V-MORO Metal Silver Band Compatible with Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands(2019)/Gear S3 Classic/Frontier Band with Clips No Gaps Solid Stainless Steel Strap…

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Last updated on July 13, 2024 9:21 am Details
  • CUSTOMER DESIGNED – For your Samsung Gear S3 Frontier / Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm)(2019) SM-R800, this Stainless Steel Watch Band features a combination of functionality and style. Fits your Gear S3 Frontier /Classic watch perfectly. Suitable for both business and casual occasions
  • TOP QUALITY – Matte metal surface mach Samsung Gear S3 SmartWatch and Precision stainless steel material, This fit is perfect and there is almost zero gap where the band connects to the watch. no gaps on both sides
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE – Fit 5.7”-7.48”(145mm-190mm) wrist. The size can be adjusted according to the circumstance of individual wrist. Comes with a handy link removal tool that makes this band very easy to adjust the fit
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – We are happy to send out a replacement band if your band has any quality issues, please kindly let us know
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS – 1 x V-Moro Silver Solid Stainless Steel watch band + 2 x Pins + 2 x Clips + 1 Remove tools (Any Watch is Not Included)

Specification: V-MORO Metal Silver Band Compatible with Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands(2019)/Gear S3 Classic/Frontier Band with Clips No Gaps Solid Stainless Steel Strap…

Parcel Dimensions

‎23.01 x 6.6 x 1.4 cm, 141 Grams

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‎Metal Silver No Gaps

Item Weight

‎141 g

10 reviews for V-MORO Metal Silver Band Compatible with Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands(2019)/Gear S3 Classic/Frontier Band with Clips No Gaps Solid Stainless Steel Strap…

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Tim Carter

    So after I found the problem I was able to install the band in under ten minutes. The problem was the included watch tool. It didn’t have a full fork on it. I found another one and tried it and install was much easier. See picture. The left one is the included watch tool. This is a beautiful band and high quality. Sizing took some time but not hard to do. There is no fine adjustment on the clasp however, so the watch was too tight if I removed 3 links and too loose with 2 removed. I chose to wear it a little loose. Minus one star for the faulty watch tool, not for the band itself. Original review below.
    The most frustrating thing I have ever wasted my time on.

    I spent EIGHT HOURS trying to get this thing installed and never got it done. Three stars because it is beautiful and high quality. I love the look of clip design. BUT..

    If you have fingers bigger than the oriental girl in the videos you are in for a world of pain. First off the instructions in the box aren’t the ones for the clip version, so after struggling with that I found videos on how to install and remove links. I managed to get one side on after much struggling, but couldn’t get the other side on. EVER. It is extremely awkward with the one piece band trying to get it on the other side. The gal in the video made it look easy but she has little fingers and probably lots of practice.

    Why they couldn’t have put a quick release on the end of this is beyond me. It takes me ten seconds to change my other bands. The clips and band design make this difficult.

    So know what you’re in for. Maybe someone with slim fingers won’t find this so difficult.

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  2. Roberto Vergara

    Muy bonito extensible, hace que se vea el reloj más elegante

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  3. Cliente de Amazon

    El materia se ve resistente, aunque hay que esperar y ver si con el uso no se despinta o los rayones no levantan el acabado. En realidad quedó bien al Gear S3 Frontier. Incluye todo lo necesario para su instalación (pasadores y un aparato para extraerlos), no necesitas más. Aunque no es tan fácil la instalación, con algo de paciencia se logra.

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  4. kais

    Perfect fit with the dial. Very good quality

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  5. Imran khan

    Its a perfect strap only made for galaxy watch, but very very expensive, i dint have any other options to buy other than this.
    My suggestion is if people who are looking for the best strap with no gaps and perfect fitting with good quality, plz close your eyes and go for it, if you do not hav budget plz go for something else.

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  6. SteveO

    The band was a bit tricky to install, but I eventually go the hang of it, and how to remove the additional links. The material feels solid, and the watch looks better with it. The main reason I bought this over the other one is the “no gap” look, and it does not have a gap after installation. I would recommend it as a very good upgrade to the look of the watch.

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  7. Your Boy Colie

    I really love this product. In general I get comments and questions about my Galaxy Watch all the time as it is. It is a very cool and interesting product. However the new band really brings something extra to it. It is very seamless and looks professional. The one thing I love most is taking it off. Its super quick just a squeeze and its off. Rather than the default band the watch comes with which is more like a belt with the holes. Much more comfortable as well. It isn’t too tight but also not too loose. Which is perfect cause it never feels too tight or too loose in regards to comfort. The installation can be a bit of a hassle not gonna lie. I use this band as my only and primary band for most all occasions or times, so the first installation is the only thing I had to worry about. But if you would like to use different bands for your watch it might be a bit more of a problem. Actually getting the band to connect to the watch was a little difficult at least for me. If you don’t have nails or smaller fingers It can be even more frustrating. The band is somewhat modular. You can take out some of the parts to make it larger or smaller. I have a small wrist so I did have to take out a couple for it to fit my wrist. The tool you use is also equally as frustrating as each part is connected by a small pin, taking out the pin is for the most part easy, you just use the tool the kit comes with and line it up with the hole. Putting the pin back in however, not as easy. You are using a small pin to push in another small pin. It is definitely do able. But isn’t the easiest. Now despite me talking of the frustrations and such of installing and getting it on. It still is a great product. As I have said as soon as I got it, it became my primary, and really only band I use for my Galaxy Watch. it is very cool, fancy, but also distinguishing. Seamless and just adds even more to the piece as a whole.
    If you are thinking of getting this for your watch I would definitely recommend it.

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  8. sdt

    Good product, but highly disappointed delivery time.

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  9. Dom

    I got this band in metal colour with clips to match the base of the Galaxy watch and I think it looks excellent. It was easy to remove the link pins with the included tool to shorten it to fit me perfectly.

    The clips were the biggest selling point for me. Filling the gaps at the top and bottom of the watch makes all the difference.

    The metal has pulled my wrist hair a couple of times, but that happens to me with any metal watchband like this.

    I like the weight of the band and the closure makes the watch easy to don and remove quickly. Overall glad I made the purchase and I recommend the silver with clips combo for the 46mm Galaxy watch.

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  10. Paris Penny

    I bought the steel band with the end pieces for my new Galaxy Watch 46mm. I’m very happy with the quality overall, but I knocked the score down two points for two issues.

    1) The ends of the band, where it meets the watch were very sharp. Clearly they had been machined and not rounded off or knocked down in any way. I broke the edges with a file and got a good result, but otherwise I’d be worried about scratching the body of the watch.

    2) The band is not adjustable enough. As many, many reviewers have pointed out, the butterfly clasp doesn’t have micro-adjusting holes, so the smallest increment you can adjust is 12mm (I measured with calipers). I would have returned the product because of this alone, since I’m between two sizes, but luckily I have a 3D printer and made a shorter link that fits perfectly. Strongly recommend to the seller that they either pay a few bucks more for a clasp with micro-adjustments (I’d pay $5-10 more for this feature), or include a half-size link in the box for finer adjustment.

    If this was in the $10-15 range, or even $20, I’d be a lot more understanding of these issues. However, they’ve clearly put the time into designing a custom fit for the Galaxy Watch, and are charging accordingly – so why ruin it with these minor issues!?

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    V-MORO Metal Silver Band Compatible with Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands(2019)/Gear S3 Classic/Frontier Band with Clips No Gaps Solid Stainless Steel Strap…
    V-MORO Metal Silver Band Compatible with Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands(2019)/Gear S3 Classic/Frontier Band with Clips No Gaps Solid Stainless Steel Strap…


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