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Govee Interior Lights for Car

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Last updated on June 17, 2024 11:31 pm Details
  • Millions of Colors: Choose from over 16 million available colors or customize light effects to your liking in DIY mode via the Govee Home app. With more creative freedom, you can easily make your car stand out in unique style.
  • Smart App Control: With the Govee Home app and the provided control box, you can manage the lights’ color, brightness, and the dynamic music mode. With more convenient control, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and vibrant driving experience.
  • Dynamic Music Mode: The highly sensitive mic built into the strip lights help them sync smoothly with any music type. Liven up your road trips, weekend get-aways, or evening commute with colors that dance vibrantly to your favorite songs.
  • 2-Line Design: 2 smartly designed lines connect the 4 strip lights, ensuring your entire vehicle is illuminated in vibrant color. Attach the lights easily to any car model without worrying about exposed wiring or an untidy look.
  • Simple Installation: Attach the interior lights to your vehicle with the strong adhesive and support clips after ensuring the surface is dry and clean. Then, you’re ready to go! Easier installation means brightening your car, SUV, or truck quickly.

Specification: Govee Interior Lights for Car



Place of Business






Product Dimensions

‎4.2 x 29.2 x 8.7 cm, 290 Grams

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Special Features

‎Sync to Music, Waterproof, Strong Adhesive, With Cable Tie & Screw

Safety Rating



‎12 Volts

Item Weight

‎290 g

13 reviews for Govee Interior Lights for Car

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Roos Marie Laak

    The product is very good the instalation is very easy but i decided to go a step further and hardwire it instead of it taking up the port, I find that sometimes it doesnt get the rythem to the music right but no big deal really, i would definitely buy again

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  2. Gret Cook

    The media could not be loaded.

     Exactly what I was looking for! Such a fun accessory to my Wrangler. Can be controlled by the app on your phone or the control switches. Has various different modes you can set including sensitivity to music – which is super fun. Very satisfied!

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  3. herman

    The lights were fairly easy to setup since the wiring was very long. The adhesive stuck well on the hard plastic areas but when installed under the chairs it was hit or miss. After a day one of the led strips stopped working, other than this the lights were fair for the price.

    The seller was kind enough to send me a replacement even though I told them I was returning it to Amazon. Replacement works, great communication and support from Govee

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  4. Missie

    The media could not be loaded.

    Definitely worth the money! Love the lighting. Fairly easy to install. Adhesive is definitely not sticky enough. I got some double sided fabric tape and use that, seem to work much better. Very happy overall

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  5. Mike

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     First of all I would like to say how easy this whole thing was… Usually when led lights are concerned they are a pain to get done right..

    This one though, this one is quite a treat, at 24 dollars It is a steal..

    You get SO much here

    – Bright leds (that could be brighter) that go ANY color
    – Simple to use app along with it that works 100% of the time
    – Intuitive design that makes assembly very easy
    – 3M tape is very sticky and doesn’t fall off

    The app that pairs with this is so fun to use, you can do any mode you want of any color combination you want..
    They have preset ones they already did. Each one serves a purpose, there is one for dating that goes a romantic red with white that is just awesome lol! There is a Do it yourself mode, where you can pair any color combination you want at any speed you want at any brightness you want! So many options and it keeps getting better an better because these sync with your music and makes listening to music at night so enjoyable.. Especially if you have company with you.

    My only gripe I have with these are, I wish they were just a tad brighter, they aren’t very bright and can be underwhelming at times.

    But other than that, these things are gems.. I will of course keep updating this to see how well they hold with the test of time but for now..

    Govee, you really did it this time!

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  6. Jeff

    The media could not be loaded.

     Easy to install took around 10 minutes work and looks great

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  7. Ryan

    Good quality and even distribution of light. Dont have a huge car but could have done with a little more cable length, however I did install differently to get the look I wanted. Using the app to control the lights is great and worked really well.
    The adhesive pads are awful and i had to buy more 3M pads to ensure the secured as after about 3 weeks of use they lost their adhesion.

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  8. Robert Martin

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     For the price! These are amazing! Beyond happy with this purchase…. only thing to mention is not a fault of the product, but of big after market subwoofers will give this thing a hard time going with the music. At normal to moderate volume levels it goes nicely with the tunes. But if your hammering some big bass it will flash intermittently . Over all this is well worth the 30$ CDN for the quality.

    Going to purchase more kits for my wife’s suv and boat.

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  9. Kerry 77

    Absolutely amazing! Brilliant quality, sticky strips on the lights are pretty good. Super easy to install and easy enough to hardwire. Plenty of cable length! The app it comes with is brilliant. A full colour wheel of colours to choose from, plenty of different settings and works well with music. Would recommend A+++++

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  10. Matthew Clementoni

    Took maybe 20 mins to install in a crv with all the wires hidden . This is a top grade product . The brightness on max in my opinion is to bright …. so I don’t know what the other user was saying when he or she said it’s not bright enough ? Anyways I highly recommend this product .

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  11. Krisztian V.

    This product is my favorite so far.
    Makes my ride enjoyable Bigtime ✌️✌️✌️
    Cool and fantastic.
    Red is the most comfortable for my eyes.
    You can pic from a million color.
    Yust download the app for it and you are good to go.
    If you do not use the app, you still have 6 or 8 beautiful basic color.
    I love this lights.
    I recommend it to everyone who likes being cool and ride with some lights and not being in the dark ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

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  12. BELLY

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     I saw a bunch of videos of people who had installed led strip lights in their car and I wanted to install something similar in mine. Obviously I started doing some research on which model to buy since there are so many to choose from. And if you’re still doing your research and you came across this review, let me make it easy on you. But this!

    First of all, the price point is excellent. Second of all, it’s an RGB led strip with Bluetooth connectivity that can play in tandem with the music you’re playing in your car. 3rd of all the installation is as easy as plugging the power plug into the cigarette socket in your car!

    Okay to be fair, the installation took me longer than expected: around 45 minutes total. But to be fair, I spent the majority of that time to figure out how to best install the strips and to hide the wiring so that it’s not going to be all over the place.

    I purchased a cigarette lighter socket splitter ( so I can plug the led strip into one socket and still have another functional socket for whatever.

    After figuring out how I wanted to install these lights, I ran the strips and the wires through the center console of the car (where the socket is), down under the front seats, to the sides and tucked the wires under the plastic cover by the floor of the door, to the front.
    I made sure to clean all surfaces with alcohol before sticking the strips and control on it to make sure that the adhesion will be strong.

    Once all that was done, all I had to do was download the app, created an account, and connect the led strips to the app via Bluetooth and now I have a party car!

    All I can say is I’m super happy with this product. And for only about 15 minutes (unless you’re like me) and a little over $20, I think you should definitely take the time to install this in your car as well!!

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  13. No J.

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     Gotta admit that when I received this product, I initially thought of returning it. Because of how the wires run through the sides instead of through the center. I did see the picture. I gave it a try but I just don’t like that the cable is visible along the sides of the interior.

    But since I have a small 2-door hatchback, I tried to configure a different way in which the cables gathered and are hidden in the center panel. It was long enough for the remaining rear LEDs to reach underneath my 2 front seats.

    I didn’t attach it under the seats. I placed it on the floor temporarily as I try to find a velcro that can stick on the carpet. I have a 2-door and I move the seats a lot. I don’t want it to wear out quickly. Placing on the floor makes sense to me as it would be stationary and more stable.

    Also a tip, if you do decide to stick it under your seats, make sure to give an ample allowance of the cable wires in case you want to adjust the seats.

    You wouldn’t regret getting this product. Makes every car ride enjoyable! I’ve attached the colors that are most prominent.

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    Govee Interior Lights for Car
    Govee Interior Lights for Car


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