XCSOURCE Digital TV Satellite Signal Finder

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  • Supports DVB-S2 and DVB-S
  • Multi standard demodulation & decoding
  • Displays Strength and Quality of signal
  • Edit existing transponder parameters
  • Add new transponder parameters

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Specification: XCSOURCE Digital TV Satellite Signal Finder



Place of Business

‎Lam Tin, Kowloon, HK

Part Number

‎SF 2400

Product Dimensions

‎6 x 4 x 3 cm, 100 Grams

Item model number

‎SF 2400

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer




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Number of Pieces


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Item Weight

‎100 g

13 reviews for XCSOURCE Digital TV Satellite Signal Finder

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Westridge

    I connected this up to test it using my receiver, the lights come on. I took it out to the satellite with the receiver and it would not come back on. Took it all back inside….still nothing. I tested it on a friends receiver and it was still dead. Have had to order a different product now.

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  2. honey

    dose not work, tried for over two hours to find a signal.Had to call an arial insaller to find the saterllite and was informed by the company that he had come accross this device before and they are a wast of money. I contacted Amazon and they were very kind to refund my money. Thank you Amazon.

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  3. WoodworkingWolf

    Unfortunately the included short piece of antenna cable is way to short to exit the LNB arm and connect to the installed signal cable. What are they thinking? In order to align the dish the LNB has to be mounted and the pig tail piece of the antenna wire has to be long enough to exit the arm. Zero stars as I could not use it

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  4. Carl F

    I brought this to signal check a new run of cable for my dish as the receiver wasn’t picking up channels and I wanted to ensure the cable hadn’t been damaged during installation. It was about a 35-40m run down from the roof, along a steel goalpost frame under the floor and through a wall, so definitely a possibility.

    For positioning purposes it was essentially redundant – there are so many satellites within such close proximity, it’s almost impossible to know if your pointing at the right one, but to make sure signal was coming through to the receiver it was spot on.

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  5. S. F. Monk

    This cheap little gadget enables satellite dish alignment fairly easily.
    It’s not of use to set the LNB skew however. I had to do this by trial and error using the television to view channels on opposite polarities alternately.

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  6. Robert S.

    The problem with this little gem is its lack of instructions, lack of information about what to expect, how other cables can interfere, etc. It is clear how to connect it, and once I finally got it working and got the dish aimed and could hear variations when I shifted the dish a little, then it slowly began to make sense. It is NOT as easy as simply aligning your dish and then zeroing it in. To use this, I would suggest you need a compass and also a satellite finder app for your phone, along with the app for serving as a protractor. In the end, I am not sure that using the satellite signal finder was any more use than simply using the signal strength indicator that comes in the options for your satellite service. Good luck.

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  7. LJ

    works really well, even better than the digital satallite signal finders. The analogue meter doesn’t jump around is much and gives a more stable read as you adjust the satellite. The digital on depicted also worked well but not as well as this analogue one – the digital one’s signal would jump around too much even when i wasn’t moving the satellite – ie 65% than 71% then 73% then 63% without moving the satallite – this analogue meter didn’t exhibit this.
    only took me 3 minutes to dial in the signal.
    1 – You want to adjust the gain BEFORE you connect your dish. What i mean is connect it to the satallite box first (to power it up), then adjust the gain so your just starting to get a 1 and no more (if you turn it up past this you’ll start to get increased readings of 2,3 etc) and then hook it up to your dish. that way it’s been zero’d in, and has enough sensitivity to pick up any signals.

    2 – DO NOT relie on the satallite cable box signal finder. This only works IF your box has been “activated” and it can’t get activated without a signal. One of they ways they trick you into needing a pro installer to come. Also, the box signal finder will “look” like it’s working but you’ll never find the signal because it doesn’t actually work until the box is activated. Lot of newbees waist a lot of time trying to get the signal this way and end up having to call for an installer.

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  8. tbayengr

    The meter did not give a reading unless I wiggled the dial and kept pressure on it to get a reading. The LED lights worked.
    Sent it back for a refund. If you get one without the defected dial, it would probably be ok and do the job it was designed for.

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  9. Frank Elias

    I was looking for satellite 91. Found it immediately and adjusted the signal for maximum strength.
    Later in the Pembina Valley I setup again and found several other satellites that I was not looking for before I found the 91 so it took a little longer. Still a very useful tool handworks well.

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  10. Matt

    Simple to use, tuned up quick, and it doesnt feel cheap. Got out sky box back with a quality signal within minutes.

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  11. Leslie Tihor

    I bought this to help center on the signal of FTA satellites. It was totally useless. Finally, I moved my TV to where I could see it from where I was standing by the dish and watched the screen until I got best signal of 82 for Galaxy 19. I then tried using this signal finder to fine tune, but, although the 13V LED light lit up it stll showed no signal. I checked that the connections were correct and they were. I tried again a few times to understand why I was not getting a signal on the Signal Finder even when I had a nice clear picture on my TV, but the Signal Finder never showed a signal either visually or audibly. Unfortunately, by the time I decided to return it for a refund the refund date had expired and I am stuck with a piece of junk. Please don’t waste you money on this useless instrument.

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  12. James Cote

    This is a good basic unit for the price. First try didn’t work well, probably because I locked onto the wrong satellite (there are a lot up here!), but on second try made sure the dish was exactly pointed at the Bell Expressvu satellite 91 (boy scout method using a good orienting compass). That eliminated the first variable. Then the elevation was easy to find and lock the satellite (meter reading 100%). Then turned the meter back to 50 and adjusted the skew until the meter increased again and got 95% reception (on the receiver)!

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  13. David

    If you’re familiar with locating satellites, this works good for a basic satellite finder. You still need a receiver to be able to know which satellite you located, but you can fine tune your existing satellite direction for a stronger signal.

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    XCSOURCE Digital TV Satellite Signal Finder
    XCSOURCE Digital TV Satellite Signal Finder
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