Wireless Digital Microscope, YINAMA 50x to 1000x Wifi Handheld Microscope Camera, Magnification Microscopes Camera with 8 LED, Compatible with…

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Last updated on July 9, 2024 1:07 am Details
  • ❤ [50X-1000X Wireless Digital Microscope] A wireless handheld digital microscope with a 2MP camera inside, which can be enlarged to 50X-1000X magnification by adjusting the focus axis, Capturing a clear detailed view of the object in a certain area of the picture and recording video, and recording Clear micro-world experience.
  • ❤【With 8 Adjustable LED Lights】The microscope has built-in 8 adjustable LED lights, which can adjust the brightness mode of the product. The images and videos of the user during use can provide the highest quality video and image.
  • ❤ [Strong Compatibility] Wireless digital microscope can be used with Android devices and IOS systems. The product supports Android6.0, iOS 9.0, win 7/8/10, MacOS *10.8 and above systems, and also supports USB interface for connection To the computer, the microscope is small and easy to carry, you can explore the hidden micro world anytime, anywhere.Samsung and Google phones are partially incompatible.
  • ❤【Simple Operation and Easy to Use】Wireless digital microscope includes mobile MAX-SEE application download and USB charging cable. This wireless wifi digital microscope only needs to download the free “MAX-SEE” application from the APP store or Google Play store and connect to WIFI, you can easily use the microscope.
  • ❤ [Meet Various Microscopy Requirements] Microscopes can be widely used in electronics, maintenance, textiles, jewelry and students’ exploration industries, allowing you to detect parts and their small objects, observation and analysis, and can also be used for children’s learning exploration and observation Flowers, insects, coins, etc. increase the child’s desire for knowledge and open the door to the microcosm.

Specification: Wireless Digital Microscope, YINAMA 50x to 1000x Wifi Handheld Microscope Camera, Magnification Microscopes Camera with 8 LED, Compatible with…


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Parcel Dimensions

16.4 x 11.7 x 4.7 cm, 330 Grams

Date First Available

Jan. 22 2019



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13 reviews for Wireless Digital Microscope, YINAMA 50x to 1000x Wifi Handheld Microscope Camera, Magnification Microscopes Camera with 8 LED, Compatible with…

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  1. Mishu G.

    I’m very happy with this digital microscope. I originally got it for my son he loves to look at bugs. I felt rather than purchasing the ordinary microscope this was a better choice. Mostly because of its portability. We are able to take this on the go and look into the flower and see the bugs. Very cool to see the bugs in action.
    My wife has discovered she can see every detail in her face and is enjoying the benefits of clearing her complexion. This has been a great new tool for the entire family. Easy to set-up and connect to both are tablets and phones.
    This wireless digital microscope is the perfect PCB board inspection tool too, providing great image and video quality with 1920×1080 resolution.
    Overall I recommend this microscope for curious kids. Every home should have one!

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  2. Wayne W.

    Bought this digital microscope to figure out part numbers on tiny parts as my old magnifying glass was broken. This little microscope works perfect and I should have it years ago. Just simply Installed the app from apple store and connected to Wi-Fi and I could see the clear part number on my phone now! Really like the feature of the adjustable LED light and the base. They set my hands free so I don’t need to hold the flashlight and magnifying glass and try to remember the tiny part number in 3 seconds. I used this for a month and it’s working good! Highly recommended.

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  3. Lisa Z.

    This is so interesting!! You get to explorer a new world, everything looks entirely different when observing them this close. I wish I got this when I was a kid!! It would b fun to look at tiny creatures!

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  4. Ken

    Something good to keep my grade 5 kid busy during covid 19 lockdown. He likes this microscope a lot and uses to explore so many things at home. Very easy to install and use. He can do it by himself without help.

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  5. hayden

    Amazing product and the best thing about it is its size . And how portable it is . The app is really easy to use too . And i can’t wait to take many more magnified pictures with it . It comes with a sturdy stand to hold for if you are working with it . And another stand for it to be tidied away without taking much space would definitely recommend.

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  6. nafisa baksh

    The zoom is good but u have to play around a little before u get it right. Also the app keeps disconnecting and u have to re download again again. The best part is I used it and 3 mths later I needed to use it again to process an update on something, it doesnt work. Amazon was cool enough to process a return even though the window was closed. The price is good but dont waste ur time.

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  7. Shopaholic

    We purchased this as suggested by our German counterpart (who’s our reference when it comes to large format printers due to his vast experience.) to inspect print quality on our flatbed printers.

    It is easy enough for an amateur such as myself to set up. You need to download the app and the settings are slightly complicated with things such as the app doesn’t default to HD, so you need to change it every time. Some other settings are a bit fiddly as well, but once you get used to it it’s ok.

    The quality is not perfect, but we are in the business of selling printers as opposed to prints, so we don’t need 100% accuracy. Considering the price tag in comparison to other professional products out there this does the job well enough for our needs.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    My toddler wanted to see leaves, flowers, and insects amd this microscope is perfect. It uses my mobile; it can focus easily, has long battery life, and we can take and share photos right away. It is much better than toy microscopes, which don’t have good lenses and a viewer needs to squint, which is difficult for a toddler. Overall, we are very satisfied with the product .

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  9. Bloom

    So this is a really nifty little thing but honestly it’s not super.

    The first issue is dispite advertising HD that is only the case if you use the mobile app. In the instructions it spells out that PC/Mac users are out of luck and will be getting SD images.

    The pictures I linked are taken in the HD mode. Irritatingly the app doesn’t default to HD. Each time you launch you need to click the cornor button to change it.

    The zoom function isn’t ideal either. You would have a better time just cropping the image later since its not a physical zoom. Just a digital one. It shows.

    The stand it also comes with struggles to hold the weight. It likes to droop over, I think it’s becuase the balls that control your angles are different sizes meaning that tightening the mechanism makes the top part of the stand immovable and the bottom part very easy to move. You have to really crank it to stay in place and 100% it will wear out.

    The focus ring also has some issues. It’s fine control isn’t the best.

    That being said. The pictures I captured are satisfactory for the price and promises of the product.

    Be very careful not to loose the dust cap. It pops off and is clear. Very easy to misplace.

    This is a great product for kids to explore with or for folks who need low magnification. The pictures above are of a bedsheet, a praying mantis antenna and a chrysalis after the butterfly emerged. You can get a makeshift range of magnification by holding it further from the object and fiddling with the focus which is why some are more close up than others are.

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  10. Lynn Dumais

    I bought this microscope for educational purpose, my kids love this little machine so much. They use it to observe snow flake, leaves, the surface of clothes and crystal structure like salt, sugar etc. It opens a micro world for them.
    The setup was easy, download the app and follow the istruction, then open the app to oberve and take pictures. the only problem is that the machine and the base are light, you need to be careful not touching it while you’re observing object, and it’s better to fix the object on a stable surface to get a clear vision. Rrecommend this machine overall.

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  11. Mark

    I have an 11 years old son who loves science very much. I bought this microscope for him to explore the micro world.
    He set up the connection between the microscope and his laptop and he installed the application himself. After that, he used the microscope to look close to some flowers, plants and even soil. He took some pictures of this stuff and showed them to his classmates. His classmates were excited to see this stuff in detail.
    My son thanked me so much for buying the microscope to make him enable to Zoom In the micro-world.

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  12. Mike M.

    Getting the app and connecting to the microscope was super easy! The picture on my phone is very clear. I don’t really think it’s 1000x because I should be seeing cells at that magnification, but it’s ok to see little critters and small objects. It proved a little unwieldy for a 5 year old kid and we still have to experiment so he doesn’t start playing with the phone itself. It doesn’t stay upright, have to tighten it a bit after a while and focus mechanism makes it move around so much that you lose sight of the thing you’re trying to watch because it is so light that when you touch it, it moves around a lot. we haven’t tried watching bugs with it, we’ll see how that turns out. It could be fun in outdoor environment but we havne’t taken it outside yet. holding a phone in one hand and holding the microscope in the other while the thing goes in/out of focus constantly because you’re hand is moving is a bit of a problem. good effort though! We’ll keep it to see if we can get a use out of it as the picture is really clear and once it’s focused it’s pretty good.

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  13. Steven C.

    Really good device. It produces really clear close ups of anything really! My pictures show hair and cardboard and my tshirt. It focuses really accurately. It is very easy to connect to a phone via WiFi. The app is as easy as can be to install and use. The lights are adjustable so you can get just the right brightness, and there is also zoom buttons on the microscope itself to get even closer! I’m very impressed with this device. Highly Recommended and excellent value!

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    Wireless Digital Microscope, YINAMA 50x to 1000x Wifi Handheld Microscope Camera, Magnification Microscopes Camera with 8 LED, Compatible with…
    Wireless Digital Microscope, YINAMA 50x to 1000x Wifi Handheld Microscope Camera, Magnification Microscopes Camera with 8 LED, Compatible with…
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