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Zinus CSPB-T-Q Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform Bed / Strong Wood Slat Support / Grey Sand, Queen

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Last updated on July 9, 2024 11:10 pm Details
  • Classic Styling and strong mattress support with soft foam-padded upholstery
  • Core composition: wooden slats and Steel frame/ mattress sold separately
  • All parts for making the bed are located in the zippered compartment on the Back of the headboard for easy assembly
  • Foam-padded tape is added to the Steel frame for noise-free use

Specification: Zinus CSPB-T-Q Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform Bed / Strong Wood Slat Support / Grey Sand, Queen

Item Weight

‎103.62 Pounds

Fabric Type

‎Woven fabric upholstery with steel framework

Manufacturers suggested maximum weight

‎700 Pounds, 350 Pounds

Form Factor


Assembly required


Batteries Required


Included Components

‎Assembly instructions

13 reviews for Zinus CSPB-T-Q Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform Bed / Strong Wood Slat Support / Grey Sand, Queen

3.7 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    ***BED BUGS ***WARNING***Confirmed BED BUGS from this frame***

    I purchased this bed last year and went through months of agony thinking I had an allergic reaction only to discover bed bugs crawling on me a couple months ago. I had a canine and visual inspection and they found bed bugs and eggs in the headboard and in the wooden slats and nowhere else in my home. (see attached) I had a heat treatment a couple weeks ago, had them come back to reinspect, and the canine found the bed bugs to still be present in the headboard + slats and nowhere else.

    I’ve also attached photo of the post treatment vacuuming/steam, of what back of the frame looked like *after* all the cleaning, as one of the dead bugs blown onto the wall behind the frame.

    I have contact Zinus support, spent hours emailing and calling, and they are unwilling to even reimburse for the frame, let alone all the other material costs I’ve requested.

    The support manager, Vandy, even admitted that several other people have reported bed bugs from their products. I also found another person on a yelp review that got bed bugs in a mattress she purchased.

    This has been an absolute nightmare I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

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  2. Jen M

    We are so happy with our headboard and bed frame! It was so easy to put together and we were amazed with how all the pieces came inside the headboard when it was shipped. Such a good price ….I don’t know why we stuck with IKEA for so long! This puts them to shame!!

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  3. Mariah M

    We’ve been on the hunt for a new mattress & frame, and when I came across this one I thought it was too good to be true.

    Do not hesitate to purchase this!!
    Its such a beautiful bedframe, and the assembly process was a breeze (I put it together by myself)

    Another thing I love is that the whole bed is packaged INSIDE THE BACK OF THE HEADBOARD. so awesome.
    Now I’m thinking about ordering some for the kids! Thanks for the awesome product.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    bed bugs were found inside the box behind the head board. thank you!

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  5. The Fonz

    I was a little skeptical about purchasing a bed online without seeing it first, but I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful this bed really is. I figured I would take the chance and go for it based on others reviews and they were right. This bed is sturdy, rock solid and heavy, as well as being quality constructed with a great contemporary style. This bed makes absolutely no noise and feels just as solid as the solid wood bed it replaced. If you’re worried about how it will fare with “activities “, fear no more, it can handle it! I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this bed again.
    Oh and the box is gigantic and extremely heavy, about 125lbs, so if it’s going on a second floor you better be prepared to open and unpack all the parts first and take them to your assembly area. This is one package I’m sure the delivery driver absolutely hates to deliver.
    So, don’t be on the ropes about this one.. Buy It!

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  6. Dawn Boudreau

    Who ever thought of these bed in a box,are a genius. As we get older we tend to look for quality and ease ..well this was the easiest set up ever,.
    Literally ever thing came zipped in the back of the headboard. Instructions were simple, it took my husband and I less then 45 min..bed was up and ready to go!
    And yes…I was a skeptic, I honestly didnt think I would have the sturdy structure of a huge wooden bed but again, I was surprised.. I have the durability without the heavy weight.
    Weither your 18 and in collagestarting out with a budget or 50 and just needing some comfort in your life…this is definitely worth it.
    I highly recommend.

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  7. Brittany Jordan Smith

    When I first bought this bed frame, I was very satisfied. It looked great, was easy to assemble, and my king size mattress fit perfect. Within 1-2 months I started noticing I was always itchy, and I thought I was getting bit by mosquitos which happens quite often here in Texas, but one night I saw this tiny strange bug and it hit me like a sack of rocks that it looked like a bed bug! I pulled apart my linens slowly and looked at every centimeter, crack, seam, and fold on my sheets, mattress, matress topper, etc and didnt find anything. Next thing I know I take one look at the actual headboard and frame and there are bed bugs all over it!! Some babies some adults and a noticeable amount of eggs on the back of the headboard and in all the tiniest cracks or seams of the tufted upholestery. Even the buttons on the headboard had bed bugs in the seams. I spent over 200-300$ on all sorts of bed bug killers and treatments, over 8 hours pulling everything I could think of apart and treating/cleaning. 2 weeks later, not a single bed bug on my mattress, yet I was still getting bit. Finally found more bed bugs, once again only on the frame, on the wooden slats and headboard. Finally just took it all apart, packed it up and threw it out. All that money down the drain and now I am sleeping on the floor. Hopefully I stop getting bit now and didn’t infest my house with bed bugs with this frame! I have had my king size mattress for 4 years and never had these bites or saw any bed bugs. The only thing new was this frame, and the only place I could find these suckers was the frame. Have not contacted customer service yet, but from the reviews I have read, I may not get anywhere.

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  8. Danielle Helwig

    I unfortunately had to replace my GORGEOUS stately looking king wood/leather bed frame, as I was missing a support beam from moving and the bed was super squeaky.
    Did I LOVE this bed? No! I needed something affordable that was also sturdy so that my poo neighbors below weren’t suffering. Bed took forever to come, however, I am told that it went out of stock just as I ordered it. I got it at out of stock price, just below $300, so I was skeptical.
    Total time it took my partner to disassemble and put together this bed was 1 hour and 20 mins, with a sandwich break in between.
    All in all, the bed looks nice on a more basic level, but if you are reading reviews because you are more interested in making sure it holds up to your bedroom activities, I am here to assure you it does! It would honestly still be well worth it for double the price, so you haven’t much to lose.
    My mattress is 12 inches and there is still headboard above, but I would say it looks best with a 10 inch mattress.

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  9. Mom2two

    I definitely wasn’t expecting to like this frame, but my husband insisted we get the king size for our new mattress (upgraded from the queen) at least until we found something we really loved. Well, I can honestly say I don’t need to keep looking at frames! This one is super solidly built and no squeaks at all. Trust me we tried.
    We have a 10 inch mattress which I think is a good height for the frame. The only thing that caught me off guard is how high the bed and frame are but it’s maybe just an adjustment from my old one. Really good quality and as everyone said, all the parts come in the frame and so easy to put together.

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  10. Amber Laughon

    If I could give this bed a zero star then I would. I can’t believe this manufacturer is still in business. The bed frame was infested with bed bugs! Totally unacceptable. Thankfully I found the bugs before sleeping on the bed with my newborn baby. I’m so angry that this company has such low standards of cleanliness and has exposed my home to these nasty bugs. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this bed!!!
    Also, the bed frame was short on the width, the brand new king mattress we had on it was hanging over the bed by at least 3 inches.

    I regret buying this bed. Amazon should not have this listed as an almost five star bed. Such a disappointment.

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  11. Alan Friesen

    First of all, whoever designed this bed is brilliant. All of the pieces are stored in the back of the headboard, which means that, when you move, you’re able to put it all back and not have to worry about losing anything. There are about 5 loose bolts that need to be put in, and the others tuck into the headboard, footboard, and sideboards. There’s very little to lose. It also comes with a plastic package that shows which bolts are which, and gives extras of each bolt.

    Assembly took about 30-35 minutes, and it again showed the intelligence of the designer. I won’t need instructions to disassemble it. Contrast this to my old frame, which required a degree in mechanical engineering to assemble and disassemble. (I’m joking, but after losing the instruction manual, it was a lot of trial and effort to put together one bolt and two washers per fastening, repeated x 20.)

    The bed is very solid, silent, and looks great. Slats are maybe 1.5″ apart, making it perfect for foam beds.

    Another poster mentioned that they have an average-sized mattress and it went midway up the headboard. My mattress is 10″ thick. I looked online and saw that mattresses were from 8-18″ tall. The distance from the frame to the top of the headboard is 31″. So, if their mattress was 15-18″ tall, then yes, it would reach up that high, but I’d hesitate in saying that that’s the average height of mattresses. Regardless, you can use the measurements above to see how your mattress would look.

    We saw either this exact same model or something that looked almost identical to it in a store for over a thousand. Other options that would have required a boxspring were maybe half that, plus the boxspring. Honestly, this looks better and is more solidly built than the options we saw at (can I name names?) Jysk, Ashley’s (well, options under a thousand), Leon’s, and a couple of independent stores. This was a Hail Mary purchase, but I’m a huge fan. Will update if anything changes.

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  12. sky

    It’s so Great!! And Beautiful. I used 7 1/8 “(18cm) mattress. So nice and comfortable:))

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  13. kathleen stuart

    Great design with ingenious storage of parts in headboard, easy assembly, solid, looks classy, delivered to my small town in BC fairly quick. I looked a long time at various retailers but this one caught my eye and am very pleased with purchase. Everything arrived intact and my husband was able to assemble in about an hour by himself. I have an 11” memory foam mattress on this bed (Queen) and there is still room at top. Does not require a boxspring as slats are pretty closely spaced. True to colour in picture Charcoal grey. I also liked Zinus’s marketing with an enclosed personal Thank-you note and a recyclable card should I decide to send warm greetings to another. Made me feel important as a customer.

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    Zinus CSPB-T-Q Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform Bed / Strong Wood Slat Support / Grey Sand, Queen
    Zinus CSPB-T-Q Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform Bed / Strong Wood Slat Support / Grey Sand, Queen

    Original price was: $479.99.Current price is: $280.00.

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