to my last case having a similar fan count and being very loud. Very good value for a budget case. The tempered glass is a nice feature since so many budget cases just use cheap plastic for side windows.

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  13. Katherine Langford

    I picked this up for a build I did December 2019. I did a Ryzen build. It had lots of space for all the hardware and was easy to work in. Cable management was easily taken care of, and I like the clear acrylic side as I’m less worried about breaking it that I would be with glass. It looks sleek and modern, more so than the Roswell one I got for my Dad’s build at the same time. I do wish it came with more standoffs, but other than that I have no complaints. I like that it allows for good airflow, and I was able to install 5 fans to make sure my RTX 2060 Super stays cool when I’m playing. I just picked up a water cooling system and I’ll be switching out for that. I could see for my next build for work, picking up another case like this, or something very similar from Corsair. I thought it was good quality and value.

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    Corsair Carbide Series Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case Black
    Corsair Carbide Series Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case Black


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