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MP3 Player, RUIZU X02 Ultra Slim Digital Music Player, Long Battery Life MP3 Player with FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Video Play, Text Reading, 80…

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Last updated on July 7, 2024 2:46 pm Details
  • [Multi-Function]: RUIZU MP3 player with functions including Music playing, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Video (128*160 AMV video only), E-book (TXT file only), Picture browse etc. A nice player for sporting, traveling, or jogging. It is also good for language learning, E-book reading, or FM radio playing etc.
  • [Long Battery Life]: Built-in Lithium ion polymer 420mAh battery. Up to 80 hours playback, fully charged within 2-3 hours by USB charging cable. Enjoy your wonderful musical journey with High Quality Headphones. Charging Cable and High Quality Headphones are included.
  • [Strong Memory Capacity]: Built-in 8GB Memories, up to 2000 musics can be stored, support up to 128 GB expandable Micro SD card. Save any files on RUIZU MP3 Player as a portable Flash Driver. Support Multiple Audio Formats, including MP3, WMA, APE, WAV, FLAC.
  • [Fashion Design Easy To Use]: RUIZU Music Player designed with Classic buttons, great music player for kids, palm size and light weight, easy to put into your wallet, pocket, or armband. Excellent gift for you friends.
  • [12 Month Warranty]: 24 Hours online and 100% Satisfaction of Customer Service. If you get any product problems. Please contact Tihoosky directly, you’ll get a quick response and satisfactory reply

Specification: MP3 Player, RUIZU X02 Ultra Slim Digital Music Player, Long Battery Life MP3 Player with FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Video Play, Text Reading, 80…



Battery Average Life

‎80 Hours

Item model number


Remote control included


Includes Rechargable Battery


Contains Liquid Contents


Memory card slot

‎Micro SD

Supported Standards


Connector Type

‎Aux, USB

Total Usb Ports


Wireless Standard


Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Polymer

Batteries required


Batteries included


Charging Time

‎3 Hours

Power source type

‎Battery Powered



Supported Audio Format


Digital audio capacity


Color Screen


Display Type


Standing screen display size

‎1.8 Inches

Display Technology


Special features

‎Reproductor mp3, mp3 player for kids, mp3 player fm transmitters, mp3 recorder, Usb mp3 player, walkman mp3 player, portable mp3 player, MP3 Player with FM Radio, kids mp3 player, mp3 music player


‎All Windows Server Versions 2000

Digital Storage Capacity

‎8 GB

Memory storage capacity

‎8 GB

Part Number


Model Name




Place of Business

‎Shenzhen, Guangdong 518103,CN

Product Dimensions

‎9 x 3.7 x 0.78 cm, 30 Grams

13 reviews for MP3 Player, RUIZU X02 Ultra Slim Digital Music Player, Long Battery Life MP3 Player with FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Video Play, Text Reading, 80…

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  1. Client d’Amazon

    Je suis vraiment satisfaite de ce produit , il est très petit , facile à mettre dans une poche et faire de la marche ou autre .
    pour la moment la batterie est correcte , il semble malgré sa petite grosseur fait pour durer , cela appartient à chacun
    d’en prendre soin. Service rapide , courtois .Merci , bonne journée à tous.

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  2. R Swipe

    I can’t abide touch screen operated mp3 players so when my expensive Sony’s battery started to run out of puff and unforgiveably the battery cannot be replaced (Shame on you, Sony!) I decided to buy a cheaper unit so that when it died I wouldn’t feel so bad about putting it in the drawer with my other defunct tech. Couldn’t find anything that wasn’t made in China so reluctantly added to their money pile. Unit arrived promptly and I was relieved to see it had an instruction manual so that I thought I could sit down with a cuppa and gradually get used to the operation of my new purchase. Anyhow, the instructions seemed fairly straightforward and so I loaded my albums in folders onto machine, plus I inserted my 128Gb micro card and that was recognised and it all looked hunky-dory. I have all my files numbered within the album folders so that they play in sequence because sometimes they are segued and flow into one another, also I like to hear them in the way they were originally sequenced. I’m not a fan of the shuffle function because bands agonise over the order of the tracks and that’s the way I like it too, so imagine my annoyance when not only were the albums put in some random order and not alphabetically making it difficult to find individual LPs but also the tracks were all over the place too. Unless I’m missing a function in the menu which would rectify this, I don’t know, but it sure is a pain. Guess I’m going to start looking for an alternative because that is really a bit of a deal-breaker for me

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  3. Stephens

    I bought this MP3 player as a Christmas gift for my 7 year old daughter. I wanted a cheap player (in case she broke it or lost it) that was easy to use. It is incredibly easy to put music and photos onto – copy & paste or sync with Windows Media Player. My daughter uses it and can maneuver through the home screen by herself because it is picture based (like apps). The sound quality is good, the volume is easily adjusted. My only tip for buyers is: Use a new micro sd card or reformat one you already have. We used one that we had on hand and could not put music on it until we realized it needed reformatting. Overall, I would buy this again if needed. A highly recommended product!

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  4. Mark Lanthier

    The Ruizu music player has been a great unit. Easy to navigate menus, charges quickly from computer and other devices with USB Jacks. Charge lasts for quite a while. It won’t leave you without music on a long bus ride. Has it’s own memory of 8 gig and as well accepts an SD card to add more storage. I have a 32 gig sd card which works well with it. FM reception is very good of all local stations and it has ability to record from FM broadcast, giving some options to choose bit rate.

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  5. Tina

    I like to listen to music while traveling or jogging, I used to listen music by my smart phone,but it is too heavy and the size is too big,moreover the power run out very quickly. So I decided to buy a small music player instead, I had a few requirements for the music player.
    -Support long time playing
    -Built-in memory and support expandable storage (DS card support)
    -Small size easy to take
    -Cheaper price

    When I began looking I realized that there have so many mp3 players display on Amazon pages, All of them the functions were similar but in different style,and some of them the price is very outrageous.When I finally came across this music player I was excited because it could do everything I was looking for and more, also the price is very reasonable.

    I was surprised that the delivery was fast and package was awesome. The included accessories were: Earphone ; Charge/Data cable; Manual

    I really like this music player, after I fully charged for the device I can playing music for a very long time, also it is super easy to use, there have 9 icon on the main menu, you just click the Up/down button or Right/Left button to select each functions you like. To load music, videos, or any other files it supports also very easy,I plug the player into the USB of my computer with the micro SD already in it. Doing this loads up the internal storage in Windows on its own drive letter and then the SD card in another drive letter. This makes it super easy to drag and drop your files over to either location. The e-book, recording, and FM radio worked fine,

    Till now the device work really nice , I like it.

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    Back button is too confusing, every button works as 2 button . Mostly album picture is not coming for every song , over-all music quality Is superb,vedio quality is also good. It comes with 2 songs ,1 vedio,2 photos.

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  7. rakeshbose

    Yea, best for money, but no bass effect and bluetooth. Yea we can play it for some time … Till now no issue with battery backup. Value for money but not for those who love Bass boosted music.

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  8. Irshad Ilyas

    This item is exactly what I wanted and I am very pleased with it.

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  9. T-Dot Tina

    So far so good. Had this thing for a month. I only use it for running, so I can’t really comment on much for the battery life and so on. For my useat it’s bang on. Light, easy to use and has a SD card slot. Much better Tha the old school mp3 players. I’ve been very satisfied with the product.

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  10. gemguy

    I love this thing. It doesn’t change my file folders like so many do. The files show up just as they are put in.
    I can’t believe the quality and price. I hope you sell millions of these. THANKS.

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  11. Mom of 3

    I bought this for my 12 year old son because i want him to be able to listen to music but i didn’t want to buy him a smartphone. Because it’s only function is to play music, the battery life is really long. He can go 3 days or more without charging it. He also likes the radio function.

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  12. Doitwithintetest

    I loved my RuiZu MP3 player, bought it for my husband who is not a tech person and it was easy for him to use, had an issue but the RUIZU customer service is second to none and they were extremly helpful with their service, I would buy another product from RUIZU

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  13. Reuben

    [UPDATE: The EQ off is actually a pre-out, a line level signal and thus has no punch for music when connected directly. Attaching an amp with EQ off makes this a splendid player. The internal DAC is superior to the onboard sound of PCs. This player just lacks a proper internal amp. When EQ is turned on, the weak internal amp turns on and it is OK for voice based files, still lacks enough power for good music experience.

    I connected this player with EQ off to the line in of my PC (thus using the inbuilt PC amp) and was surprised the same files sounded better through the player than the PC’s own sound. Hence the internal DAC is superior IMO to the onboard Realtek DAC (and I’m sure most smartphone DACs). I connected the player with EQ off to the computer speakers (has built in amp) and it sounded better than both the PC connected to speakers as well as smartphones connected to speakers. Hence the reason why this player sounds thin and less enjoyable via headphones compared to smartphones or MP3 players is the internal amp. YOU THUS NEED AN EXTERNAL AMP to get the best out of this player and use EQ off for best results. My original review was written when I couldn’t understand the weird nature of this player. I’ve gotten better results with the Topping NX1s amp (instead of Brainwavz Ap001) using bassy headphones with its bassboost off OR bass light headphones with its bassboost on. Original review is below].

    This is the weirdest music player I’ve ever heard. At first, I felt like throwing it in the bin, utter waste of money. Even a basic feature phone will give much better sound for music at this price. But then I gave it a chance and want to warn others what to expect. I’m loving it at the moment but it might be garbage for you.

    If you just play music straight off, and compare it to any decent phone or mp3 player, it will be way too bright, way too much treble, tiny bass (no sub bass) and harsh on the ears. If you have a warm bassy headphone, it will be somewhat okayish to not go crazy but with an analytical flat earphone, you will want to destroy the player, it is painful to listen.

    Yes that’s how bad I felt about it. But then I found the EQ. Oh boy, the EQ on custom with all flat and EQ off are totally different. EQ saves this device. But still you need to play around with the sliders to get somewhat enjoyable sound as even with EQ, the bass is light, the music is thin (lacks body), it lacks power but can go loud but so much better that with EQ off (it’s a crime to leave it off). In EQ mode, this thing is pretty decent for vocals and podcasts. The DAC in this device is actually pretty nice. There are lots of details, a good soundstage, excellent instrument seperation and the bass/mids/treble never veils or interferes with each other. I believe they screwed the amp section or the amp used internally is horribly weak and does not amplify the bass frequencies especially sub bass well. Mids and highs are nice with the EQ set to your liking.

    Before I gave up on this device for general music pleasure, I happended to see my old Brainwavz Ap001 portable amp and my Fiio cable lying around unused. It’s a very warm bassy amp that I hardly use. I connected the player to it via the fiio cable. And oh boy, played around with the EQ to make the sound proper to my ears and voila, it works very very well. I can now enjoy music on this device. YOU NEED AN AMP to make this shine as the internal amp is just to weak. I guess putting a nice DAC at this price point would involve cutting out on something else. I cannot recommend this potentially nice player to anyone without a portable headphone amp and without meddling with the EQ, both are needed to make it work. Now I have my money’s worth but it would have been a different story if I had no amp with me.

    The battery life looks good and playlist management is possible via separating music in folders (easy drag and drop for folder play) or via a bit of a geeky approach on the computer which can be found online involving creation of .m3u files from your favourite PC media player and then editing it in a text editor to make it work. Navigation is fine once you get used to it. The screen is like an old feature phone, nothing great but quite irrelevant since it’s never going to be looked at for long. All in all I’m a satisfied customer but I can easily see why some curse this player and some praise it like it’s the best cheap bucks spent.

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    MP3 Player, RUIZU X02 Ultra Slim Digital Music Player, Long Battery Life MP3 Player with FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Video Play, Text Reading, 80…
    MP3 Player, RUIZU X02 Ultra Slim Digital Music Player, Long Battery Life MP3 Player with FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Video Play, Text Reading, 80…

    Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $35.99.

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