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Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, HOSAFE WiFi Camera Surveillance for Home Security Camera System, 2-Way Audio, Floodlight, PTZ, Motion Detection…

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Last updated on July 19, 2024 6:30 pm Details
  • 1080P WiFi PTZ Outdoor Security Camera: HOSAFE outdoor camera works with 2.4G WiFi (not supports 5G network), plug and play easily set up, Pan 355°, Tilt 90°, 4x Digital Zoom, stunning 1080P resolution offers great pictures for day and night
  • Floodlight Camera & Sound Warning: This floodlight home security camera could offer bright color picture at night when you change night vision to Color mode; when you set to Intelligent mode and turn on motion detection, the floodlight will be ON when detecting a motion, it is very convenient to have light automatically when you across the yard at night, and no thief would like to be staying in the light. You could also turn on the Audile Alarm function to launch a sound warning
  • Motion Detection Alert & Tracking: Smart video camera allows you to watch live pictures on phone, and get alert messages when detecting motions, all events will be recorded to an SD card for playback later. (insert micro sd card first, support 8G~128G, sd card not included); And if you have turned on the Intelligent Tracking function, it will track the motion subject, if the subject has left the view range, the camera will be back to the original position to monitor the important area
  • 2-Way Audio & Waterproof: Built-in high sensitive microphone and speaker, catch sound around the camera and you can also easily talk back while watch live picture, professional IP66 waterproof camera housing allows this outdoor security camera working well in any weather status
  • ONVIF Compatible and 2-Year Warranty: Standard ONVIF RTSP protocol allows this ONVIF camera working with most onvif NVR, NAS (Synology, QNAP) and software (Blue Iris, iSpy, Tinycam, IPCamviewer. etc), HOSAFE team offers 2 years warranty for this wireless security camera, quickly and easily get service with Email: support@hosafe.com

Specification: Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, HOSAFE WiFi Camera Surveillance for Home Security Camera System, 2-Way Audio, Floodlight, PTZ, Motion Detection…

Product Dimensions

10 x 6 x 5 cm, 780 Grams

Date First Available

Oct. 22 2020



Place of Business

Chino, CA 91710,US

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12 reviews for Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, HOSAFE WiFi Camera Surveillance for Home Security Camera System, 2-Way Audio, Floodlight, PTZ, Motion Detection…

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  1. insight3fl

    This is one of several Hosafe cameras I have in use at my home and business. Hosafe customer service has always been excellent and quick to respond. That said, this latest and newest camera they are offering is a good value for the price.

    The many features are very appealing, but their execution needs some development. More on that later. First, when taken out of the well packed box I was surprised that the camera is very light and made of mostly plastic (assume the UV rays of South Florida don’t deteriorate the material as some plastics in the sun) and lighter weight to install. While the large dongle of wires (mostly the RJ 45 LAN connector) that usually are protruding out the bottom of the mounting base, this wire bundle exits out of the side of the base making wire management a bit more tricky if you want to hide them and protect their connection points. With the quicker set up on these newer cameras not requiring a hard wire to the router initially, I think the RJ 45 connector could be eliminated assuming you are only going to use the wifi connection which in reality is why you buy a “wifi” camera! That would eliminate the need to drill a ½ or larger hole to run those wires. As I have with the past 3 installations, I choose to mount my cameras on an outdoor plastic electrical box to terminate the wires and ease of attachment to the building. But this time instead of a large hole in the box cover under the base of the camera, I had to route the wire into the side of the box as shown in the photo. A bit tricky to keep it weather tight with a grommet.
    Now the features: The LED light source that comes on with motion is pretty bright and a welcome addition to illuminating the subject area and obtaining full color pictures at night. There is also an audible alarm but I am not using that for a good reason… the sensitivity of motion adjustment is adjustable but even at the lowest setting in the app, it is triggered with least bit of wind movement and even insects at night. So, the light is triggered often (that is ok with me) and that alarm would be a nuisance. The same problem comes into play with the other cool feature; motion tracking of the pan and tilt mechanism. Great feature and as stated, not real quick for fast moving objects but with the ultra-sensitive motion detection, it moves much too frequently. Also the range is pretty limited so as the subject moves out of the range (about 10 meters) the camera returns “home” and the subject is now out of the picture. Again, a great feature, but a bit of a delay upon motion ending and much broader sensitivity setting would be big improvement on these new features.

    Overall, the image is very clear and adequate resolution. Night vision (without the LED light on) is very good as expected. Wifi with the dual antenna is about average for me. I am only getting 60% on an outside, side wall about 15 meters line of site (through the house). My other cameras on the front side which are about half the distance are 100% signal strength with only 1 antenna. Your results may be better as there are many variables controlling wifi strength from inside to outside.

    The other great feature and the main selling point for me is you not only can use an SD card for image and video capture, but it is also ONVIF compatible to use the many camera security monitoring programs like Blue Iris and others. I am still experimenting with camera control on Blue Iris as it is registering with “generic” camera and all the features do not seem to be accessible so far.

    Lastly, the two-way audio works well and is another great feature for an inexpensive camera like this. I would buy it again.

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  2. Louis a.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     How did they managed to built such a nice camera for this price ! This cam does every thing you would need , it works on PC , android, and IOS . Picture quality is very very good , you have control of focus, zoom , different night settings, alarms …. the features just go on and on !
    I will be ordering some more so can watch all around the house, garden , tool shed, parcel delivery….

    I included a short video to show you the picture quality

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  3. Alfredo

    I had my doubts when I selected this camera (the price does not match with what is offered). The configuration was pretty straight a lot of pictures in the instructions. The quality of the video and audio is good.


    I already ordered another camera.
    Last head up, I had problems with the audio coming from the camera to my iPhone… I checked everything in the configuration of the app and my iPhone, restart the camera couple of times until I realized I have the mute switch active, as soon as I unmute it works pretty good. Sound silly but I was thinking that the camera was defective. I strongly recommend this product.

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  4. Jason P – Canada

    This review is for the HoSafe PTZ security camera. It was easy to install and setup. Lots of great features, including alerts to phone, control and access over mobile phone networks, FTP uploading, push alerts. The Camhipro app is decent enough to control many features and control tilt/pan controls. It’s nice to know other popular apps, including PC apps can get access and control of this camera.

    1080p images look great so far, IR images also look good. When you turn on the ‘night color’ option, the camera turns on extremely bright flood lights (built-in LED’s) and it is super bright! Nice feature.

    Motion recording works very well! The only downside is that the camera is a bit bulky (large), but I’m okay with that because I want people to see it. Also, the wifi range is not the best, so I’m going to try it with a wifi extender and see if that helps. It does have an ethernet port, so if wifi connectivity is not sufficient, I will probably end up hardwiring it to the network.

    All-in-all, very satisfied with this product for the price point! I’ve seen similar PTZ cameras (nearly identical) for double and triple the price. I think the features of this security camera outweigh it’s bulkiness and is a worthwhile purchase. I’ve ordered a second one today.

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  5. DG

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Camera has a great feature to upload alarms, video and pictures to ftp site. That eliminates need to have NVR. I already have three other cameras having the same feature, but this one is the only one PZT. RTSP works as well. So the only thing I may wish is the higher resolution. But with the price one can not wish more.
    Time will tell durability in Canadian weather.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     This is my 4th HOSAFE camera. I have had good use from the first 3 and I am very impressed with the quality of the videos the new camera takes. The recommended app, coupled with the cameras PTZ functions and a 128 GB card are very impressive indeed The app takes time to learn and use, but is well worth the effort. The PTZ is great!

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  7. Karen Fraser

    Piece of crap! It is not completely wireless. It has to be plugged in to have power and not charge a battery like I was told. Therefore you can’t put it just anywhere it has to be put near a plug so that it can have power. The directions are hard to understand and follow and trying to connect it to the internet is a pain in the butt. You have to be right on top of the router to get anywhere with it. Haven’t had any luck connecting it to see if it actually works or is any good. Will probably just send it back as it’s not what I was told it would be and it far to complicated to get it going. My ring doorbell was up and GOI g in 5 minutes. This thing I’m still going on 30 minutes to try to get it working. Do not buy, it’s not worth the hassle!
    Update: 11/28/20
    I had my brother come over and see if he could get the camera working. He did but he said the directions are hard to understand and some of what it’s telling you to do is not correct. After about an hour of reading directions and trying a few things not in the instructions , he finally got it to work. The camera works well as well as the flood light and intercom. I can not give this camera 5 stars though. It should have been easier to set up out of the box. Instead it took a about a week and a half and another person with some knowledge of security cameras to get it working for me. All in all its a good camera for security. The directions need to be clearer and easy to get this camera going. Also it needs to be completely wireless if you are promoting a wireless camera.

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  8. Roadcarver

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

    -Supports ONVIF, means it will be supported in Blue Iris
    -Web access support (chrome), although I cannot get the video stream to work
    -Wired and WiFi connectivity

    -The manual does not easily indicate how to setup the camera via wired connection on a PC, it requires the app to be used to setup.
    -IP somehow when I got had a static IP, not dynaminc. Easily changed.
    -Short AC/DC cord
    -No LAN cable included
    -No easy way to update FW for security updates. It would be nice to have an OTA update.
    -No waterproofing cover for LAN connection, make sure it is in a junction box if it is used for outdoor.

    Other comments:
    -I thought this was a IP camera that would be powered by replacing an outdoor fixture and be powered by AC. It is not.
    -Plastic housing (supposed to be outdoor), not sure how well it will last in the Canadian winter and how waterproof it will be or how durable it will be when it is out in the elements. Tine will tell.

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  9. Ron Butler

    I found the camera linked with my IPhone 8 plus with no issues. So far the App has worked as expected and so far not buggy. The colour and quality seems to be working very nicely. It’s a nice looking unit and the sound and picture when talking to people over the camera is good. There is a bit of a delay with the person you are talking to, but it could also be the internet that’s slowing it down and not the unit itself as when I’m connected directly to the unit, it’s very quick.

    No issues to report at this time, as it’s fresh out of the box. I will report again after 1 month of use and 1 year of use to ensure it’s going to last for the long haul. Other camera’s if had, either have WiFi problems after a bit of a time period or the tracking camera motor will stop working. Time will tell.

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  10. Chuck

    This is a PT camera. PTZ includes “zoom”! This does not have zoom!

    This thing has DIGITAL zoom, which is not true zoom. Actual PTZ cameras have a lens and a motor that extends the lens, and a true zoom camera will give the same full resolution at all zoom levels. This thing zooms in digitally and the quality degrades as you zoom. Digital zoom is practically useless and only technically-ignorant people would ever use it. It is always better to take the picture without digital zoom because this gives you the freedom to crop any way you want.

    There are plenty of other cameras in this price range that don’t try to trick people by fraudulently claiming to be PTZ.

    If you want a camera that is what this *claims* to be, get a Sunba ptz.

    Anyway I originally had a few nice things to say about this camera too, but Amazon rejected my first review and gave a non-answer as to why, and now I don’t have the time to repeat them here. So enjoy the bad review! Maybe I’ll update it later, maybe not.

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  11. Deanna Whitten

    This is not my first Hosafe cam, for a reason. These guys make great cams, and they have great customer support. I needed a cam for my back deck but I also needed a new porch light. This jewel solved both problems.
    The cam was easy to set up, just make sure you are on the 2.4 wifi. Simple to follow the instructions and you will be up and running in about 5 minutes. I use Ispy connect to monitor my cameras at home but I have the app on my phone when away.
    The camera is very customizable see photo 4 Using the HiCam app on your phone you can find the ip address of the camera ; go to settings>Device Info and the IP will be displayed. Type that IP into IE and you have access to lots of settings see photos. They have great customer support. I have NO, and I do mean ZERO complaints about any Hosafe cam I own. They have proven to be very reliable, I have had the outdoor cam for about 4 yrs + , the indoor ptz cam for about 3yrs and even though it has taken some abuse because of being in a chicken coop it works great. I highly recommend any Hosafe produce you may be interested in. Did I mention, they have great customer support.

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  12. Ben

    This camera is quite impressive for its price. This is my first IP camera I have bought since 2008 and wow. The technology has sure quickly advanced.
    This camera has HD video and Audio. It does look very nice. The camera set up was so easy! I got confused at first, but then I read the instructional book and it put me back on track. Wifi set up was a breeze. Don’t forget to buy a microSD card for it, so you can record and store video. The auto tracking is impressive, the PTZ function is so fluid.

    Overall, very impressed. You will be too.

    Thanks HoSafe!

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    Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, HOSAFE WiFi Camera Surveillance for Home Security Camera System, 2-Way Audio, Floodlight, PTZ, Motion Detection…
    Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, HOSAFE WiFi Camera Surveillance for Home Security Camera System, 2-Way Audio, Floodlight, PTZ, Motion Detection…

    Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $59.99.

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