Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap Ash (SLL-AS-3)

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Last updated on July 14, 2024 11:35 am Details
  • Durable aluminum quick-adjuster handles let you keep your camera as close to your body as you prefer
  • Wear as a sling strap, shoulder strap or neck strap; Reconfigure in seconds. Includes minimalistic anchor mount.
  • Includes minimalistic Anchor Mount.
  • 32mm (1.3in) wide seatbelt style webbing for low-profile comfort; Smooth on one side, gripped on reverse side
  • New design anchors alert you of wear and tear and are thinner so you can use in conjunction with your tripod

Specification: Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap Ash (SLL-AS-3)


‎Peak Design


‎Peak Design


‎Slide Lite V2

Product Dimensions

‎145 x 4.5 x 99 cm, 0.35 Grams

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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Item Weight

‎0.35 g

13 reviews for Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap Ash (SLL-AS-3)

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Brett Carlson

    I use this strap for an APS-C camera. I first used the Peak Design Slide Light, but then choose the Leash. Why, well our cameras have LCD screens and I was concerned that the larger buckles of the Slide Light might impact my LCD screen somewhere in my travels. The quick release mechanisms in Peak Design equipment are very well designed and useful, so I decided to try the Leash model. I went on a three hour hike with a Sony A6000 APS-C camera and the 405 gram Sigma 16mm f1.4 lens, which is not not supper heavy, but much more than a kit lens. No problem at all, and I have back issues. So unless you use a 300-600mm lens, this might be a good solution for you too.

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  2. worf

    This strap is excellent much better than the ones provided with most cameras today. The ability to adjust the strap length quickly whilst still around your neck is magic, I prefer having it over my head and across my body so camera is at my side when walking around ! This means the weight of camera and larger lens is more balanced and doesn’t then become a pain around the neck as standard straps just aren’t long enough to wear like that. However if you do want it just around your neck a quick lift of the 2 buckles and slide the strap to desired lenth in seconds, brilliant.

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  3. Doug H.

    As a relatively new photographer on a bit of a budget I tried both camera included straps and some cheap sling straps with great disappointment. After reading and hearing about Peak’s products I decided to spend a gift certificate on this strap and will never go back. The construction of this strap is second to none. The strap is thick, soft and incredibly well made with amazing comfort. the adjustment buckles are one handed operation and soooo smooth and secure. I was a bit dubious about the slide action with the whole strap sliding but was rewarded with amazingly smooth action. I will buy this again if this one ever wears out (which I doubt) but can recommend this above any cheap substitutes. Save your money and buy this strap!

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  4. Alex Shapovalov

    The quick-release buttons are great. you can quickly release and attach to the tripod.
    1. the tripod attachment is unusable, you have to unscrew it before connecting to the tripod.
    2. you have to use a wrench/key to unscrew the tripod attachment, that is a terrible design.
    3. the strap is smaller than the other model but still too large for a mirrorless camera (I have R6)

    If not for the quick-release buttons, I would not use it at all.

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  5. marpoiri

    After having bought the Slide for my telephoto lens, I decided to get the Slide Lite for my wife to replace her old strap. She loves how versatile it is as she’ll go from using a 300mm lens sling style to a smaller 50mm that she can easily fit around her neck with a couple of quick adjustments.

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  6. J Dougal

    For years I’ve detested straps. I hate the rubbing and they’ve just never been comfortable for me. I’m 6’4” and barrel chested and they never hung low enough to comfortably use as a sling.

    I already own the capture clip and wrist strap, both of which I think are great, so decided to take a punt on this strap.

    I’m glad I did. The materials and features are what I’ve come to expect from PD, and the adjustability and comfort actually make me want to use it, which is really saying something as a strap avoider.

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  7. b1ack1otus

    things I like:
    – color looks fantastic
    – easy snap on and snap off to move/change the straps length
    – non-slip material for when carrying on the shoulder seems to help a bit
    – easy snap on to take on and off

    things I do not like … just one.
    Normally, I use the strap like a sash and have my camera at the side. When I want to snap a photo, I will pull it up and then take a picture; however, depending on the length of the strap it can get in the way.

    To clarify, when you want a shorter strap, the loop that the camera creates can be big and when I pull up to take a shot, the strap will create an O shape which is annoying for me. Mind you, it may be because the strap is still new and the material is not as loose, so overtime I do think it may be better.

    Also, it may be a bit hard to image cause I can’t explain it well.

    Besides that, I am loving it. They give you 4 anchors and some stickers and goodies.
    Definitely recommended.

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  8. Stuart Waller

    I’ve used a few different straps, from the ones that came with the camera to expensive third party straps with funky designs. This strap has been the best so far. It’s comfortable, easily adjustable, easy to connect, clip on, and disconnect. The camera feels safe and secure, no concern of it slipping or falling. The straps are high quality and feel durable, will definitely last. I put a pair of the quick release on my a6300 for my walk around camera and a 5D3 for paid work, both the light mirrorless and heave dslr are just as comfortable to wear and not once have I had any concerns. Would recommend without a doubt.

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  9. Matt B

    The Park Design strap is very comfortable to wear when carrying the camera. I use it with a mirrorless camera with 24-70 and 70-200 lenses. The back of the strap has a rubber type material built in which stops the strap from slipping. The build quality of the strap is very good and I feel the strap is very secure. The quick release tabs are also a nice touch.
    I have unfortunately found 2 downsides to this strap which may be just me any may not affect you.
    1. I have reservations about thee 2 metal rings on the strap adjusters. I feel they are quite sharp and could scratch the camera. I therefore always remove the strap when putting the camera into a bag which is a little bit of an inconvenience.
    2. When the strap is attached to the main camera strap mounting pillars and you shoot in portrait orientation the strap can get in the way and feels awkward against your right hand. I don’t notice this when using heavier lenses as I attach the strap to the tripod collar on the lens rather than the camera.
    That said the strap is the best I’ve found so far and I would recommend it.

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  10. Kevin Muldoon

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Opinions of any product can change over an extended period of time, though my initial impressions of the Slide Lite are positive.

    The product is well presented and comes with 4 straps and a plate for attaching to the base of your camera if you are using it as a sling strap.

    The strap itself feels great and looks great. It’s also easy to shorten and length. The button straps are easy to attach to your camera too.

    Make no doubt about it, this is an expensive camera strap, though the versatility this offers justifies the price in my opinion. It’s going to allow me to change from using it as a sling strap to a shoulder strap in seconds and I can quickly attach my camera to a tripod too.

    Happy with the purchase.

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  11. Phil M

    I just ordered the Slide Light as a smaller and lighter option for my Sony mirrorless camera. The Slide is a great strap, but is large and sometimes a little difficult to pack in a smaller bag. The Slide-Light feels just a sturdy and able to handle an A7R3 + 24-70MM F2.8 GM lens as the Slide. Standard Peak Design quick connects for those moments you want to remove the strap when on a tripod. The SlideLite will likely be my normal go-to strap unless I’m planning on having the camera around my neck all day as the narrower band is slightly less comfortable for multiple-hour use.

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  12. Joe :)

    Used to love peak design products. Yes, they are on the pricey side however you get what you pay for. I don’t know if this is Amazon fault, or peak design thinks it’s acceptable to send someone a package that already looks like it’s been opened. Grubby marks everywhere, loads of damage to the packaging outside. For a ‘premium’ product I don’t think this is acceptable. As this was in a box with other items that are fine I don’t think this is transit damage, so someone actively chose to send me this package. Within our current COVID-19 pandemic, I really hope they haven’t sent me an already opened product. And for a company (peak design) known for its high-quality products, this has made me rethink my future purchasing choices.

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  13. Oneal S

    So, I know this is a picky thing and I do hope my review does not get “not approved” due to it sounding like it’s a bad review. I am still giving it 4 stars due to the fact the product, the quick release anchors are a great system.
    And I do know that the change to the anchor thread is due to a safety concern which is great but I liked the previous version anchors I got in an order in 2018 due to the fact they fit on the eyelets of the camera without a split ring.
    You can get them on the eyelets with some effort but they’re stiff and look odd. So, you’re stuck using split rings and the clattering that they cause. It’s a little issue but still something to consider.
    If you can look past that, the product is great! Nice color, functionality my wife even likes using it which she did not enjoy my blackrapid setup due to the extra steps to have the camera in place and not having a simple neck strap option.

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    Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap Ash (SLL-AS-3)
    Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap Ash (SLL-AS-3)


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