Public Mobile SIM Card for Unlocked Phones (GSM) on Canada’s Largest Mobile Network

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Last updated on July 13, 2024 3:25 pm Details
  • Get on Canada’s largest mobile network and enjoy the freedom of no contracts, no credit checks and no surprise bills.
  • This product includes the SIM card only. Visit the Public Mobile website to activate a plan for usage.
  • The Public Mobile Triple Punch SIM card fits most phones as it’s a Standard, Micro and Nano Prepaid SIM card all rolled into one; simply remove the SIM card in the size that fits and insert it into your phone.
  • Activate your SIM card on the Public Mobile website, select your Public Mobile plan and start saving on your phone bill.
  • Ensure you get a genuine product by only purchasing from Public Mobile.

Specification: Public Mobile SIM Card for Unlocked Phones (GSM) on Canada’s Largest Mobile Network


‎Public Mobile


‎Public Mobile

Place of Business

‎Toronto, On M4A1N6,CA

Batteries required


Parcel Dimensions

‎14.2 x 8.8 x 0.2 cm, 14 Grams

6 reviews for Public Mobile SIM Card for Unlocked Phones (GSM) on Canada’s Largest Mobile Network

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  1. Locked Out

    The Sim card here for sale at Amazon is the same SIM card you would buy anywhere but is usually cheaper here.

    I’m glad I found out about Public Mobile, a Telus company, Bell and Telus use the same cell towers and have more then Rogers, so if you are with Virgin/Koodo/Bell or Telus you will be getting basically the same LTE signal.

    I used to be on Rogers with a 5 GB plan for $65 a month with unlimited talk/text etc with a bad signal at my home, didn’t work half the time. I’m now with Public Moble with a very good signal at my home for much cheaper. The data is 3G speed which is still very good, about 3MB per second and the cell signal for talking is LTE.

    The $25 1GB a month plan or $40 5GB a month plans both with unlimited talk and picture text Canada are the best depending on what you need but they have other plans as well (and plans do change with time). If you need unlimited calling to the USA then you will need to pick the $50 plan which comes with 10.5 GB of data available at time of my review.

    It’s really easy setting up and transferring your phone number over to them online, (everything is done online, you can also join their online community to earn credits towards your bill if you like but not necessary)

    I’ve set up multiple phones with them so far from Virgin, Koodo and Rogers. When transferring your phone number over make sure you know your former account number and account holder name etc. You will need to give them your email address and create a password and a PIN number.

    It’s pretty straightforward when you’re doing it online.

    Make sure you sign up with your credit card for your monthly payments so that you get their $2 discount each month, and if you use this code 56E2E8 you will get a $10 credit towards your next month’s bill and if there’s any other sign up bonuses going on at the time you will get that bonus as well. Usually around Christmas every year they offer free bonuses as well that you add to your account as well.

    By the way You only get one chance to enter that friend referal code (56E2E8) and check off the box on the first page to get your credit etc. If you don’t enter it you will pass up any sign up bonuses and credit going on.

    If you find my review helpful at all please use the code and get your credit as well. And click the helpful button here too.

    Also for each year you are with them you get a bonus dollar off your plan each month for instance 1 year with them $1 off each month, 2 years $2 off and on etc.

    (Tell your friends to use this code 56E2E8 or link when they activate with Public Mobile.)

    Hope this helps, Take care, and Thanks

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  2. Rob

    My wife and I have been with Public Mobile for almost 2 years. We’ve been very happy with the service and the price. There are many opportunities to reduce your bill and, so far, yearly giveaways of data and long distance minutes. Due to the high probability that you would be bringing your own phone you’ll need to have some knowledge of compatibility, radio frequencies and channels to make sure that your phone is supported. No worries though; they have a compatibility tool on their website and, as of yet, I haven’t encountered a phone that doesn’t work with their service. Use referral code 4Q7M7O (that’s an O at the end, not a zero) when signing up to get a $10 credit.

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  3. Elephants Never Forget

    I was tired of paying $140 for my partner and I to have service with Bell or Rogers. So I thought I’d give this a try. I’m now paying under $50 for the two plans and I couldn’t be happier!

    When you receive this sim card, you go online to activate it, choose a plan and be up and running within an hour. You pay for each month of service in advance. And the money saved is startling! The signal is better when in stores where Bell usually gives me 0 bars. The data is 3G rather than LTE but it’s very fast 3G. I can’t tell the difference. I’m paying $22 per month for unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 1gb of data. That’s unbeatable! I’m saving $1080 per year.

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  4. Haley

    I really like Public Mobile so far. I am switching over from Rogers where I was paying $95/month for the same service (and this was on a corporate plan!) My 5gb, unlimited canada-wide talk and text is now $40. Minus $2 for autopay makes $38. You really can’t beat that. I don’t have any trouble with reception and do not notice any difference in speed.

    I’m not very techy, but I found it very easy to switch over. I ordered this SIM Card off of Amazon first. Once this came in, I filled in the online form, and put in my sim card number. My phone started working through Public Mobile immediately.

    *** If you are deciding to switch, use the code KNX4NY on the online form for a $10 credit!! 🙂

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  5. Christopher Huszar

    My first cell phone ever, and I signed up for a prepaid, no contract, paying $40/mth for 5GB data, unlimited Canada wide talk, unlimited international text, voicemail and call display and am getting great speeds. I was streaming Spotify when I ran this test and it only shows 2 bars. I assume it would be faster with the full bars and if I stopped the streaming. I was looking at the other carriers to decide who to go with and then found Public Mobile. I am glad I found them. If you want you can make use of referrals bonuses and contribute to their community support and the longer you stay with them you also pay less. You can actually work your way to $0 ZERO per month for your cell bill. The setup was so easy and I am happy with the number I got. You can also port your old number (cell or landline) to them. If you want a referral code to use to get $10 added to your account and can be used to your next bill here is mine: 05QEXN

    Update September 1, 2019: Apparently they found me out! Haha! I just tested my speed today and it is now officially 3G. Bummer! It was good while it lasted. But I’m not complaining. I am getting what I signed up for and I like it!

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  6. Customer

    Great wireless carrier. It uses Telus network so great network coverage. Great plans. You will not get maximum LTE speed possible with Public Mobile, I guess it can go up to 3 mbps download and upload speed. I don’t see any difference between this speed and maximum LTE speed, everything works fine. I have another line from Koodo and that one has full LTE speed. I don’t see any difference between koodo and Public Mobile in case of data speed. If you’re not downloading or uploading huge files over your phone ( which is very unlikely) you will not notice anything.

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    Public Mobile SIM Card for Unlocked Phones (GSM) on Canada’s Largest Mobile Network
    Public Mobile SIM Card for Unlocked Phones (GSM) on Canada’s Largest Mobile Network


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