OnePlus Nord N10 5G (128GB, 6GB) 6.49″, 90Hz Refresh Rate, Snapdragon 690, Dual SIM (Euro 5G /Global 4G LTE) GSM Unlocked International Model…

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Last updated on July 8, 2024 12:04 am Details
  • 6.49 inches, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 1080×2400 (FHD+), 405 PPI, 4300mAh Battery, Bluetooth 5.1, Dual SIM
  • OM: 128GB, RAM: 6GB, Qualcomm Snapdragon 690, Octa-core, Adreno 619L, OxygenOS based on Android 10
  • Rear Camera: 64MP (f/1.8, wide) + 8MP (f/2.3, ultrawide) + 2MP (f/2.4, depth) + 2MP (f/2.4, macro), Front Camera: 16 MP, f/2.1
  • 5G (For EURO ONLY): n1,3,7,28,41,66,78, 4G LTE : B1,2,3,4,5,7,8,12,17,20,28,B38,39,40,41,66, 3G HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100, 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
  • nternational Model, Does not have US Warranty. Euro 5G, Global 4G LTE. Will work with Most GSM SIM cards in the U.S. and the world Including AT&T, T-Mobile, Etc. Will NOT work with CDMA Carriers Such as Verizon

Specification: OnePlus Nord N10 5G (128GB, 6GB) 6.49″, 90Hz Refresh Rate, Snapdragon 690, Dual SIM (Euro 5G /Global 4G LTE) GSM Unlocked International Model…



Batteries included


Manufacturer reference


Form Factor


Connector Type


Cellular Technology

‎5G, 4G, 3G, 2G

Battery Power Rating

‎4300 Milliamp Hours

Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Ion

Batteries required


Standing screen display size

‎6 Inches



Scanner Resolution

‎1080 x 2400


‎Android 10.0

Digital Storage Capacity

‎128 GB

Flash Memory Installed Size


Memory storage capacity

‎6 GB


‎6 GB

Part Number


Place of Business

‎Irving, Texas 75039,US

Parcel Dimensions

‎22.3 x 9.7 x 7.4 cm, 500 Grams

10 reviews for OnePlus Nord N10 5G (128GB, 6GB) 6.49″, 90Hz Refresh Rate, Snapdragon 690, Dual SIM (Euro 5G /Global 4G LTE) GSM Unlocked International Model…

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    This is going to be long but worth the reading. I was looking for a good phone with dual sim that works internationally. This is the one. It is super fast with oxygen OS11 and android 11 + snapdragon 690. Works great on T-Mobil. Although it says the 5g is for Europe only, it picks up T-Mobile 5g wherever available. Note, and this is not explained anywhere, the BE2029 is the international model with dual nano sims. The BE2026 is the American model with only one sim. I had to call T-Mobile to explain this to me and assure me the international version works well with T-Mobil and it does.

    Battery life is excellent even when using hot spot or navigation and it warns you when an app is draining the battery and gives you the option to shut is off. With regular use I experience almost entire 2 days of battery life, even then, it has never run below 28% and I recharge only due to habit and fear and frankly because I don’t have patience to wait. I believe this version also works with Verizon although I have not tried it.

    Display is crisp and clear. Outside display in intense daylight is still good and readable. Camera is almost at par with iphone 12 and Samsung S2021, the difference is not noticeable, unless you are a professional photographer. Low light photo is great. I never used the finger print or eye recognition because that’s just too much personal info.

    Overall this is a good low cost alternative to a high priced iphone or Samsung 5g with the added multiple bands for international use. I love and recommend it. I will buy another for my spouse as soon as I can confirm it works with Verizon and 4G LTE rare band 28(700) used by Globacom Mobile internationally.

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  2. Farhaud

    The charging block is for non american market, since the phone being sold in north America, the choice of charging block should be given, or arrange to exchange, in my case the supplier refuse to offer me, a north american version

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  3. Skyler

    I was liking the phone, however it is unable to receive data via MMS if you are on the Telus Network. The APN Settings are greyed out and you are unable to add a new APN. You will be stuck in a back and forth between Telus and OnePlus.

    Reading several forums the consensus is that OnePlus developers need to update how the phone works with Telus. Do not buy this phone.

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  4. Olivier

    Correspond à toute la description ainsi qu’à mes attentes, néanmoins léger problème de surchauffe en usage intensif.
    Et le mode économie d’énergie n’est pas réglable afin de prioriser ou conserver les fonctionnalités souhaitées.
    Il coupe selon les réglages constructeur.
    Seul petit bémol.

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  5. B A

    It’s not a flagship phone by any means. HOWEVER it does everything I needed. Since 2017 my daily devices were OnePlus 5 and 5t. After using iPhone and then Samsung Galaxy. I like OnePlus because it has no bloatware. Comparing this to the 5 and 5t, the battery is amazing (1-1.5 days with moderate use), the processor isn’t as fast, however it keeps up well. I was worried it wouldn’t for what I need the phone for but that wasn’t an issue as I put it through the test of what I need and more (Web, email, basic video editing, multi tasking and Minecraft with the kiddo) It keeps up well.

    This one is plastic rather than metal, but with a spigen case, I don’t have any concerns. I have dropped my previous phones without issue and this one already within the month I had it and no problems.

    Concerns are: only 1 guaranteed update from OnePlus for this phone. Not too concerned because if this phone lasts beyond 2-3 years, it owes me nothing. We still use the 5 and 5t and they are still as fast as ever. I’m anticipating that as apps develop further, what is needed for the OS is going to need updates. Again, not concerned.

    Last thoughts: I also purchase OnePlus because it supports dual SIM. Great for traveling or if you have 2 lines for business and personal. After I purchased from Swifttronics on Amazon, I saw OnePlus had the N10 on for a deal with accessories. The OnePlus website is misleading – it doesn’t support dual sim, only sim and micro sd. For the $50 difference in what I would have got in bonuses from OnePlus, it wasn’t worth having a second phone altogether, I’d rather have 2 sims in one phone. OnePlus return was a bit dis-jointed. I was speaking to somebody in India regarding a return of an item from California that was sent to Canada. When I received the email, it stated I wanted the phone repaired. After spending more time on the phone, I finally was able to clarify that I wanted a return. It took up about 2 hours of my time in total. If I choose to stick with OnePlus on my next device, I’ll likely go through Swifttronics on Amazon than OnePlus.

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  6. MariB

    When Oneplus Nord N10 arrived on the box is said it doesn’t work with Telus. Of courses my husband was very upset. Regardless, we opened the box. With Android 10 and blue tooth on and follow the instruction on Google both mobiles it was an easy transfer of all apps, contacts etc from an old Samsung mobile wirelessly! Fantastic mobile so far. He misses the bottom bar of “Home, Return, Recent” and desk top. Of courses, it will take time to get used to the new Android system and a way of using apps.

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  7. Romane

    Très bon produit. Je ne l’ai reçu qu’hier mais je n’ai rien à redire.
    Rapide, grande capacité de stockage.

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  8. kyle

    Let me preface this review by saying that I have generally owned midrange phones; I moved over from a Pixel 2 to this phone about 6 months ago.

    Overall, I would not buy this phone again, nor would I recommend it.

    – Design –

    The phone has a simple design and made mostly of plastic. The screen is fine, perhaps a bit too dim for bright outdoor settings. I have not had any issues with accident drops having any damage. The fingerprint reader is something I used all the time on my Pixel 2, but on this phone it’s a bit too inconsistent and laggy, so I don’t use it. The volume buttons are placed directly opposite the screen lock button, which has led to many accidental screenshots.

    – Software –

    It is really hard to go from Google android to anyone else’s android. But otherwise, it comes with a fairly standard package and not much bloatware. The keyboard is a bit oddly sized or something; I find myself constantly hitting the buttons below the keyboard while typing, exiting the app I’m typing in.

    – Performance –

    After just 6 months, the phone is running noticeably slower. It can take seconds (an eternity for a phone) to switch between apps that are already open, and the keyboard sometimes stops for a few seconds before logging my flurry of keystrokes. The camera takes a long time to load too.

    – Camera –

    This camera is not good. Only expect still photos of still subjects in good lighting to turn out okay. Some grainy-ness in even the most ideal situations. Forget even thinking about low-light situations. I will literally put down this phone to go find my wife’s phone when I want a picture.

    – Battery –

    So far, this is the lone redeeming feature of this phone. I have all-day battery with heavy use (no gaming).

    In summary, even though this looks like a nice budget phone, I would encourage you to look elsewhere. Either shop around, or spend a bit more money for a better one.

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  9. MiamiOne

    I purchased a Moto G 5G from Amazon about a month ago, to replace a phone with a cracked screen. Even though I put a case on the phone immediately, outside, not paying attention, I dropped it. Yes, you guessed I cracked the screen (although you can hardly tell). Worse suddenly, the phone would activate google assistant constantly without any initiation from me. It would even respond to pieces of conversation it heard. Weird, right! So with Consumer Report blessing recommendation, I decided to try this Oneplus Nord N10 Dual Sim phone, because I was sure it would work on TMobile, just like the Moto G 5G.

    Setup-Just like the previous Moto, was quick and easy. I actually prefer the fingerprint sensor on the back. It has a brighter screen than the Moto G 5G and when comparing them, the performance is pretty much the same, with the 90ms or mhz refresh rate.

    All of the apps perform on it as expected and the interface is not crowded with any significant junk apps. Downloading with my faster internet connection, is really easy and faster. You can tell the processor is in the same league as the Moto G 5G, which is very good for the price. In general, CR was right, this is a very good phone for the money. Since it is also a dual sim phone (you have to displace the SD card, to add the 2nd sim in the cradle), that makes it great for international travel, whenever we finally get back to that.

    I’ve loaded my favorite apps on it and it barely touches the 128gb of ROM. Although I also have a 256gb sd card for my music and photos (photography is a hobby of mine). I tried to launch Android Auto and it wouldn’t hold the connection. So I replaced the cable (bad cables don’t work well with Android Auto) and it works fine.

    Wifi- This phone have dual band wi-fi, so it picks up the speed of my internet carrier (about 100mb download) without any problem. Note- The Moto G 5G also had dual band wi-fi. My older Moto Power phone only had single band capabilities.

    UPFRONT- Let me make this clear. Like the ‘International’ phones that I’ve had before- Moto G Power 7 and 8, Moto G 5g, and now this Oneplus Nord N10. These phones do NOT work on CDMA networks, even though I do see that in the product description (GSM/CDMA). So if you have a network like Verizon or Sprint, if you want to 5G phone that works with those companies, make sure it is an American version that is ‘definitely’ CDMA compatible.

    My only issue is the battery, which is important to me, because my previous Moto G Power phones would easily last three days, before having to get on a charger. CR said the phone had one of its best battery longevity times. I think, not!

    This phone like, the Moto G 5G, before it, is pretty much dead before the end of the day. But it will at least last a day. That is the only disappointment I have with this phone or the Moto G 5G. Both are excellent, low priced 5G compatible phones, that seem to work well on the Tmobile network.

    Am I getting super lightning speed downloads like the carriers show on their commercials? NO! That is all marketing hype. I retired from a cellular provider, so I know the truth. 5G, has a ‘shorter’ range than 4G. Those speeds are only achievable under the most idea circumstances. BUT, the phone does achieve higher data speeds than the phones I had that only worked on 4G.

    I recommend this Oneplus Nord N10, and the similar Moto G 5G, as excellent phones to get you a faster processor, snappier app responses and a little faster download speeds, for under $300. Nord has the edge of a slightly brighter screen. Make sure you have a case to protect it.

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  10. Esra

    for videocalls and any other usage of front camera is very very disappointing. I wouldn’t have imagined such low-quality in contemporary phones.

    screen brightness is not enough outdoors on a bright day either.

    in contrast to this, all other features seem as desired: because for this phone the most important features that distinguishes it from all else are that it’s bloatware-free, and has microSD and headphone jack, in personal opinion.

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    OnePlus Nord N10 5G (128GB, 6GB) 6.49″, 90Hz Refresh Rate, Snapdragon 690, Dual SIM (Euro 5G /Global 4G LTE) GSM Unlocked International Model…
    OnePlus Nord N10 5G (128GB, 6GB) 6.49″, 90Hz Refresh Rate, Snapdragon 690, Dual SIM (Euro 5G /Global 4G LTE) GSM Unlocked International Model…
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