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Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming

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Last updated on April 18, 2024 7:23 am Details
  • Our most powerful streaming stick – 40% more powerful than Fire TV Stick 4K, with faster app starts and more fluid navigation.
  • Support for next-gen Wi-Fi 6 – Enjoy smoother 4K streaming across multiple Wi-Fi 6 devices.
  • Cinematic experience – Watch in vibrant 4K Ultra HD with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+ and immersive Dolby Atmos audio.
  • Endless entertainment – Stream more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes. Watch favourites from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, CTV, and more, plus listen to millions of songs. Subscription fees may apply.
  • Live and free TV – Watch live TV, news, and sports with subscriptions to Bell Fibe TV, Sportsnet, CBC Gem, Red Bull TV, and others. Stream for free with ad-supported apps like YouTube, CBC Gem, ICI TOU.TV, and Tubi.
  • Alexa Voice Remote – Search and launch content with your voice. Get to favourite apps quickly with preset buttons. Control power and volume with one remote.
  • Do more with your smart home – View the front door camera without stopping your show using Live View Picture-in-Picture. Ask Alexa to check the weather or dim the lights.
  • Game on – Fluid gameplay and fast-rendering graphics with a 750Mhz GPU.

8 reviews for Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming

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  1. Michael Ratcliffe

    The stick works well – does what it advertises. Big problems with the design of the stick’s casing.

    1. The power cord should plug into the end of the stick, rather than one of the sides, in order to prevent the power chord from interfering with the use of HDMI slots above or below the one used for the fire stick.
    2. The fire stick itself is too wide and when plugged into an HDMI port it has so much girth that it blocks the insertion of HDMI cords and preventing the use of any HDMI port directly above or below the HDMI port used for the fire stick.

    That’s not user friendly design.

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  2. Patdud1979

    I originally got the 4K MAX for the Wi-Fi 6 but the speed is barely faster then the original 4K this is really disappointing!!!
    Speed are as follows 4K MAX 490 down, 4K regular 430 down, iPhone X that is only Wi-Fi 5—630 down, iPhone 11 with Wi-Fi 6 830 down 🤙 all tested back to back with the router being les then 1 meter from all device. Needless to say I’m not a happy camper!!! Since my regular 4K run just as good and being a tiny bit slower in the UI I don’t see the point in upgrading 🤷‍♂️

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  3. djb

    This new version is very nice. Runs faster and smoother. My only wish is that the remote wasn’t cluttered with prime, Netflix, and those other two buttons. I don’t use any of those services and it would be nice if there was an option to set them to something that I do watch. I also wish I could get rid of the ads and the other clutter of shows on stations I don’t watch. Perfection would be more control over content and the ability to set it to just what I want to see… and not what amazon want’s to push on me.

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  4. LiveWire Home Systems

    This is now my 5th FireStick! My first trial experience with Amazon Smart and Streaming products was picking up a regular FireTV Stick along with an HD8 Tablet when on sale during the July 2019 Canada Prime Day. I now have 4 additional FireTV Sticks, including this new 4K “Max”. I also have a Fire Cube, Echo Show 8, Echo Show 5, a brand new HD10 64GB Tablet (2021 variant) along with my original HD10, another HD8 and still growing! I also plan on getting the new 15” wall mounted Echo Show when it releases and I have had such good experience with my new Amazon products that I am now even considering one of the new generation Amazon branded 4K Televisions with FireTV embedded which are about to start shipping very soon.

    I am a former Apple “FanBoy” and I could go on forever about all of my new Amazon hardware, but the bottom line is that all of these Amazon Fire and smart products are outstanding values in relation to competing products and can literally save you $1,000’s over Apple products!!. This is no exaggeration. If I were running multiple iPads and Apple hardware in my home in an attempt to try to recreate what I get out of my Amazon product ecosystem the cost would be substantially higher than what I have paid for all my Amazon products.

    Well, so how about this new generation 4k Max Stick?.. Lets see how it performs….

    The new “Max” stick comes in a larger box but it basically includes all of the same accessories as prior FireSticks. You get an USB power cord with appropriate charging wall power brick, an HDMI extender dongle (which is very handy in situations where you need to reorient the stick due to space issues in the back of you TV, batteries to power the remote, and an Alexa enabled remote. The Remote is newly designed for the Max and I will touch on that a bit later.

    SetUp is very easy as with all prior generation FireSticks. Once plugged into power and you turn on your TV you will be met with the Update screens within a few moments. You just need to take a few minutes to follow the simple on screen prompts to log into your network for the first time, and then after entering your Amazon account details the updates will complete and you will be given the option of sending over all the apps you already had setup on your prior Sticks. You will also be able to set it to work to your TV in moments during this same processs and from there on, the FireStick remote will be able to turn you TV on and off, raise, lower and mute Volume. Easy Peezy!

    If you are a NEW FireStick user it will be basically the same process, but you will also be prompted to set up an new Amazon Account in order to get going. Setting up a new Amazon Account is absolutely FREE! If you are a concerned parent you will also be able to easily setup Parental Controls during this initial process.

    Remember, you do NOT necessarily have to be a PRIME MEMBER to be able to get good use from a FireStick as there are all sorts of Free Apps you can download from the Amazon Store across many Interests and Genres. However, being a Prime member opens up an whole other World with this as FireSticks are of course optimized for using Prime Video and Amazon Music Streaming services. All the other big services (both free and subscription based) are there as well including YouTube, Netflix, ATV+, Disney+, etc., etc.

    The new Max stick feels blisteringly fast vs. my older regular non-4K sticks and much, MUCH snappier when compared to my relatively new original 4K Sticks. I am not kidding. I can really notice the difference when surfing through the GUI menus and searching. It’s the update in the internal specs. that makes all the difference. The MAX has an upgraded CPU and more memory. The new Max Stick has 2GB of RAM vs. the 1.5GB in my prior 4K sticks and the CPU is now 1.8Ghz with a 750mhz GPU vs. the prior 1.70Ghz with a 650Mhz GPU. While that may not seem like a lot on paper, Wow, it sure makes a big difference in the overall performance. As a FireStick user for several years now, I can really feel and see the difference.

    I now find that I really like the newly redesigned remote! It’s still very familiar with the same size and footprint of my prior remotes, but at first glance I was actually annoyed that it now has quick access buttons for 4 pre-set services in the lower area (see comparison photo). But then I thought these are services I ACTUALLY USE, so its very convenient for my household. The 4 hotkey buttons are for direct access to Prime Video, Amazon Music, NetFlix and Disney+. (The Book of Boba Fett and a new season of The Mandalorian are just on the horizon, so Disney now has me hooked whether I like it or not! Haha)

    I unfortunately cannot offer any comments on one of the other new features of the Max, that being WIFI 6, as I dont have that. Still, I am more than happy with my setup in any event as I have a fast, unlimited Broadband connection with a stable wifi router. I have virtually no issues with 4K streaming and the picture is just as vivid and beautiful as before.

    All in all, I am very happy to have picked up the new FireStick Max as soon as it was released. I am now already well versed in the Amazon product ecosystem and the overall performance boost of the new CPU and additional memory in the Max Stick just makes it so much better than prior generations. It really enhances our viewing experience and I can see my household gradually upgrading all of our current sticks to this newer standard. I will more than likely pass on my two regular older non-4K FireSticks to friends or family.

    I highly recommend the new Max to both existing FireTV users as an upgrade and new users alike. New people especially will be very pleased with the new operating system.


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  5. MC

    Bought this to replace an older 4K Fire stick, ended up still having stuttering problems watching Witcher on Netflix (was hoping the newer FireOS and more powerful hardware would fix it, but it seems to be a problem with the nature of Witcher and smiliarly formatted titles in 24fps on netflix vs. the firestick/netflix app), and now Disney+ Dolby Atmos audio is no longer available (worked on the old 4K stick)… all titles with Atmos used to show as such in the Disney+ app, now they show just 5.1 – also, my Sony amp would display DAtmos when playing such content from Disney, but now simply shows Dolby Digital+, confirming I’m not getting the right audio stream.
    The only improvement of the 4K max vs. regular 4K is now Netflix Atmos audio DOES work, and the interface is a bit more peppy.
    Hoping a future software update from either Amazon for the stick, or Disney for their app will fix this situation.

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  6. Steven Soanes

    I made the upgrade to the fire stick max and it was definitely worth it , the speed it goes through apps and menus are virtually seamless. Looking forward to see how it performs in the long run but so far I’m very pleased.

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  7. Shawn H

    Purchased this for streaming services. This is my first FireTV device, but I can notice the speedy difference with this new model compared to the previous generation devices that my family & friends are using. Setup is easy, and new remote is easy to navigate with!

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  8. Ashley from Canada

    I have a lot of fire sticks around my household and I was excited to hear this new model was coming out. Recieved it today and I absolutely agree that it is faster than the previous model. You will see the same menu layout of course but the difference is the hardware of course.

    The updated remote has more buttons which honestly I do not mind as it allows for a quicker access to the apps such as Netflix , Prime , Disney + and Amazon music.

    The firestick even seems to access my Blink Outdoor camera a lot quicker which is a nice upgrade.

    I find the WiFi 6 makes a difference which is one of the reasons why I bought this

    No real complaints yet and I highly recommend spending the extra money to get the 4k max.

    Only thing I wish was added/Integrated on this stick is an ethernet option.

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    Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming
    Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming


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