Rolanstar Desktop Tree Bookshelf Bookcase with Drawer, Floor Standing Tree Bookcase, Bookshelves Storage Rack for CDs/Movies/Books, Utility…

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  • 【Perfectly Fits Your Room】 The rustic tree shaped shelves for an old-time classic, with an attractive vintage appearance and functional design. Beautiful platforms that is perfect for displaying your family photos, novels, albums or other favorite collections in your living room or bedroom, to store books, files and other decorative stuff in your working office.
  • 【Space Saving & Large Capacity】 Tree Bookshelf dimensions: 23.6″H*11.8″L*”6.7″W, this bookshelf is very compact but comes with 3 open shelves and 1 bottom drawer(10.5″L*6.4″W*3.7”H). Each shelf can load up to 5-10 books and great for store books, plants…You can place all your treasures on it!
  • 【Reliable Raw & Sturdy Design】 The Rolanstar tree bookshelf is designed by raw materials, which meets the EPA TSCA Title VI and Carb Certification and a non-woven Drawer, not only provides great stability and durability, but also offers you a safe, healthy and large storage space in your home bedroom. It is perfect for accessorize, organize, and store your items while keeping them tidy and organized at living room.
  • 【15 Minutes Assemble & Easy Cleaning】 Comes with included clear and detailed instructions, numbered parts, and a L shaped allen wrench for assembly. The shelves can easily be cleaned with a wet rag.
  • 【Customer Care】 We offer premium products for you while exceeding highest industry standards and offer thoughtful and considerate customer care.

Specification: Rolanstar Desktop Tree Bookshelf Bookcase with Drawer, Floor Standing Tree Bookcase, Bookshelves Storage Rack for CDs/Movies/Books, Utility…

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13 reviews for Rolanstar Desktop Tree Bookshelf Bookcase with Drawer, Floor Standing Tree Bookcase, Bookshelves Storage Rack for CDs/Movies/Books, Utility…

3.9 out of 5
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  1. Gpskcu

    I’m not sure why the designers of this shelf decided they didn’t want to use regular screws, but they decided on an Allen key that is between sizes, so I couldn’t even use my fancy, comfortable Allen key wrench set and was stuck with the flimsy one added in the box.
    The few tiny screws needed for the assembly of the backboard were missing. Luckily, I had a few spare screws that worked well in place of the missing screws.
    The assembly itself is ridiculously easy – I didn’t even really need the instruction manual – albeit excruciatingly long and tedious. I have blisters using the flimsy tool I was stuck with.
    Overall, it’s a nice and spacious shelf. It fits my entire graphic novel collection and looks rather modern. It’s sturdy enough, even without attaching it to the wall. I will, however, never buy another one of these again, simply because of the tediously long process of putting it together.

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  2. V S

    My 14 year old assembled this. I checked the instructions, understood them perfectly fine. He asked if he could put it together and I said yes, just ask for help if you need it. Aside from not liking the Allen key after awhile, he had no issues.

    It’s a bit wobbly, but I’m not sure if my floor is completely even. With books on it it’s a bit better.

    For the price, it hold a decent amount of books, looks awesome and was simple to assemble, and arrived quickly! I’m happy with it!

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  3. C. M.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I love this bookshelf. It holds a lot of books while taking up a small footprint. I find the shelves are sturdy (won’t buckle) but it can be too heavy so definitely secure it to the wall. I did not have the problems others did while assembling it. It could be because I followed their advice. Pay close attention to the holes on the side to make sure you are attaching them in the right direction (the holes are off center and one is closer to the edge than the other. This is the side that goes towards the other shelves). I included a video of the directions for anyone who is curious before purchasing.

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  4. Yasmine de Rond

    I love it!! It is really sturdy looks nice. I am not using the things added to attach it to the wall but I might have to when I start adding more books to it.
    When I built it I was pretty confused. The instructions weren’t the best. When you build you really have to make sure that all of the hole are on the right side and you have to tightly screw in all the screw or the back won’t go on properly. Other than that I really like it. The woods seems good quayside the basket underneath it amazing!! I totally recommend!!

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  5. Jackie

    This is a beautiful bookshelf. That being said, I wanted to throw it out the window the entire 2 hours it took me to put it together. It was a test from the universe for sure lol. The instructions were so vague, literally only pictures that corresponded to stickers that were not on every piece of wood. That was really the only bummer.

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  6. Marisleidy medina

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Got my self one then for my daughter now my other kid want one to I guess I’ll get them for each room now that way no more complains.

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  7. Sandy Wright

    Love this bookshelf! Perfect for small spaces – so unique! Sturdy – comes with safely clasp that attaches to wall to prevent it from falling over. The reviews I read stated difficult to assemble. Which made me take my time and pay attention to instruction. Assembled in less than an hour. Showpiece of my ‘reading corner’. Worth every dollar spent.

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  8. Max’s Corner

    This story has a great ending:
    Giving this 4-stars because these people have no PRIDE in their work! They send these out…dust and dirt everywhere- mystery white stuff on BLACK materials (as mentioned by others), the instructions are a mess… but, I still love their product. The woodgrain is really nice, the finish is beautiful, and I love the way they look in my new home. I ordered two of these, and I’m glad I did.

    Be prepared to be frustrated with the instructions (which again, is why I’m rating them 4-stars – they have seen these reviews over and over again, but choose to neglect their customers, despite the ample feedback they have gotten – this is highly unprofessional) but overall, I recommend this bookcase, which in the end, is what it’s all about. Thank you.

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  9. Aragon

    Lorsque j’ai vue la boite, je me suis dit que ça ne pouvais pas être le bon produit. En déballant le produit, j’ai constater que la planche qui est au dos de la bibliothèque était en 2 morceaux. Ce qui ne fait pas de sens pour la solidité de la structure. Le montage est pénible, les instructions sont mal faite. C’est juste beau en photo

    When I see the box, I said to myself that it could not be the right product. When I unpacked the product, I noticed that the back plate that is on the back of the bookcase was in 2 pieces. This does not make sense for the strength of the structure. The assembly is a pain, the instructions are poorly done. It’s just beautiful in pictures

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  10. April

    If I could give zero stars I would. I went into this project knowing that it was difficult and had very poor instructions. I thought to myself, I’m smart, I should be able to do this, it shouldn’t be that bad. None of those statements turned out to be true. It was awful. The instructions have no words, just vaguely drawn pictures that don’t really pertain to anything. My first attempt ended up being a mirror image and the pieces wouldn’t fit. All right I’ll just start over, let me take out all these screws. Well, the Allen wrench stripped and I got to go to the hardware store to pick up a set. while I was there I said hey why don’t I just get some wood screws that’ll be easier to put in, the only good decision I’ve made. so I put the entire thing together correctly except one of the pieces doesn’t fit, the holes just aren’t in the right place. Come to find out after several hours of trying to put this horror show together, the holes have been drilled into the piece incorrectly. They do not match the picture. So that was a significant chunk of my weekend all so I could end up with a rickety bookcase that doesn’t hold as much as I thought it would.

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  11. Christina Cunningham

    I love the shelf as it is very sturdy and stable and looks really great when displaying your books. Fairly easy to put together but you need to watch to ensure the boards are laid in the correct direction. If not then the back holds will not like up correctly. It is well designed and manufactured. I would recommend this as a great item for smaller or narrow spaces.

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  12. Katie Nichols

    I LOVE this bookshelf. It looks great. The reviews are right, the directions given are difficult to follow.

    BUT! My advice and how I conquered it: make the bottom and back first and put them together. Then, line up all of the shelves to the holes on the back. (Not screwing them in) Assemble the shelves together while they are sitting there. Lastly attach them to the back! MUCH EASIER than trying to follow the diagram in the directions.

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  13. Frank S.

    I wish Amazon would allow negative stars, for this “bookshelf” deserves it. I bought it thinking that it would be a good space saver for my daughter’s small room. I somehow believed that if I paid $100, that I would get a quality, sturdy product. As soon as I opened the box I was disappointed to see the really cheap chipboard. Instructions were skimpy, screws, some bent, were made of such cheap material that the heads stripped when you screwed them in. The back of the structure is two separate chipboards connected with simple metal clasps. The final assembled product was so flimsy I dare not put it in my daughter’s room for safety reasons. They even supply anchors for you to tie it into your wall to prevent it from falling over, but who wants to add more holes to your wall in a rented house, for a bookshelf! These anchoring clasps were not featured in the display photo! I feel like sending this to the curb, but I doubt anyone would pick it up! It will have to go to the trash. Save your local landfill. Don’t make the same mistake I did. $100 does not get you a quality tree bookshelf. Better to make it yourself. It will probably take less time than the assembly of this curse from China, and will stand on its own!

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    Rolanstar Desktop Tree Bookshelf Bookcase with Drawer, Floor Standing Tree Bookcase, Bookshelves Storage Rack for CDs/Movies/Books, Utility…
    Rolanstar Desktop Tree Bookshelf Bookcase with Drawer, Floor Standing Tree Bookcase, Bookshelves Storage Rack for CDs/Movies/Books, Utility…


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