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SimpleHouseware 3-Tier Metal Kitchen Cart Utility Rolling Cart, Black

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Last updated on July 8, 2024 12:40 am Details
  • Heavy-duty 3-tier metal rolling utility cart for storage and saving space.
  • Comes with 3 Metal Baskets and Heavy duty 2″ Casters/Wheels with Brakes (2 lockable).
  • Sturdy metal construction with classic black paint.
  • Dimension: 12.5’’ L x 16.75’’ W x 32’’ H (31.7 cm W x 42.5 L cm x 81.2 cm H)

Specification: SimpleHouseware 3-Tier Metal Kitchen Cart Utility Rolling Cart, Black


‎Simple Houseware

Place of Business

‎Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, US



Model number




Material Type

‎Alloy Steel

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12 reviews for SimpleHouseware 3-Tier Metal Kitchen Cart Utility Rolling Cart, Black

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  1. Jody

    I am using this cart to hold all of my painting supplies. There is ample room for all of my brushes, dandelion liquid watercolor paint, water jar, and paper. It has three equally sized tiers, mesh bottomed. Rolls easily. Two of the wheels can be locked. It’s a great little cart. Can’t beat the value. Not overly difficult to assemble, which is a plus as I’m not a handy person.

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  2. Krystal

    I have both this cart and one from Ikea and there is a HUGE difference in quality between the two with not much difference in price. If you can easily get one from Ikea, go there instead.

    This cart comes packaged with the shelves/bins jammed inside of one another which results in scratches on the bins straight out of the box. It might not be as bad with a white version but it’s pretty noticeable on the black one I have. It was easy to put together, some of the holes weren’t 100% lined up but it was still doable. Once the cart was fully assembled though it was apparent that the entire thing was warped making it sit unlevel. I had to add washers to two of the casters to make it sit flat on the floor. If I didn’t need to have it right now I would return it and make the hour drive to the nearest Ikea for one of theirs, since it was needed urgently though I’m making due. It’s perfectly functional now that I’ve leveled the casters with washers, it just doesn’t look new with all of the scratches from how they packaged it.

    If you don’t mind having to possibly add washers to level it and aren’t worried about scratches, go ahead and buy one. It’ll do what it’s supposed to do. If you want something heavier duty that will come without cosmetic flaws and without needed modifications to sit level then go to Ikea.

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  3. Stacey

    Exactly what I wanted, I bought this cart to hold my art supplies all in one place while having something that still fit my decor. It is slim and fits up against the wall, doesn’t immediately attract attention or scream “storage”. It fits everything well, I bought a couple of plastic organizers from the dollar store to hold smaller items which fit nicely in the top basket. Easy to assemble (about 10-15 min) and the whole thing is coated metal, which I prefer over plastic. Very happy with my purchase!

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    I don’t care much about how a thing looks as long as it does it’s job. This one does it’s job. It is very sturdy, and glides quite smoothly with the things I have in it. That might change if more weight was added. There were spots where the finish didn’t adhere and was wrinkled and lifting…this could very well have been just a one-off rather than the norm. Most of it ended up covered by the shelves anyway. I can’t think of a room in my house that I couldn’t put one of these to use, and would be perfect if you have to cart things constantly from one room to another. They don’t have a very big foot print for the amount that they hold, so they can provide needed storage in smaller areas.
    1. Follow the instructions until you get to where you attach the first shelf, making sure that the holes on the upright posts are aligned…STOP.
    2. Open the hardware bag and look at what you have, there are screws, washers and sleeves. The screw and the washer go from the outside in, and the sleeve goes from the inside out, it is what the screw will screw into.
    3. Position the first shelf. Put the sleeve through the aligned hole and then insert screw. When the threads catch, just hand tighten it enough so that it won’t fall off while you fiddle with the other three, no more. If you tighten it too much, the gap on the opposite side will be too wide to attach. Once all screws are in place, tighten with allen keys (provided)
    4. Add remaining upright posts, making sure the holes are aligned.
    5. Attach middle shelf but just tighten most of the way.
    6. Attach top shelf then tighten last eight screws.
    1. Decide where you want the lock wheels to go.
    2. Hold the wheel part in place with one hand and spin the disc that the ‘nut’ part is attached to with your other until there is no more room for your fingers then use the little wrench (provided) to tighten it the rest of the way. This is much faster and less frustrating than trying to do it all with the wrench.

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  5. Anton Skulski

    Very cute litte cart! I use this as a “Baby station” as I call it for my main floor. The nursery is on the second floor and I didn’t want to be constantly running up and down stairs for every little thing. This cart holds a good amount of stuff for it’s size. Wheels are super fluid and the paint on it only had minor imperfections which I just strategically faced those sides of the shelves to the back of the cart. Really good purchase!

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  6. Andrea

    This product is a disaster – the worst thing I’ve thing I’ve ever ordered from amazon (and that’s a lot!). Screws and parts were just thrown into the box with all the big parts, not even in a little bag. Instructions were useless. Holes do not line up at all. For something that’s supposed to be so simple, it was a nightmare to put together. Do yourself a favor and go to IKEA.

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  7. NLindsay

    I assembled this storage cart while 8 months pregnant. I’m currently using it in my baby’s nursery to store breast feeding essentials: pump, snacks, water, wipes, remote control, books, and a few other things. The portability is a nice feature, as I can wheel this to where ever I need it. I highly recommend this cart.

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  8. Cassie W

    Bought this today for my bathroom, definitely need two more for other items, however the baskets are fairly large, I wouldn’t put heavier items on them as they may bend the metal mesh, it’s study and rolls well on the wheels.

    Putting the screws in through this bars is a bit frustrating as you have to hold both sides together while screwing it in (don’t use the Alan key provided just screw it in by hand first then use it)

    Overall, super happy with it and will buy another!

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  9. Martica

    I love this cart. I got it to hold all my books and paperwork I’m working on because the pile is much too high and I’m always moving it between my bed and my desk.

    The cart went together really easy. It’s made of good quality metal and glides on the floor very smoothly.

    I’m really happy with all 3 sizes of the trays. I was surprised when the bottom tray held a stack of magazines horizontally and there was a ton of space left over.

    Everyone needs a storage cart like this. Not sure how I lived all these years without one!

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  10. Yolamda

    Llegó destrozado

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  11. pet person

    Compairison between ikea cart and this one.

    I use this item as a sewing supplies storage cart so both are equally good for my use. The secret to assembly is to not tighten any screw until all the baskets are in thereby allowing minor fit adjustments. Took me 17 minutes to assemble at an unhurried pace.

    This white cart (in my pictures) and ikea cart (black in my pictures) are very similar.

    White cart has very minor differances in basket size as they stack in the packaging. Ikea cart are all the same.

    White cart has a single lockable wheel. Ikea does not.

    White cart lower basket is slightly closer to the ground and has a little more clearance to the basket above. The middle shelf has less clearance. The ikea cart is all the same

    This cart sits taller due to metal supports sticking up. Ikea cart top bin is higher but does not have supports sticking up.

    Mesh is much finer on this cart than ikea product. Both flex about equally with weight.

    The one thing i dont like about this cart is that the finish is super shiney metal and dog fur electeostatically sticks to it like crazy. Ikea cart is matt finished. This amazon cart would probably take refinishing or stickers or decoration better.

    Ikea cart seems a hair more sturdy. But for what im using it for it likely won’t be an issue. Both could hold plants, books, toys, cleaning products with ease.

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  12. Jessica

    It’s perfect for me who likes to have all my journaling/drawing stuff always close. And I am not very good to construct stuff and this was easy. Just needed to have a big grip on the basket to bring it close enough of the poles. But it took me like 20 mjn to assemble. I love it. The wheels are very nice too. Love it. Saves my living room from a mess!

    J’adore cette desserte, elle me permet d’avoir à porté de main mes crayons et mes trucs de journaling que j’utilise tout le temps. Elle était facile à monter, quoique j’ai dû forcer pour rapprocher les paniers des poteaux, car les vis semblaient trop courtes, mais non! Il fallait juste un peu de volonté. Sinon, je l’ai monté en 20 min, donc c’était pas la fin du monde. Je l’adore, les roues roulent très bien. Elle me sauve d’un désordre dans mon salon!!

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    SimpleHouseware 3-Tier Metal Kitchen Cart Utility Rolling Cart, Black
    SimpleHouseware 3-Tier Metal Kitchen Cart Utility Rolling Cart, Black

    Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $49.87.

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