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Sony WF-1000XM3/B Industry Leading Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds, Black

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Last updated on July 11, 2024 1:55 am Details
  • Industry-leading noise canceling with HD noise cancelling processor qn1e; MAGNET: Neodymium
  • 24bit audio signal processing delivers dramatically improved sound quality. 6 mm, dome type (CCAW Voice coil)
  • Battery life up to 24 hours with carrying case (with 10min quick charge for 90min of play time); RANGE: Line of sight approx. 10 m (30 ft)

Specification: Sony WF-1000XM3/B Industry Leading Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds, Black




‎1 Volts

Item model number


Includes Rechargable Battery


Contains Liquid Contents


Device interface - primary


Connector Type


Cable Feature

‎Without Cable

Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Ion

Batteries required


Batteries included


Power source type


Headphones Form Factor

‎In Ear



Microphone Form Factor


Number Of Items


Mounting Hardware

‎Charging Case, Triple Comfort Earbuds (S, M, L × 2) Long Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds (SS, S, M, L × 2), Warranty Card, Operating Instruction, Reference Guide, USB Type-C™ cable (Approx.20cm)

Special features

‎Noise Cancellation

Compatible Devices

‎Compatible with bluetooth supporting device

Part Number


Model year


Model Name




Place of Business

‎SAN DIEGO, CA, 92127 US

Product Dimensions

‎14.22 x 11.99 x 6.35 cm, 100 Grams

10 reviews for Sony WF-1000XM3/B Industry Leading Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds, Black

3.3 out of 5
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    The Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds my interest originally from all various reviews of the product on both pro’s & cons please bare in mind nothing is perfect at launch, unlike other reviewers in a mad panic spat. Let’s I guess start with the build quality as you expect in general ear buds are made with a hardened plastic but didn’t feel to cheaply manufactured. The charger case or dock, I was impressed from the design sony whet with not as bulky as some brands but not fully compact as the Samsung Galaxy buds. They seemed to have chosen a durable rubber for the outside casing with aluminum for the lid case, I will point out it does seem it could easily be scratched. Another feature which may not concern is the case has no wireless charging just only via USB-C.

    Now for the overall fit within the ear it’s imperfect it’s not for everyone since each person is different. And as other reviewers pointed out the earbuds are designed to go deeper in the ear canal. For a sound tight seal to get a better sound signature along with noise isolation. You best options would be to try it for yourself, so far the seal and fit in my ears are alright I haven’t tried the other options in ear tips provided. So far they haven’t fallen out easily but I were to shake my head like a madman I could see them falling out of my ears. As for the IR sensor build in the earbuds it’s useful between removing them in or out of your ears, only seems to pair to my Android device only after I placed them my ears. As for in ear fatigue from listening or watching hours worth of content only a slight hint of fatigue for myself.

    Sound quality is impressive for these earbuds very similar sound signature to the Sony WH-1000XM3 over ear headphones. I will note there is a slight more bass response not overwhelming, Treble is detailed both singers/ instruments are clear naturally sounding. Mid range sounds are present and balanced and no conflict problems, bass is well done. Not that annoying unnatural buss from beats products uck. I haven’t noticed the bass being muddy on either slow or fast paced music. Sony built in chip to improve sound quality on older audio files does help but if you use a music app player you’ll have to disable the EQ. Bear in mind the noise cancelling on these earbuds are decent but not as good as the over-ear headset available from Sony. You can still hear your own voice when talking but as first subtle sounds and noises it does a good job. The over-ear headphones from Sony are more aggressive and with cancelling.

    Bluetooth 5.0 connection’s/calling quality.
    Connection wise I haven’t encountered any difficulties yet but I know it could possibly happen if I were to leave my smartphone in a different room. As for call Quality the comments I got from my friends is it’s clear when it’s in an quiet area but I haven’t tried it out in a public space yet say as in traffic as an example. The only complaint I received what’s an annoying Buzz Echo but then disappeared after I reset and reconnected the Bluetooth earbuds. Hasn’t happened since to date, at this time battery life is fair roughly 5 hours and 26 minutes with N/C turned on. With N/C turned off roughly only gained roughly 18 more additional minutes.

    Overall opinion give it try for yourself and decide on your own discretion and if you don’t like it, return the product after all that’s the benefit of Amazon’s 30 day return policy unless you damaged the product.

    Sound quality
    Build in features
    Portability compact case
    decent noise cancelling
    USB C

    No wireless charging
    No water/sweat resistant not for the gym
    Possible problems in cold weather TBD
    Sony warranty is different to utilize

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  2. Nickolas

    I came to these headphones from a pair of Sure SE215’s. Needless to say, my expectations were high as an audiophile.

    They fit comfortably. They don’t have the same memory foam as the Sure’s have, but they are very comfortable and they stay in place well. The noice cancelation is scary good. Like I mean it works SO well. The sound and bass is surprisingly good, but the highs get a little distorted by the Noise Cancelation. Also they don’t go nearly as loud as the SE215’s but with noise cancelation on, you don’t need it so loud. The app is amazing and has WAAAAY more customization options that the AirPods. The app is just ….sexy. lol

    A definite recommendation if you are an audiophile. I didn’t even consider the AirPods Pro. It looses a star because of the volume issue.

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  3. Daniel briones

    Me llegaron apenas hace unos minutos y al abrirlos me doy cuenta de que ya están usados

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  4. Valdas

    Almost perfect product. Very sad that some bugs are holding it back. The firt bug that I have discovered is if you enable Google assistant as one of your buttons it will transform your buds to master and slave, what that means is that if you want to listen with only one bud the one with Google assistant will be working, but the other one wont work without the other. So what I ended up doing is just ditching google assistant and going back to the ambient sound control, you can still use google assistant with your phones mic. The second bug that I noticed has to do with automatic power off if buds are left alone for about 5 mins, I found it very buggy, and frustrating, because when you pick the bud back up, and try to use it, it wont work, makes you do all this gimmicky stuff with disconnecting headphones from ur bluetooth settings, waiting, etc. But if you shut them off manually through the app it works seamlessly when you pick them back up they just connect as you would pull them out of the case… I tried to just turn off that automatic shut down, but then you’re stuck with flashing blue light even if you have them in your ears… And that brings me to the final point is that these buds dont have that much flexibility specifically with the flashing lights… I understand they’re trying to prevent us from losing them in the dark, but thats on us.

    Anyways overall buds are great, the sound quality is fire, they’re very comfortable (for me, ur ears could be different, but I can wear them for the whole day with mild uncomfortabilty at the end of the day). Battery is very good. Case is nice, and slick. They look nice in ears, and equalizer settings do make difference. Just really wish sony invested it better beta testers, found all these bugs in like few hours of listening… Hopefully things I meantioned get fixed soon in the future.

    Oh and final tip is that I recommend using mesh plugs as they help your ears breath more preventing them to be sweaty. 👍

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  5. Tablesalt

    The guy who’s freaking out over these I’m the above review isn’t using them right. You double or triple tap to rewind or skip songs, not swipe. For windows computers Sony released a statement somewhere on it. I have them and they are very good coming from AirPods and Bose soundsport frees

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  6. Spa

    I’ve had these headphones in my possession for a couple days, and I have to say they live up to my expectations. I was looking at getting a WH-1000XM3 (the full-sized headphones) to use in my office, where I have both noisy neighbors and a loud HVAC system to deal with, but when I saw these come up for pre-order I thought they might work better for my use case (aka, not on an airplane).

    So far, here’s the pros:
    Battery life is directly on the mark with what’s advertised. I used it in my office with noise cancelling on, volume at mid-levels from 11-5 before the left earphone actually died. The right still had 20% – maybe using the touch controls for playback a lot causes quicker battery drain?

    Along with battery levels, charging from the case also seems on the mark. After the earbuds died, I threw them in the case and left for a quick walk. 20 minutes later, my right earbud went from 20%->100%, and the left from 0%->70%. Excellent imo, this more or less means I can just recharge my earbuds whenever I have a brief conversation with a coworker and never have to worry about the battery dying on me.

    Music quality is great. These sound excellent on the “Excited” EQ preset to me, and I rotate through all kinds of genres, from (electronic) hardcore, 80s city pop, 00’s nu and death metal, pop and R&B and rap.

    The noise cancelling – honestly, on a first wear, I was slightly disappointed. I had read the pre-release reviews about how great it was, but when I started to use it out the box, I could still hear people talking to me. Really, these won’t block out loud/direct conversations, but that doesn’t diminish their usefulness. It completely eliminates the fairly loud HVAC noise in my office, and makes mouse clicks/non-mechanical keyboard usage fade out. And that’s without music playing. Once you add music to the mix, these really do block out the world really effectively, even on low volumes. I actually had a coworker today try to get my attention for a minute, of which I noticed nothing, before they resorted to a loud knock on my desk, which I actually thought was a part of the ambient soundtrack I was listening to at first. Very impressed with the noise cancelling when combined with music, and even on its own with my tempered expectations. They’re not earplugs, but they’re pretty darn close.
    A quick note: Using full noise cancelling when walking outside results in some annoying wind noise, but there’s a preset called “wind noise” one step below full noise cancelling in the app that will completely kill that wind noise and still block other noises very well.

    Connectivity is great. No issues connecting it to my TV, computer, Android phone, or iPad. Protip: Hold the touch sensitive button on both ears for 7 seconds to enter pairing mode for connecting to a computer or non-Android/IOS device easily.

    The cons (aka, why I’m saying 4.5 stars):

    No wireless charging. It’s a shame with the bulky case, and would make things way more convenient.

    No volume controls/option for volume controls. Having to open use my device to change volume all the time is kind of more annoying than I originally thought it would be.

    No way to quickly change noise cancelling modes without the app.

    Those last two points are fairly understandable given the small(ish) size of the buds, but still would have been nice. The ambient pass-through mode does work perfectly once you enable it in the app though.

    Overall, I really like these things and I’m super satisfied with the risk I took ordering them before reviews came out. If you’re on the fence, I’d buy these. I’ll update this review in the future if I have any other complaints/issues, but I’m honestly really happy with these.

    EDIT 8-12-19: Two weeks have passed since I wrote this and I have a couple updates. One, you actually can quickly change the noise cancelling level by setting one of the touch controls to “ambient sound control” in the app. This lets you toggle between a couple different noise cancelling modes with a tap. I’ve also started to use the adaptive sound control option, which I’ve found to be pretty accurate and useful. I have mine set up so it’s in full noise cancelling when I’m sitting still, wind noise reduction when walking, ambient sound level 10 when running and full noise cancelling when on transportation. I’ve only really tested the first two options since I don’t run nor commute by public transit, but the app switches modes pretty quickly and it’s convenient when I decide to go for a quick walk while working.

    I’ve also noticed that every so often I do lose sync between sounds/video when connected to my tv, but it often fixes itself pretty quickly, or a pause-play will fix it as well. I haven’t noticed it on my phone, so it’s likely a mix of distance and the Bluetooth chipset on the TV.

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  7. Indra

    Honestly guys if you want to go for premium, take airpod pro. If you want a set of decent pods, go for Jabra 75T but this pair of sony leaves you nowhere.
    Why shouldn’t you buy it?
    Size of the case- It is huge, the main reason you use pods instead of headphones because they are convenient to carry. This case does not go into your pocket or even if it does, takes a large space.
    Call quality- The natural bass is so high that even if you have slight disturbance of network quality or call quality, you will get a hazing and irritating sound. This piece if very good for music but not good for calls at all.
    No IP rating- In Indian condition we will sweat a lot, having no IP rating can be dangerous – especially if it starts drizzling or effect of sweat.
    Does not fit into your ear- The size of the pods is huge, it is not convenient for running or exercise.
    Summary- If you are listening to music and you are a huge fan of Sony sound, calls are not important for you or you are not using this primarily during exercise- Go for it.
    If you are looking for a multipurpose pod with good for calls, exercise companion, value for money- this is not your choice.
    At this price point- airpod pro is 10 times better, JABRA 75 T is much cheaper and does a decent job as well.

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  8. HK

    Incase of battery issues, please turn off the DSEE HX since much difference mayn’t be noted on usage.

    This review is based on some days usage and not long term. The Pros and Cons as based on my usage:

    1.The Sound Quality is excellent, there is no doubt on it. The bass is as required for TWS, there are no comparisons with Over Ear Bass creepers. Pick any song type and this does the job.

    2.ANC is good, cannot compare with the WH-1000XM3, but does the job. you will hear some sound from outside but once the song start to kick in the outer-world sound goes off. It is good to binge on movies sports and song. This has 6mm driver and do not expect much from it.

    3.The battery Life is good in ANC enabled mode, but in your daily activity you will not need much ANC since this almost knocks out noise in normal mode. DSEE HX mostly upscaling the sound quality nearly to the premium feel of Hi-Res.

    4. Call quality is ok ok compared to airpods, which means it is not up to the mark even after the update.

    5. Sony headphones app is an extra advantage for manual selective of equalizer modes, touch controls.

    Cons: Anything of this world has Pros and cons and these TWS are no exception:

    1. Aptx, Aptx HD and LDAC less, means you cannot assure the best connectivity with some phones but Sony’s own QN1es does the job for most connectivity.

    2. Connectivity in laptop is worse while listening to online music and youtube videos.

    3. The TWS is large and weighs 8.5g each compared to the airpods of 4g each. But if depends on how you use.

    4. Its not IP rated well these are not made for workouts.

    Finally if you are looking for a premium headphones to listen to these are the ones if you have the budget for it, or else there are other brands on the market which costs less. The sound quality of the TWS is evident from the name itself SONY.

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  9. hrushikesh K.

    Very Premium Design, Comfortable Fit, Can use for running or gym
    Amazing and Crystal Clear Sound Quality.
    With the software update sony has really improved the bass and max volume levels. Great Job. Now the sound is truly premium.
    Noise Cancelling is just top notch in its class. Keep in mind you can’t compare it with the over the ear headphones WH-1000XM3. But as per the earbuds are considered it has best noise cancelling. You will definitely feel the difference.
    Many sound and control customisations options available through Sony headphones connect app.
    One of the best products from sony
    Call quality is awesome
    Can control volume using earbuds

    After sony gave an update the performance increased significantly but the battery is worst it cannot last even 2-3 hrs with noise cancelling on and just watching movie or so with 50% of volume.
    got them replaced but still prob persists

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  10. PeekayInMTL

    I tried everything even looked at their tutorial on how to use these but nothing helped. The earphones just kept falling off. Returned the same day.

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    Sony WF-1000XM3/B Industry Leading Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds, Black
    Sony WF-1000XM3/B Industry Leading Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds, Black

    Original price was: $199.99.Current price is: $198.00.

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