Panasonic Portable Radio AM/FM AC/DC, Silver (RF-2400D)

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Last updated on July 11, 2024 5:34 pm Details
  • AC 120-V and DC AA Battery: DC 6-volt AA battery power for on the go listening to music, sports, weather, and emergency broadcasts. (4 AA Batteries)
  • Large Tuner Display: Station display and tuner dial are large for easy tuning; FM / AM separate dial scale and large band indicator with tuning LED
  • Large Speaker: Dynamic 10 cm speaker & 10 cm ferrite bar antenna for high quality sound
  • Dimensions: W x H x D Approx. 9 1/4 x 4 3/4 x 3 1/4 inch
  • Big radio dial panel for easy tuning (fm/am separate dial scale and large band indicator with tuning led)
  • Dynamic 10cm speaker and 10cm ferrite bar antenna for good sound
  • Ac/dc operation
  • Easy-to-tune cylinder type tuning knob
  • Earphone jack

Specification: Panasonic Portable Radio AM/FM AC/DC, Silver (RF-2400D)



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13 reviews for Panasonic Portable Radio AM/FM AC/DC, Silver (RF-2400D)

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  1. Ag

    DO NOT BUY. Bought this to use daily for background noise for the dogs when we’re not home, worked well for a few years but not it isn’t even usable. The volume control is completely shot goes from quiet to loud to nothing. This radio has not been put through anything just sitting on a shelf, this is inexcusable. Save your money, Panasonic radios are not built like they used to be. I have a Panasonic radio in the garage that’s nearly 40 yrs old and works amazing, this one is garbage.

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  2. James Ma

    We wanted a radio that would get good reception in the living room where two other radios, (the radio in our cheap all-in-one stereo, and a portable radio I purchased and later returned to a local merchant), weren’t able to. Thankfully this radio works there without an issue. I was beginning to wonder if I could get a simple radio that worked.

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  3. Mr. Howell

    Bought this for my 96 year-old mother. It has been the only radio she has had in the last 10 years that actually gets good AM reception, even in the daytime! Good FM reception too, even in her metal-clad mobile home. We live in a very rural area, with a few strong local stations and the rest far away, and this radio has no problem with overlap, and pulls in many stations that past radios couldn’t.
    Sound quality is very nice- equal to an $80 radio that she had tried a while back. In fact, overall, this radio is superior to that $80 radio in many ways- especially in reception- and it is very easy to use- even for a 96 year-old. This is the radio my mother had been wanting for a long time, but which we didn’t know existed until now! We’ve tried so many others, and they were all pretty much junk, regardless of their price. This is the one that stands out, and I am SO glad to have found it so that my mother can enjoy listening to the radio again!

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  4. Fraulein

    I am very pleased with this radio. At the beginning, I was expecting it to sound like some kind of tin can. But no! the sound is rich and polished, like you would ear from a very high quality sophisticated sound system. The body of the radio also feel like it is well built. Of course this is made by Panasonic. Panasonic makes very high quality electronic equipment. Every Panasonic electronic devices I have are all working above what I first expected.

    Also the dialing device is straight forward to use, like the radio of yesteryear. But this is a modern device, I am able to perfectly tune in some radio stations I can hardly get without tons of statics on the much more expensive radio in my car. My radio is used in the dining room for background music. I raise dogs and I leave the radio ON 24/7 with very good classical music. This way my dogs can relax on nice and quiet music. The radio has been working non stop since I got it more than 2 months ago.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Purchased for an elderly family member as a ‘companion’ during the day. Being almost blind, TV is out of the question not to mention his difficulty understanding and manipulating the remote control. The radio has a good sound, reception is rather surprising as he lives in the country some distance from broadcasting towers, and most important manipulation is easy for him because it’s not different from the radios of yesteryears (ON/OFF, Volume and an analog tuning Dial) He will be 97 in May of 2017. He loves his radio!

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    Only issue I have is the headset out put is mono; I tried to hook it up to a speaker amplifier, no go. Just a minor issue. Speaker out put is great. I’d buy again if the Zombies do not get me.

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  7. Mindme

    For those who want an old transistor radio style radio for their kitchen to catch the news in the morning and don’t want a device with yet another clock that needs changing, this is a great choice. I bought it for my parents for Christmas. They’re out in the county and they’re not exactly getting 50,000 watts of broadcast power from any station. Still, the radio gets good reception.

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  8. Jenn Ryan

    I bought this for my grandmother who just wanted a “regular AM/FM radio”. Sounds great. The dial is easy to see and the knob is nice and big for easy tuning. Takes batteries or plugs in so it’s great for using during power outages.

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  9. C. Souders

    I bought this to replace a very old quite similar to this one. I liked the fact that I could use electric or batteries which I haven’t had to use yet but liked the option to do so in case of power outages. I’m quite impressed with the sound. It also brings in a lot of stations. Was not disappointed.

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  10. Gerry X

    The reception of both FM and AM radio station signals is excellent and stable. The tuner is analog (rather than digital) so one needs to rotate the tuning knob back and forth to get the closest tuning frequency to a station. The speaker sound quality is amazing. One more advantage: the radio works perfectly with four AA size 1.2 NiMh rechargeable batteries.

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  11. Darroch2

    Bought this radio some time ago because it had good reviews and had a nice size speaker.
    Issues I have with it are its mediocre AM reception and, more notably, its poor volume control which seems to go from very quiet to loud with no intermediate range.

    FM reception is relatively good.

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  12. KRH

    The sound quality on this radio is excellent. I purchased it to keep my bird company when I’m not in the room. It’s so easy to find a station with this radio as it has a red light that lights up wherever you reach a clear station. I also love that it has an adapter so the option is there to use batteries or the cord. It’s everything I was looking for and more.

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  13. Phillip Ross

    This is exactly what the doctor ordered. We had a crappy radio which would not pull in our local PBS station without static and fading and all we wanted was to have a simple little hi-fidelity radio for the kitchen. The radio arrived on time and without incident. We anxiously plugged it in and presto. Our favorite station comes in loud and clear and never falters. What a difference this makes. The bonus is that the sound itself is full and good, and it looks great and doesn’t take up much space. It seems very well made and sturdy. We are completely satisfied with our purchase.

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    Panasonic Portable Radio AM/FM AC/DC, Silver (RF-2400D)
    Panasonic Portable Radio AM/FM AC/DC, Silver (RF-2400D)


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