Sony WH-CH710N Wireless Over-The-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones Bluetooth, Black

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Last updated on July 11, 2024 1:58 am Details
  • Cancel out the world with smart noise cancellation
  • Noise cancellation automatically senses your environment with dual noise sensor technology
  • Long-lasting listening with up to 35 hours of battery and quick charging
  • Wireless bluetooth streaming with NFC one-touch
  • Smartphone compatibility for hands-free calls and use with your voice assistant

Specification: Sony WH-CH710N Wireless Over-The-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones Bluetooth, Black



Headphones Form Factor

‎Over Ear

Item model number


Includes Rechargable Battery


Contains Liquid Contents


Connector Type


Cable Feature

‎Without Cable

Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Ion

Batteries required


Batteries included


Microphone Form Factor




Number Of Items


Mounting Hardware


Special features

‎Noise Cancellation

Part Number


Model year


Model Name




Place of Business

‎SAN DIEGO, CA, 92127 US

Product Dimensions

‎19.91 x 5.31 x 22.91 cm, 221.13 Grams

13 reviews for Sony WH-CH710N Wireless Over-The-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones Bluetooth, Black

2.3 out of 5
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  1. MZK

    I’ve been using these for a while now and there are a few things to note.

    1) The noise cancelations is almost nonexistent.

    2) Only pairs up with 1 device at a time.

    3) They are not very comfortable. The padding on them is very thin and sometimes you can feel the actual speaker rubbing against your ears. Which is very uncomfortable.

    4) Recently after a use of more then a month, I’ve noticed that its started to glitch out and lag. I’ve used it with my laptop and it worked fine for a few weeks but now it just lags and cuts the sound randomly. I’ve tried a couple of things to fix it but nothing has worked thus far.

    The only positive thing I can say is that it was relatively “inexpensive” the amount that its sold for is still insanely overpriced for the quality of this device but I got it on sale so its not that big of a problem for me.
    (The sale wasn’t really good either so still very overpriced)

    I would research other brands and other possible devices before coming back to this one.

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    Quería unos audifonos con noice cancelling y estos me han funcionado muy bien.
    La batería dura bastante. Llevo casi 2 semanas con ellos y aún no los cargo. Los uso 1 o 2 hrs diarias para el gimnasio y de repente para ver películas o series.
    Son cómodos. Pero si los necesitas para ejercicio, toma en cuenta que te sudarán las orejas. De ahí en fuera, no hay mayor problema.
    Son un poco grandes, pero es debido a que la almohadilla literal cubre toda tu oreja por el NC.

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  3. NAF Toronto

    Bluetooth is a disaster:
    When I got my first order, and the bluetooth would disconnect during an online meeting (Microsoft Teams) i thought it was a problem with the one headset so I asked for a replacement. My second set has the same problem, BT works fine at the start of a meeting and within ten minutes, it starts dropping (when I realize cant hear anything so Ive missed parts of the meeting discussion)
    Mike : over the past two weeks, my colleagues complain they cant hear me -I sound muffled, distant, in a tunnel ! my job involves leading workshops (online since C-19) That’s why i bought the headset for $250. It wont work, even with the cable. It works for one call and then not for the next 3. Since its past 45 days, Amazon wont take it back. I spent an hour with Sony Customer Service (chat) and they finally said my headset has issues (as it wont go to factory reset) so asked me to mail to them and then wait for a new replacement. I wont have a headset for a days, while I wait (Amazon sent me my replacement first -even before I mailed the return) I will NEVER buy Sony accessories ever again.

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    The sound and noise cancelling feature are quite good to me, but I am no expert by all means. Anyhow, the first charge had not depleted and the plastic part of the headband cracked after light and careful use. After contacting the manufacturer, I found Sony doesn’t offer physical damage coverage on their one year warranty.

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  5. anonymous

    Didn’t even bother testing the noise quality due to lackadaisical sound quality and uncomfortable cups (the pads are so small that my ears press right against the plastic of the headphones). if you’re looking for a pair of decent less expensive bluetooth headphones don’t choose these. Not worth the money at all.

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  6. Tiffany

    Got it on sale, and that’s why I would say its worth it. The sound quality is pretty good, not superb but not bad. The cups don’t make a complete seal around your ears, though that doesn’t bother me. If you’ve got piercings, these do push on your ears a bit which might irritate them. They do also push down on your glasses, as most headphones do.

    Charges pretty fast and keeps battery for a long time! There’s a noticeable difference between the ambient sound and noise cancelling modes, which is nice. You can still hear the surroundings in noise cancelling, but to a much lesser degree.

    The reason it’s 3 stars is because the left ear is constantly just a touch quieter than the right ear, which is annoying.

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  7. Arturo

    Audífonos decentes respecto a ligereza y calidad de materiales (en lo absoluto se sienten caros). Sin embargo, el sonido es muy plano (sin prácticamente nitidez) y bajo aún al máximo de volumen, además de que no tiene soporte para la App de Sony lo que impide modificar este mediante el ecualizador. Realmente me extraña este producto debido a su precio y a que Sony suele hacer muy buenos productos, ya que poseo unos audífonos de la marca que me costaron hace dos años $600 pesos, los cuales me atrevo a decir se escuchan bastante mejor. Definitivamente no recomiendo este producto si eres alguien que presta mucha atención a la calidad de sonido, en mi caso los quería para la cancelación de ruido durante mis clases en línea y es deficiente/mínima, ni para eso me sirvieron. Devolví el artículo.

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  8. gp

    Put these on & they immediately felt cheap. The top headband is so poorly padded, they felt like they were a dollar store brand & started cutting into my head immediately, not something Sony quality. The noise cancellation turns on automatically, so if you’re not careful or you forget, there goes battery life. Ear padding feels cheap as well. Sound itself is pretty good, but you can definitely feel that the drivers feel set back from the ear, making it difficult to gauge if you’re hearing what you’re hearing & where sounds live spatially. If you’re looking for sonic accuracy, these aren’t going to get you there. Usually love Sony, but taking a hard pass on these for a brand that comes in at a third of the price & outperforms this set in all regards.

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  9. Sai rahul

    The wireless headphone was working fine initially. But after a month, the bluetooth disconnects very abruptly and the audio gets disconnected very often. I use this for my office calls and for a 30 minutes call, I need to reconnect the bluetooth for nearly 5-6 days and rejoin the call for nearly 10 times (as incoming audio suddenly stops, I need to rejoin the meeting to hear anything).
    AMAZON doesn’t allow me to return or replace the item. Moreover, the SONY customer service is really bad. I asked them to replace the item as it is under the warranty but they are hesitating to replace the item. It feels like I have wasted $130 on this item.
    I request AMAZON to atleast replace the item for me.

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  10. Cesar Barbosa

    Lamentavelmente quebrou NA HASTE com APENAS 3 MESES DE DURAÇÃO!!
    Liguei na SONY e disseram que já era! O prejuízo é meu porque passou dos 90 dias!
    NÃO COMPRE!!!!!

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  11. João André de Moraes

    A qualidade caiu em relação à versão anterior, o modelo CH700, principalmente os botões de controle. A embalagem também piorou bastante. Percebe-se uma procura em economizar o máximo possível. O noise cancelling funciona de forma razoável. Não espere milagres. Mesmo o barulho da passagem de carros na rua é bastante perceptível. A reprodução de som é boa, equilibrada. As almofadas são confortáveis e aparentemente substituíveis. Tenho também fones da Sony (PS-Gold) e o acabamento das almofadas não durou 9 meses. O CH-710 aparente ser mais resistente nos quesitos hastes e almofadas.

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  12. Kayla

    These headphones really underwhelmed me. Were they really $200 at one point? If so that’s ridiculous. They are very light and the noise cancelling is very good for the price point and the design is good and they’re quite comfortable because of the light weight. But…

    The sound quality is awful. Music sounds muffled – like the highs are pulled back so things tend to not be articulated well with vocals, cymbals, anything that pops really from an instrumental side. They don’t sound like garbage but the sound quality is more in line with what I expect from a $30-$40 over ear headphone set. The buttons aren’t the best for access and in low light knowing L from R when putting these on is a major chore.

    I have a pair of Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2s that were $130 and sound quality is noticeably better across the spectrum and those have similar noise cancelling performance. Those are heavier but honestly they feel sturdier than these Sony 710s which feel like they’ll fall apart with one drop. If the sound quality was better and these had a touch more power I’d be really happy with them. But I’m just not there so I’m returning them and sticking with the BackBeat Pro 2 set.

    Sony should dump these and get better amplification and better equalization and offer app support. If they could do that I’d pay $20 more for that and be extremely happy. But this is unacceptable for the price. I don’t know if there’s a worse pair of headphones in this price range to be honest.

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  13. Brian Kim

    Noise cancelling and sound is good,
    Quality of material used to make headset is poor and it shows. Earcups are too shallow resulting in ears being squished and starts being painful after a certain amount of time. Plastic used to make headset breaks easily as I have used 2 of these and both broke on the same spot after a week of usage in normal conditions

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    Sony WH-CH710N Wireless Over-The-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones Bluetooth, Black
    Sony WH-CH710N Wireless Over-The-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones Bluetooth, Black


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