Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope

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Last updated on July 11, 2024 9:55 am Details
  • Fully coated high-quality optical glass for bright, sharp images and high contrast
  • Simmons .22 Mag TruPlex Reticle Rimfire Riflescope with Ring, 3-9x32mm (Matte)
  • Fully coated high-quality optical glass for bright, sharp images and high contrast
  • Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • High-quality optical glass and fully-coated optics deliver bright, sharp images
  • HydroShield lens coating helps maintain a clear sight picture, regardless of weather conditions
  • Simmons’ SureGrip rubber surfaces for easy adusting in any shooting conditions
  • escription: 3, 9 x 32 A/O
  • Field of View (ft. @ 100 yds): 31.4/10.5

Specification: Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope

Product Dimensions

‎38.74 x 8.26 x 7.62 cm, 272.16 Grams





Batteries Included


Included Components

‎Scope^ dovetail scope rings^lens covers





Power Source


Number of Pieces


Number of Items



‎3.3 inches

Item model number



‎595 Grams


‎15.3 inches


‎3 inches

Compatible with



‎.22 Mag







Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

‎272 g

13 reviews for Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope

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  1. Jim Klemchuk

    I received my Simmons scope and mounts much sooner than scheduled. I have mounted the scope on my new Marlin 795. It was easy to sight in and I find the combo very accurate and fun to use. I am glad that I didn’t order another set of mounts as some suggested in their reviews. I can’t see why anyone should have any problems if you use common sense and do not over tighten. This is a very good scope with decent mounts.

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  2. Hotrodirene

    I purchased this scope for my Ruger 10/22. As most have noted, the rings that come with the scope are not compatible with the OEM Ruger rail so you should consider purchasing new rings if you decide to purchase this. Looking through the scope is fairly clear and crisp. The eye relief could be a little better but you can’t complain for the price of this scope. Also, you do need a screw driver to adjust the elevation or windage. It’s easy to get spoiled when your other scope are easy turn and clicks turrets. In the end what matters is performance. It only took a few adjustments to zero in the scope and I probably shot my best grouping at 25yds ever. After 100rnds it held zero. Great budget scope but make sure to get rings.

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  3. Canuck

    If you’re using it for a Marlin 795, note that the Marlin 795 dovetail is really shallow and the rings included with the scope have a bit of a hard time holding on… I had to really tighten them up to the point that I never want to unscrew the scope (yeah, that tight)… so if you want to ever shoot the Marlin 795 without this scope on it, buy a better mount.

    But if you’re like me and don’t want to spend more money than you need to on a cheap rifle you can make do with the included rings… just don’t mount it near the ends of the dovetail and screw it in tight!

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  4. Gray

    The lenses are pretty clear and crisp and magnification is pretty accurate with limited distortion. Mounted to my rugger 22 with no problems, good solid construction. I am taller and not having an adjustable parallax mean I have to push back away from the scope to shoot, which loosens my grouping. That shouldn’t be a problem for a longer rifle or smaller person. The great drawbacks for me on this scope are the elevation and windage adjustments. The dials are spongy and don’t give definitive click when you move them so you cant count clicks, hopefully they do not float after being set. Overall pretty good for the price.
    Installed an off set mount then set the scope at 75 yards with a good grouping then packed up and went home. Today I got 5 ammo types to check for best pattern. Shot my first shot and no mark, i tried all 5 ammo types including ammo scope set with. found it SIX INCHES OFF! When the pain exceeds expectations its not worth it.

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  5. NorthernDad

    It is pretty much exactly what I expected! A budget, chinese optic with an american brand name stamped on it. I’m thrilled that it mounted on our new .22 rifle with rounded dovetail – I was a bit worried.

    – It is a full size “real” scope
    – It is designed for .22s and other light kick guns with 11mm/ 3/8/ dovetail grooves
    – It does have eyepiece focus
    – The zoom adjustment knob is smooth
    – the adjustment knob caps are metal of some kind not plastic
    – the adjustment knobs are easy to work with your hands

    – The rings are garbage! For $10 you can get rings that are literally 2x as good. Loctite is a must by the looks of it (see pix)
    – The covers are not see-thru. See-thru covers seem to be the standard now.
    – No other cons so far.

    Update: we liked this one so much we bought another! We use them on our .22s, which are mostly used by our kids for hunting. These scopes are a vast improvement over the open sights and the red dot sight I had on one of them before.

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  6. C Mikles

    I got this to mount on my old Winchester Model 190.

    The scope mounted easily with the supplied rings. Be aware that it’s for a .22, so you don’t need to warp the scope body tightening the rings. I wasn’t scientific about it, but just tightened it by feel. I eyeballed the rectical to make sure it was level.

    Once on the range, it hit about a foot high at 50 yards. I moved the zero down to match and it works fine.

    A few of warnings. They don’t bother me, so I didn’t take off stars.

    1. The eye relief changes quite a bit from 3-9x. Make sure you have plenty of cheekrest left to move your head forward when cranked at 9x.

    2. The turrets have a tactile click, but it is not very noticeable. They don’t move around easily, but it’s hard to tell when you moving the dial.

    3. There is a bit of distortion around the edges of the field of view. If you can’t live with that, save up for something else.

    Overall a good product. Not fancy, but doesn’t need to be. Helped me outshoot my buddy for who’s paying for lunch. Would recommend.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Bought the black and silver 3-9×32’s. Both ring sets suck period, and the silver scope had smaller phillips screws for retaining scope wtf. The black scope machine screws with allen socket head are good, phillips are pretty pathetic. Changed rings on silver right away from a UTG scope, they are much much better option. Scope itself is great. Once sighted in at 25yds we were plinking very well out to 75yds. Wife was actually hitting 90% of 25-30yd 2″ targets, all standing shots! pretty good for beginner. We had 4×32’s on both marlin 795 and papoose, with these scopes confident plinking out to 75yds first hour.

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  8. Frank

    purchased this scope for my Henry .22 lr a few days ago–went right out and sighted her in –clear optics–easy (even with gloves on) to adjust the W/E turrets – could have had a bit louder “click” on adjustment but it was fine–went out a few days later to check the zero and it was perfect
    Hopefully, with more shooting done this summer, I’ll still be quite impresses with this inexpensive scope.
    To be fair, I wasn’t that keen on the rings that came with the scope and didn’t install them. So I used a set of UTG dovetail rings that I had laying around.

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  9. exBSAP

    What I liked: The lens and crosshair clarity, eye relief and Magnification is good.
    What I did not like: The ring quality is pretty poor but better quality ones are available at reasonable prices.
    For the price I think this is a very cost effective scope but I am only using it on a rim-fire rifle.

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  10. jon dagloria

    This is my first scope on my first rifle. I don’t really know much about the technical stats like parallax and eye relief and focus points etc. But I will tell you how this scope feels. This scope was easy to mount. The dials work nice. I couldn’t use the rings that came with it because they were 3/8ths clamps , mine was a picatinny rail. So i bought cheapo rings. The accuracy on my semi .22 wasn’t great , but that could have been many things including , cheap rings , bad shooter(me) , low quality rifle , etc. But this scope seemed hard to look through. I originally bought this scope because it had great reviews for .22 rifles and the price was good. At 50m I can see the paper target but I cannot see the holes I am putting on the paper. That is my main issue. In the future I will get a 40mm with more magnification.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Wish it was a 40 vs 32. Otherwise excellent scope, piss poor rings. Already ordered and received riorand rings. Seems anything with dual bolts is much better for holding to dovetail. Purchased the silver unit for my marlin papoose and used spare rings from another scope-200 rounds and held perfect. This scope went on 795, virtually falling of dovetail at 100 rounds, even with torgued up and medium threadlock. Rings are just not suitable-scope is!

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  12. mrtdrew

    Great for the money so far. Put it on my Lakefield Mk2 today (early savage mk2) and took about 30 shots to sight it in at 50 paces. Fired about another 60 rounds after that and it has held zero so far. Getting groups the size if a 50 cent piece at 50 yards so tree rats beware. Overall I am very pleased with the order.
    Update 200 rounds has held zero, hit a squirrel in the ear at 40 yards today.
    UPDATE exactly 1 month i have owned this scope fired under 500 rounds and tge scope is broken. You can no longer make out anything when looking through the glass. Complete piece of junk decided to break the day after the last day I was able to retyrn.

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  13. AZ

    Bought this for a Savage .22LR rifle. The included rings were NOT used. I went with Weaver aluminum rings. The scope was simple to mount, and trued up well. Initial zero at 15 yards went without issue. Confirmed zero at 70 yards (normal set-up for my .22LR rigs) showed scope did not have issues with holding zero.

    Scope is well made if not as nice as some other (far more expensive) scopes I have. It is clear, with only a slight bit of distortion at max power along the far edges of the FOV. Light transmission I would rate as ‘average’ for a scope, but very good for a scope this price. Controls are by and large ok, but I do find the turret adjust clicks to be nearly inaudible and the clicks themselves very soft. Still, if you pay attention, it is not an issue, and after having taken the rifle this scope is attached to out on several shooting cycles, it has not proven to be an issue with holding zero.

    The zoom ring was a bit tight at first, but after some break-in time, it is now smooth and a little firm (which I like) without being hard to move. Same for the focus ring.

    For the money, I would buy it again if I needed another scope for a .22LR that was earmarked for plinking and occasional varmint control.

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    Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope
    Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope


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