ULIX Rider Earphones in-Ear Headphones with Mic, 3 Years Warranty, with Anti-Tangle, Reinforced Cable, Microphone, Super Resistant, 48 Ω Driver,…

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  • 🎵【48 Ω HIGH QUALITY】We are your dream and our competitors’ worst nightmare. Our company has developed speakers with an impedance of not just 16, not even 32 but 48 Ω. This greatly improves bass and allows the earphones to reproduce brilliant, crystal clear sound with richer detail.
  • 🎵【STRONG BASS DRIVE】The metal headphone shell is ergonomic and optimized to accommodate our dynamic sound drivers producing layered sound and deep bass. You’ll hear all the instruments and the voices. When you’ll listen to “RIDERs on the Storm” you’ll feel like you’re right there in the storm.
  • 🎵【EXCELENT CALLS】The built-in MEMS microphone for noise reduction and internal sound-absorbing holes reduce external noise and increase sound purity for the maximum performance even during calls. Crystal clear conversations in the office, on a call with friends as well as in a gaming session.
  • 🎵【COMFORTABLE, RESISTANT AND COMPATIBLE】ULIX has taken into account the ear canal studies of thousands of people to develop earphones with greater comfort, stability and passive noise isolation. The cord is soft and durable, reinforced with TPE thermoplastic rubber. The product is durable and compatible with Android, Apple and computer phones.
  • 🎵【PRICE AND 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT】In ULIX we care about the satisfaction of our customers and of your wallet. That’s why we sell our headsets at an extremely competitive price. In addition, for any doubt, question or problem, we are ALWAYS at your disposal. Contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Specification: ULIX Rider Earphones in-Ear Headphones with Mic, 3 Years Warranty, with Anti-Tangle, Reinforced Cable, Microphone, Super Resistant, 48 Ω Driver,…







Part Number


Microphone Form Factor


Headphones Form Factor

‎In Ear


‎200 Volts

Batteries included


Batteries required


Cable Feature

‎Tangle Free

Connector Type


Material Type


Item model number


Parcel Dimensions

‎8.9 x 8.1 x 1.7 cm, 30 Grams

12 reviews for ULIX Rider Earphones in-Ear Headphones with Mic, 3 Years Warranty, with Anti-Tangle, Reinforced Cable, Microphone, Super Resistant, 48 Ω Driver,…

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Anh

    I did not expect the extra set of earbuds in the package for the pricing so this was a welcome addition.
    Not only that but there’s a case and a nice message from the seller. The audio quality is decent and the mic works fine for me. Overall just the best value you can get.

    The mic audio quality is left to be desired, there doesn’t seem to be any noise suppression quality on it so you can hear all the noisy sound. You could try tuning some settings on your PC but it’ll still sound pretty bad from my experience thus far.

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  2. WLC

    Excellent quality and value for money.
    Nice packaging and the headphones parts have an overall quality feel to it.
    The L shaped plug is great as does not protrude when using, sound quality is good, very comfortable and nice long wires that feel like tangle-free.
    Lastly you can’t go wrong with this price and I bought a couple more spares.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    I was wondering what kind of product this would be. Surprised at the quality of the sound. Excellent quality in the ear. Also, as I speak regularly on Whatsapp calls I asked people about the sound on their side and they said it was much much better than before. The wires seem a bit stiff but they say this is because it is reinforced so that may be a good thing. I cannot speak to longevity during use as I just got it but very pleased with this product and will definitely buy again or indeed get another of their product line.

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  4. Otto Titzling

    Purchased these because I was fed-up with using cheap, tinny earphones. I bought these Ulix earphones, and another brand, to see whether they sounded better. I am not a big music lover or hi-fi enthusiast, so I don’t have a gauge for what the very best acoustic quality is. What I can confidently say is that these Ulix earphones are strikingly better than any I have tried before. I ran a direct comparison between my old earphones (Samsung mobile phone type) and the new ones. Playing the same song on the same device and same settings, just swapping between earphones. The music was much more vibrant and engaging, particularly with some real depth of bass.

    My pack arrived with a second pair included as a complimentary gift. I don’t know how often they do that, so you shouldn’t buy assuming you’ll get two pairs, but the value for money is unbeatable. I don’t often post reviews, but this one deserves it.

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  5. Sam

    I’ve been using earphones for a long time now and I swear these are the best ones I have came across!
    The sound quality it just amazing on them, they do a fine job at noise cancelation.
    If you are looking for a good quality pair of earphones than these are it! I’ve bought headphones that are way more expensive than these and don’t even come close so as sounding as good. Definitely worth the buy!

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  6. Moonie88

    I didn’t realize this was from a entrepreneurial start-up, and I’m kinda glad I was able to support a small business in the Pandemic. Included in the sealed, professionally manufactured box and packaging, was a hand-written note thanking me for my purchase and for supporting a start-up and saying that because they appreciate the purchase in this time of hardship, they had included a gift (it was an incredible gift btw, I am blown away).
    Onto the quality: the backs of the earbud heads are magnetic and stick together which lessens the ability for two wires to tangle. This package comes with three extra ear bud silicone padding sizes, which was one of the main draws for me, along with affordability and good reviews, and a phone mic, because I need small ear pads or else they would just pop out after causing pain and inflammation. Not a problem with these. The smallest size was perfect and comfortable.
    The first use was during a phone call. Because of processing issues, I use headphones/earbuds to help with cellular calls. The person on the other line immediately complained of a “crinkle” sound until I realized the mic was caught in my bra strap and rubbing up against it. After that issue fixed, the call went more smoothly. Her voice sounded a little tinny but I think it may have to do with how she was using speaker phone on her end.
    I used a music app after to listen to some music on these and the sound was honestly incredible! I had just lost a pair of 50$ earbuds and these blow those out of the water. They’re picking up small nuanced sounds I hadn’t noticed in songs I’ve played obsessively on repeat for years. I just noticed a backing vocal on a song that isn’t necessarily supposed to be picked out as it’s used for harmonizing but it was a treat.
    As for noise cancelling, it doesn’t block all outside sound out, which is better for me personally, as I need to be at least a little aware of my surroundings for peace of mind, but my air conditioner usually overpowers my music and I only notice a slight hissing undertone at certain quiet intervals in the music and only if I’m actively listening for it. I was able to hear the end beep of my washer, thankfully, but it sounded about 1/4 of the loudness it usually would with my other earphones in.
    Basically these went above and beyond my expectations, esp for price. If they started making these in other metallic colours I think they’d be set, honestly (that was my only hesitation. No personality expression with these).

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  7. Sue

    I lost my Bose earphone so I bought this as a temporary one. However, this one is actually amazingly good. Noise cancelling works fantastically and the sound quality is very impressive. They sent two earphones with customized card and it was very sweet. I gave one to my little brother who uses JBL and he said this one is better quality than JBL . I am quite satisfied with the purchase.

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  8. Jason Azad

    I’ll be honest, was actually thinking of putting some (lot) more money and getting an over ear phone when I noticed this one. From the start, I liked it: in ear usually has great noise isolation and, thankfully, they never hurt my ears so I always preferred them over on the ears, etc. And to top it all, it was at a great value. So I got them and just received today and, well, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I was gifted another pair in the box. Basically, I got 2 headphones for under $10, a steal if you ask me! Thank you, ULIX, I greatly appreciate it!

    Now, I’ll be honest, this is a glowing review due to the pricing. For audio lovers, they may find that the quality is meddling; not much bass, middlingly average sounds quality, etc. However, it gets the job done fantastically for a great price. Let’s be real here; it’s a little hard these days to justify buying a headset that’s over $40 when you have kids and know they’ll go at it and eventually kill it. Not to mention, it’s hard with how the economy is at the moment.

    And frankly, the downsides here are just me nitpicking. It works! And I don’t have to rely on Bluetooth headsets that either consistently drop, sound below average (when using with music), or simply hurt after a long time. Regardless, I’m definitely happy with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone who’s on a budget.

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  9. Apoll

    Habe einen ziemlich großen Verschleiß an In-Ears mit Mikrofon und kaufe häufig neue. Markenprodukte mögen zwar besser klingen als günstige Angebote, halten bei mir aber nur unwesentlich länger, weswegen ich mittlerweile günstigeren Produkten gerne eine Chance gebe.
    Diese hier waren zu einem Angebotspreis <8€ so gut bewertet, dass ich sie gerne ausprobieren wollte. Und was soll ich sagen, ich bin in vielerlei Hinsicht positiv überrascht!
    Die In-Ears kamen mit einem Aufbewahrungsbeutel aus Samt und Ohrstöpsel in 3 verschiedenen Größen. Letztere sind sehr angenehm zu tragen, riechen nicht gleich offensichtlich nach Weichmachern wie bei vielen Konkurrenzprodukten und schließen gut mit dem Gehörgang ab. Ja, wenn die Kabel an der Kleidung reiben, dann hört man das bei niedriger Lautstärke schon, aber deutlich weniger als bei vielen anderen Ohrhörern.
    Die Gehäuse sind aus Metall und machen einen wirklich wertigen Eindruck. Das Mikro ist wie gewohnt im rechten Ohrhörerkabel untergebracht, dessen Gehäuse ist auf der Rückseite griffig und der Taster ist sehr gut auch blind zu bedienen.
    Aber ehrlich, der Hammer ist der Klang der Stöpsel. Die Bässe sind im Vergleich zu den Mitten deutlich ausgeprägt und die Höhen sind dabei nicht auf der Strecke geblieben. Wirklich recht ausgewogen. In dieser Preisklasse habe ich bisher nichts besseres gehört!
    Zur Haltbarkeit kann ich zwar noch nichts sagen, meiner intensiven Nutzung hat aber ohnehin bisher kein Produkt überragend lange Stand gehalten…
    Was ich ebenfalls nicht sagen kann ist, wie lange die offensichtlich gerade laufende Aktion von Ulix noch andauert. Meiner Lieferung war charmanter Faltzettel beigepackt mit einem nett gedruckten Dankeschön von Anna, worin sie ein Bonusgeschenk “in diesen schweren Zeiten” erwähnt hat. Und was war das? In der Schachtel war ein zweiter Ohrhörer ebenfalls mit diversen Stöpseln und im Samtbeutel enthalten. Wow! Herzlichen Dank dafür!
    Mein Fazit: Würde ich jederzeit wieder kaufen! Hier macht Ihr nichts falsch!
    Nachtrag: Mittlerweile sind auch beide Paare dieser In.Ears Opfer der starken Beanspruchung geworden. Da der Hersteller aber eine 3-jährige Garantie gewährt, habe ich mich an diesen gewendet und nicht nur das bestellte Paar sondern auch das gratis gelieferte zweite Paar ersetzt bekommen. Wow! Das ist Kundenorientierung!
    Ich habe übrigens eine neueres Modell als Ersatz erhalten. Hierbei sind die Rücken der In-Ears magnetisch und haften aneinander. Cooles Upgrade!

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  10. Oskar

    Just hear me out. I use earphones for over 8 hours a day and my 8th pair of JBL gave up yesterday.
    Got these just because of the price because I couldn’t find good deal on another pair of JBL.
    I opened the package and booom!! Two pairs of earphones. Usually it’s not a great sign but in my particular situation I think they have gone over and beyond.
    They sound great too. Maybe the high pitch doesn’t seem too crispy .. but plenty of base and fit in to my massive ear holes very well.
    So if you just need some earphones for podcasts and you aren’t sitting there reviewing these with tone fork on YouTube then you’ll be more than pleased have spent fiver for these.

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  11. Ehan

    What in the actual hell. These are the best darn button headset I have ever had. I was expecting the usual Wish quality like all cheap amazon products. NO .. these have a better sound than my 140$ jbl and my beats. It spits so much clean bass your ears will be wet from it. sound is clear and crisp. they are no professional headset.. but it is the closest you can get and somehow they are dirt cheap. they only issue is it’s one of these button headset design which you have to fight with in order to find the right position in your ear otherwise they will fall off.

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  12. Diurantas Valciukas

    So far I’ve used these headphones for around 4hours and I must say for the price they are amazing, audio quality is great, the bass is amazing it can handle bass turned up to max tohether with amplified volume which usualy just makes most headphones give up. The only small thing that would be a con is the cable isn’t the best quality but the sound quality compensates for it tenfold. Overall great product and an absolute steal for the price.

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    ULIX Rider Earphones in-Ear Headphones with Mic, 3 Years Warranty, with Anti-Tangle, Reinforced Cable, Microphone, Super Resistant, 48 Ω Driver,…
    ULIX Rider Earphones in-Ear Headphones with Mic, 3 Years Warranty, with Anti-Tangle, Reinforced Cable, Microphone, Super Resistant, 48 Ω Driver,…


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