STARSCOPE Monocular Telescope (Gen 2) – Powerful Pocket Telescope for Adults and Kids with Spotting Scope Tripod | Scopes for Hunting | Handheld…

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  • SEE EVERYTHING WITH A STARSCOPE MONOCULAR TELESCOPE – World-class photos from your phone! Starscope Monocular takes lens technology that was only reserved for professional photographers and puts it onto your smartphone and into your hands! The combined power of the lens, tripod, and monocular adapter (sold separately), makes it the ideal phone camera lens and monoculars for adults and kids alike.
  • MINI TELESCOPE FOR YOUR PHONE – With its 12X magnifying lens and field of view of 305 ft/1000 yards, you can see everything from buildings to wildlife with such stunning accuracy that you’ll feel up close and personal with them, even if you’re miles away. At sports events, you’ll be transported from the back row, right into the middle of the action on the pitch! The perfect lens and telescope for phone photography.
  • PORTABLE TELESCOPE AND LENS – Starscope is compact, ultra-portable, handheld, lightweight, so you can take it with you anywhere and use it at a moment’s notice to see the world in all its glory.
  • HIGH DEFINITION MONOCULAR TELESCOPE FOR PHOTOS – Starscope unlocks a whole new level of smartphone photography. Its crisp lens shoots jaw-dropping photos that capture crystal-clear details from a distance that would normally be extremely difficult to capture. A high-grade wildlife telescope you can simply clip onto your phone using a monocular adapter(sold separately). It also has a unique scratch-resistant lens coating and 24hr UV protection, ensuring you get the perfect shot, every time.
  • BEST SPORTS AND BIRD WATCHING MONOCULAR – Engineered for adventure. The Starscope Lens was built to keep up with you and your travels. It’s small, shockproof, and rugged built is perfect for popping in a backpack. It’s IPX5 water-resistant and protects against sea spray, making it the perfect companion for the beach, hunting, or star gazing. Always ready to capture the road less taken with razor-sharp accuracy.

Specification: STARSCOPE Monocular Telescope (Gen 2) – Powerful Pocket Telescope for Adults and Kids with Spotting Scope Tripod | Scopes for Hunting | Handheld…

Product Dimensions

16.5 x 5.2 x 4.5 cm, 525 Grams

Date First Available

Dec 20 2020



Place of Business

Wayne, NJ 07470,US

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13 reviews for STARSCOPE Monocular Telescope (Gen 2) – Powerful Pocket Telescope for Adults and Kids with Spotting Scope Tripod | Scopes for Hunting | Handheld…

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  1. gig

    first i must say it fits,but thats about all,the spring is far to strong and its very hard for older people to fit onto phone,second with the scope on it pulls the scope away from camera,so you have to re set it,thirdyou have to have a very steady place to mount it,as each slight shake of the hand looks like about a foot when looking through the camera,forth they say put it onto a small tri pod,i have one and tried it, it either tipd=s over,or you cant get into a good position to be comfortable,and when you press the camera button everything moves, so i gave one out of five because it fits the camera.and thats all it does. easy to use and sturdiness below i cant even give it one,

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  2. Ren Carroll, British Columbia, Canada

    There is really only one use for this gadget…. to enable you to use a “Starscope” as a telescopic lens for taking photos with a cell phone. Does it work? Yes.

    But…. 1) it relies on a tight fit at the starscope eyepiece, otherwise it’s hard to juggle the two units and keep them in synch. There are several different “Starscopes” out there, with different sized eyepiece. 2. The clamp which holds the cell phone is stretched to its maximum to hold a three year old phone, and I don’t think it will fit the more recent, wider phones. 3. It is a fairly fragile piece of equipment, and can’t be tightened very firmly to keep the eyepiece centrally over the camera, so it keeps slipping out of adjustment.

    All of these are fairly minor irritants…. But they are really annoying if you need to take a photo quickly.

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  3. David D

    This lens is good fun! It comes with everything in the picture except the phone clip. I don’t feel like the phone clip is much use anyway except maybe if you’re interested in taking long exposures.

    Build Quality – You could just throw this into your camping backpack without any extra padding and you won’t feel like you need to baby it. Monoculars/binoculars, after all, are made to be used outdoors. It’s solid but it won’t add much weight to your gear pack.

    Use – This thing is cool! You can actually use it to take portraits with background blur instead of using fake software bokeh. It’s still not going to match an actual portrait lens on a stand-alone camera, of course. But honestly, you could use this thing to take a pretty decent photo for LinkedIn if you don’t want to spend the time and money the whole dslr portrait shebang. I can also picture it being used for astro-photography or nature shots if you have the patience to set it up correctly with a phone mount.

    It can be tricky to line up the phone and monocular but I got the hang of it after a while. Also, you have to hold them both pretty steady to get a clear shot because it’s a 12x zoom. You can see my sample shots aren’t perfectly clear. Part of that is due to shooting at night with a slow shutter speed.

    You can also use this purely as a monocular. Actually, I was bringing it up to my eye to focus first before trying to take a photo with my phone.

    Overall, I definitely wouldn’t mind keeping this thing handy on hikes. Or maybe keep it handy at home for spying on people making weird tiktok videos… 😀 It’s a fun tool to add to your hobby camera arsenal for sure

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  4. Jay Proulx

    Very clear picture and works as they say, if you want to get rid of the circle look when it’s over your phone just zoom in with your phone’s lens and the picture takes up the hole screen as you can see in my pictures (the circle is not zoomed in and the picture after is zoomed in 30%). I think people here do understand the focus and that it’s 12* magnification with 50mm lens. It doesn’t zoom in it sees far away at 12* and you focus it to make the image clear. Added with your phone you can turn that 12* magnification even further with your phone’s zoom in functions. Just remember the more you zoom the more steady you have to be for your phone to focus.

    ****The house with the tree on the hill the 1st picture is phone with no zoom, 2nd picture is phone zoomed in 50*, 3rd picture is with h monoscope and phone with no zoom, 4th picture is monoscope with phone 4.5* zoom, 5th picture is monoscope and phone 4.5* zoom at different angle and held a bit more sturdy.****

    I did mine by holding it to my phone without the phone mount attachment.

    Worth the money I spent in my opinion, far better then my 8* Bushmaster binoculars and way more clear.

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  5. Former Amazonfan

    I ignored some other reviews of this product thinking that they may have been mistaken. (It happens sometimes), but they were exactly right when they stated that this device is completely unfit for purpose.

    The cup holder (into which the eye piece end of the Starscope is inserted) is much too large. It should grip the eyepiece firmly to be of any use, but it does not. Not by several millimeters.

    For any Starscope owners out there, there IS a device which does fit and it is half the price and of much better build quality than this rubbish. Just search Amazon for ” Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount”.

    The inside diameter of the eye cup on that one is adjustable and contains optional inserts to fit many other scopes and binoculars.

    It makes the Starscope into something much better when used with a decent smart phone, and helps make the hype surrounding the Starscope somewhat more realistic.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Very disappointed in this product. If you ran across it, you probably saw their ads. Do not waste your time or money. I tried this out for 5 minutes and immediately returned it to Amazon. The quality and crispness was nothing at all like the ads, and it’s so very clear to me now that those were heavily edited, because I don’t even get remotely similar images. In their ad, they showed it getting clear images over 1 mile away. I could barely get a clear image 500ft away. They also showed some neat images of zooming to the moon and seeing the craters. Nope again. Not even close, even with a smartphone zoom. Their ads are completely misleading and this is complete garbage. Read the other reviews, which will back up this opinion. So disappointed. I just briefly looked at the star rating but didn’t actually read the reviews prior to ordering and I wish that I had because this is just complete garbage and a waste of time. Hopefully my review will save you your time, because mine is lost.

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  7. Fictional_Reader

    It meets my needs but I doubt it lives up to these words in the description ” you can see everything from buildings to wildlife with such stunning accuracy that you’ll feel up close and personal with them, even if you’re miles away.” If you want that you need something more powerful. I have not tried it at night.

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  8. Louise

    Find it hard to adjust with the phone and get a good picture. Maybe it’s me but my husband tried too and was ready to put it in the garbage. When you want to take a quick picture, that won’t happen.

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  9. Jeff Christian

    Simply does not work well at all. Very poor ocular quality. I feel I have been cheated by this product, it is the quality of a child’s toy. Then, when I want to return it, I can do so, all the way to China, at my expense, of course. I have been played for a sucker and would suggest others avoid the same problem.

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  10. Sam

    Ok this thing is not even 10×10 soon never mind 12×50 .I would guess 5×10 no more.its the worst thing I have ever had .I have a few that cast me 20$ and are way better this thing is worth 3 times that and it garbage. If I paid 20$ for this I would just dump it in the trash but 60$ plus is to much to do that’s. Specially now in 2021 if anyone thinking of buying this item. Please dont and help yourself from the headache I just got from this by going printing the tab to return it ..

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  11. James K

    Excellent scope vision. Couldn’t have asked for a better scope in terms of clarity of vision and price.

    However, the protective eye cap cover on my purchase, does not fit properly and keeps falling off. It is surely to fall off and get lost while I carry it or while attached to the neck strap.

    Speaking about neck strap: I have a medium-sized head and the strap will not fit over my head, but I could live without using it around my neck.

    As for the eye cap cover, I can attach it the neck strap, but will use it as a hand strap instead.

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  12. art

    Unit good enough for me but dose not live up to reported spec. The cheap flimsy tripod is rubbish , so decided to use my own (from my photography gear ) It won’t fit , thread is different ??? It’s the only bit of kit I’ve come across that dose not have the international thread form ?
    Weird? The hand strap is only held on by a another flimsy plastic threaded component , no confidence in it ? Awaiting delivery of the mobile phone adapter but also not confident in it’s ability to stay put , as per other reviews , glad I’ve purchased a cheap version

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  13. Adam Pivko

    The packaging is nice and professional, quality of the product and viewing through the lens are great!

    The little tripod it comes with is easy to put on and take off, and it has a carrying pouch and strap.

    Suitable for all needs.


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    STARSCOPE Monocular Telescope (Gen 2) – Powerful Pocket Telescope for Adults and Kids with Spotting Scope Tripod | Scopes for Hunting | Handheld…
    STARSCOPE Monocular Telescope (Gen 2) – Powerful Pocket Telescope for Adults and Kids with Spotting Scope Tripod | Scopes for Hunting | Handheld…
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