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Tealyra – Glass Kettle 1800ml – STOVE-TOP SAFE – Heat Resistant Borosilicate – Pitcher – Carafe – Teapot – No-Dripping – Great For Tea Juice Water…

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Last updated on July 23, 2024 1:56 am Details
  • STOVE-TOP SAFE – 60oz / 1800ml – Borosilicate glass tea pitcher with modern design, it is both beautiful and practical
  • Can be used to both prepare and serve hot or cold beverages
  • Ergonomic handle, integrated handle and drip-resistant pour spout
  • Smooth surface and detachable fitted bamboo lid make cleaning effortless, Dishwasher-safe
  • The pitcher is made with borosilicate glass, a type of glass that resists thermal shock

Specification: Tealyra – Glass Kettle 1800ml – STOVE-TOP SAFE – Heat Resistant Borosilicate – Pitcher – Carafe – Teapot – No-Dripping – Great For Tea Juice Water…



Model Number




Parcel Dimensions

‎21.08 x 18.8 x 18.8 cm, 639.57 Grams


‎1800 ml



Item Weight

‎640 g

13 reviews for Tealyra – Glass Kettle 1800ml – STOVE-TOP SAFE – Heat Resistant Borosilicate – Pitcher – Carafe – Teapot – No-Dripping – Great For Tea Juice Water…

3.5 out of 5
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  1. Em JB

    I did some research before coming across this kettle and I am over the moon with my choice. I was looking for one item that could replace my electric kettle and boil water, and that would still be pretty enough for a teapot and a water jug. This one versatile design fits all those requirements. I use this kettle on my traditional electric coil stove top. I was a bit nervous when I read some reviews of the pot cracking but I haven’t experienced any issues. Because it doesn’t have a whistle, I stay nearby as it comes to a boil and I boil it half or more full of water each time. I did read another review about the top warping so I leave it off when I’m boiling and when the water is steamy. I personally haven’t had any issues. The design is gorgeous enough I leave it out all the time.

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  2. Shah

    A year on; still doing the business. I bulk brew loose green tea and fill glass bottles to chill. Same leaves get x3 brews at 80c.

    -It takes longer to boil then a steal kettle

    -Removing the spring stainer will stab you. Be careful, use a wooden spoon.

    -Watching the tea leaves and additions (ginger, lemon, etc) bobbing and floating is very calming (a la lava lamp)

    -Most of the loose leaves are held back. I double up with a tea stainer when transferring to catch the fine solids

    -Last brew is left to cool, then into the fridge it goes.

    – Easy to get my hand into for clean up

    Possible design improvements;
    -Add a bamboo Cork for the spout, possibly one which whistles when close to boiling.

    -immersion brewer of fine stainless steel mesh, this would allow for the same unit to make cold brew coffee.

    -the above could be sold as add ons.

    Edit; after writing this, I had a look and the same company has exactly what I’ve recommend.

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  3. Noom

    This tea pot is perfect for me, however I have no intentions to use it directly on the stove.

    I have a nuvmce kettle that I can set the ideal water temp I want for the tea I want to brew.

    I got it a few hours ago and enjoying some high mountain oolong now that i was able to brew at the right temp for the right amount of time.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Review in a nutshell: Do not buy this kettle, it will break very quickly.

    I originally purchased this kettle because of the good reviews and because it claimed to be stovetop safe. Now I question the validity of the reviews on this product, and know that the kettle definitely isn’t stovetop safe. When I first received it, I was happy with it – it’s a very attractive kettle. However, the problems started soon after, as the metal piece to the lid popped off while the kettle was boiling. I contacted the seller twice about the issue, just asking for a replacement lid, and received no reply. I tried to use the lid without the metal piece, but the wood started to splinter and break off.

    After that I just used the kettle without a lid, and even that did not last long. After about two months of use, the bottom of the kettle cracked and broke while it was on the stove. I’m careful with my possessions, and the kettle never suffered any abuse, the glass is just too thin and weak to withstand multiple uses. It seems like many others have had the same experience. Additionally, if you live an area with hard water, expect to clean the kettle with vinegar at least once a week; the calcium buildup becomes noticeable after only a couple uses.

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  5. Mr Sparkle

    The teapot has a lid with a silicone gasket that keeps it in place. My last glass teapot didn’t have that and the lid fell off and broke. Other great design features are it’s large size, the fact that it has a filter/strainer so the tea doesn’t pour out and you can even put it right on the stove to heat up if you like. Plus it looks great too. I have bought 4 of these so far for friends that like mine. I’ve seen similar ones for $200 in stores. Great value at $35 CAN.

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  6. CeCe

    This is a great versatile tea pot for making both hot and cold tea or fresh fruit water infusions. Very sturdy and keeps tea hot for a long time. I like the heavy durable lid and the strainer in the spout. I can use this tea pot for a lot of different loose leaf tea recipes and for fresh fruit juice without worrying about straining large leaves or slices of fruit! Plus it’s fun to watch the blooming teas open up in the pot! Would definitely give as a gift.

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  7. Shelley Sacks

    For several months we used this beautiful looking glass kettle, said to be made of special glass that is super safe for use on a stove plate.
    Recently, when I lifted the kettle of boiling water up off the stove to pour water into my tea cup, a piece of glass from the bottom just came away. No warning. An entire kettle of BOILING water ALL OVER MY FEET! Luckily I was wearing tough leather clogs. Nevertheless got small burns where it splashed on my ankles. Had I been in open shoes, or had a small child or pet been nearby, they would have been seriously hurt or worse!
    What makes matters much worse is that the company -Tealyra – does not answer emails [I’ve waited for weeks. No response. Their Customer Service number also goes nowhere. A recorded message says they are not taking calls at this number!] AMAZON, please stop selling from this company. Super dangerous. Someone is going to get badly hurt!!!

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  8. Delphine Durand

    I wish that when I went to buy this item I had read all the reviews, including the one from someone who mentioned a while back that the customer service had been poor.
    The same happened to me- indeed after receiving the teapot, we used it and when my partner washed it later on- only slightly warm- it shattered in my partner’s hands. I wrote twice to ask for an explanation and either a refund or a replacement if it were a one off issue (as many reviews were very good). But since my queries, I have received NO responses and am about to make a complaint directly to Amazon. It is a shame as the design is beautiful.

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  9. Zack Gill

    Looks great but the lid constantly comes off when it’s got hot liquid inside it (which is quite often!). This makes pouring somewhat dangerous and could be solved quite easily by improving the lid seal

    I’ve written to Tealyra twice now to advise them of the problem and try to find a resolution but have received no response so it’s only fair now to leave this review and warn others of the design flaw

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  10. Mrs Piglet

    The fine mesh stainless steel infuser allows excellent steeping of then big tea-leaves and the borosilicate is of good thickness, the teapot overall feels nicely balanced in the hand.

    The bamboo lid seals well underneath and the infuser’s knob, also bamboo makes it easy to grip and lift the infuser, clippings its shaft neatly into the rubber base on the lid’s top. The borosilicate handle was pleasingly wide and gives good grip for picking up.

    We love this teapot / kettle. Tealyra make quality goods at affordable prices. It arrived in good time, nicely presented in a glossy, colourful box. Would make a fabulous present. 5 Stars.

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  11. Erin M

    My daughter loved this teapot for one month, until it broke suddenly while full with boiling water. I now see others have had this problem as well. The glass is too thin and while the design is really nice, it is obviously flawed. Cracked without warning and as you can see the entire bottom broke off. Luckily no one was hurt, but this could be so very dangerous. I still haven’t received a reply from the seller or amazon and I see at least one other that hasn’t had a reply either. I do not recommend this product. It shouldn’t be sold at all!

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  12. Srdjan Mitrovic

    We love our new tea kettle! From the looks to the functionality, everything is great! I love that the tea container can be pulled up and be kept outside of water, once it infuses it enough, great idea!

    It would be even better if it had ml measurements etched on the side!

    – Vesna

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  13. Zeinah Kalati

    I really like this purchase. It’s really stylish and minimalistic and pretty simple to use. You can make a lot of tea with it if you have guests over but it still doest take up a lot of space hence the minimalism. The only downside is the water isn’t kept warm because the spout isn’t closed. However, it stays warm long enough and you could always keep it on low heat on your stovetop.

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    Tealyra – Glass Kettle 1800ml – STOVE-TOP SAFE – Heat Resistant Borosilicate – Pitcher – Carafe – Teapot – No-Dripping – Great For Tea Juice Water…
    Tealyra – Glass Kettle 1800ml – STOVE-TOP SAFE – Heat Resistant Borosilicate – Pitcher – Carafe – Teapot – No-Dripping – Great For Tea Juice Water…
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