Ostrich Chaise Lounge, Green

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  • Patented open/close face cavity and arm slots with head pillow
  • Portable and lightweight; includes carrying strap
  • Weight capacity 250 pounds

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Specification: Ostrich Chaise Lounge, Green

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

182.88 x 30.48 x 55.88 cm, 4.45 Kilograms

Date First Available

April 21 2018


Deltess Corp. – IMPORT(Shanghai)

Place of Business


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13 reviews for Ostrich Chaise Lounge, Green

2.9 out of 5
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  1. PrincessMom

    Despite the negative reviews, I decided to give this lounger a try, and I’m not disappointed. I just wanted a basic chair to lay out on that would go flat and didn’t cost a ton. No problems in opening… fold out legs, then open head and foot ends. Held me with no problem, felt fully supported. Easy to adjust. To be honest, I didn’t try the arm holes, but I didn’t buy it for that. I could see how it might not line up perfectly for most bodies because we’re all shaped different, but its not that wide, that I couldn’t just reach under when I was on my stomach. The face hole seemed comfy. It was a really hot day and due to perspiration, I felt like I was sliding into it a bit, but the next time I’ll make sure I have another small towel to put on the cushion and I think that will solve the problem. I had no issues with the unit and am considering ordering more so I don’t have to share with family members who kept trying to hijack it. Worth a try!

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  2. Vicki

    I do love this chair. I’m a very small woman so it works great for me. I don’t really use the padding to rest my face because it’s hard on the neck but I just put a towel down and it works good.

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  3. M Krenz

    I was injured by this chair. It is a low grade metal frame, moving parts & weak fabric. I thought it would be ok for light use a few mos. out of the year.

    After only a few uses, the back of the chair broke, while I was lounging. I hit the ground hard, hit my head on the frame & ground & injured my lower back on the cross bar. The mechanism that clicks & hold the back in various positions is very weak, soft metal & failed under light use.

    I only used the chair for 30 mins./ 7 time sitting in my backyard. I had to get rid of the chair as it was no longer usable or safe. I do not recommend this chair due to poor quality, lack of durability & it caused physical injury when it failed.

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  4. Brian D.

    I was hesitant to order after reading some reviews but decided I wanted something light weight, easy to carry to the park. So I took a chance.

    I’ve been using this lounger 3-4 days a week for a couple months now. For the price I’m very happy. I even use it at home on the deck.

    As far as sturdiness, I weigh about the rated weight limit for this chair. I sit down on it gently. I don’t just drop onto it. I also make sure it’s unfolded in the proper order, which isn’t tough. One leg, second leg, feet, then head. It unfolds in 5 seconds and sits solidly. I’ve never thought it would collapse under me.

    The ratchet mechanism for the incline has never failed. I wouldn’t mind having more angle options, but there are about 3 angles that I like and it meets my needs.

    I had a friend, who is well over the rated limit, use it once for an hour or so. Sat down slowly and had no issues. No damage or creaking.

    The feeling of the material is firm. It’s not a plush or soft seat. But it works for a couple hours. And the padding by the head helps.

    Being able to lay face down and having the special arm holes is very helpful.

    Overall I’d DEFINITELY buy it again.
    Update 8/17/19

    Have had this chair all summer. Because of a medical condition, I spend 6-10 hours in this chair each day. I do get up and take short walks, stretch, etc.

    I weigh 215 lbs currently and the chair has held up to daily use.

    As I said before, the key is to open and close it in the correct order. That’s critical. But also easy.

    Also, I believe it helps that I lower myself gently into it.

    It’s been with me to parades, the beach, a concert, friends cookouts, and more.

    The only wear after such heavy daily use is that the fabric has a SLIGHT sag to it. It’s not enough that my body is hitting the support structure, but it may get there at some point. It’s probably more comfortable now that it does have a little give, than when new.

    Frankly, with hundreds of hours of use at this point, it could break today and it’d be money well spent.

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  5. Chuck Jackson

    Legs are too short…head in cut out is way too close to any book you might want to read. And when you get up, it is from a full squat position with your knees around your ears.

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  6. Cindy Beange

    While I love the chair, it is very cheaply made. My mistake that I left it outside in the rain once and it rusted immediately. Then when I try to reopen, the legs are stuck due to the rust. I held on to one side to force the leg down and the whole side just bent in my hand…. and I am not that strong. I love the concept of the chair but thought it would be a little more durable for that price.

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  7. Swiper the Fox (wpg)

    Rivet on head side bend , broke on me after 3rd use.
    Replaced with a nut/bolt now but it got all bent and cant lie flat properly now withour something holding it up.

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  8. Chapman

    The chair ripped less than two months after I purchased it. I would like to contact the seller to see if I could get a free replacement shipped because there is no reason a $40 chair should simply rip after only a few uses by a normal sized adult.

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  9. Jarad

    My girlfriend really likes it. She weighs 95lbs so it is very sturdy under her weight. I weigh 140 though, and I’m a bit nervous of tearing the fabric while I’m on it.

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  10. Online Customer

    Used this chair about 10 times now to lay outside and have had zero problems. I was a little nervous to buy it since the negative reviews complained of parts not opening completely or the fabric tearing, but the price was awesome so I decided to risk it and am very glad I did! I’ve had no problems whatsoever with this chair. When I take it outside, I first open the chair legs completely, then open the foot section followed by the head section. When closing, I go in the opposite order, being careful not to pinch the metal rings that hold the strap as I close the legs. The fabric is double-stitched and strong. I bring it back inside after using it so that the harsh sun doesn’t damage the fabric by making it brittle. The height when facing down is high enough to read a book comfortably, but I’ve only used it on a hard surface and can’t comment on how much it might sink in beach sand. I really can’t find anything negative about this chair. Works great, it’s sturdy, comfortable, and great price. Highly recommend. Would buy again.

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  11. Malynyk

    I just revised my review of last summer 2020. Bought for my daughter was stored in heated garage for winter and she went to lay in it for the first time this season today and the entire side seam broke can’t even sew it back . Not happy as shouldn’t be a one season product

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  12. Lw

    Not overly pleased with this chair. It makes noises when you move like it is going to rip. I did not find it that comfy

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  13. Mark

    So far I used just twice but is comfortable, could be a little longer and wider, but is ok for the price

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    Ostrich Chaise Lounge, Green
    Ostrich Chaise Lounge, Green
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