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Monster Bluetooth Speaker, Superstar S310 Portable Bluetooth Speakers. 20W True Wireless Stereo Pairing Deliver Dynamic Sound,Waterproof Speaker,…

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Last updated on July 19, 2024 2:05 pm Details
  • Pure Monster Sound: The Monster S310 Bluetooth speaker is designed and engineered by Noel Lee and the Monster Design Team in the USA. From 40 years of sound engineering fine-tuned to deliver the most impactful music experience possible. Dynamics with substantial deep bass punch, clarity and details revealed, and no distortion at any level.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: 20W True Wireless Stereo Pairing-connect two 20W Monster S310 speakers together through a single device to create independent left and right channels with 40W audio performance. 360° stereo sound effect, truly enjoy the surround sound of the cinema, a truly unparalleled listening experience.
  • Speaker:Long battery life-With the top-of-the-line rechargeable li-ion battery,listen to up 24 hours of continuous music playback at the appropriate volume,so that music can be played non-stop from day to night.Let your work and study no longer be boring.
  • Effortless Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 provides faster Bluetooth connection and greater wireless range; The Monster S310 portable Bluetooth speaker can be paired wirelessly to virtually any Bluetooth equipped device. It remembers your last device, allowing an effortless reconnect.
  • Waterproof Speaker: The Monster waterproof Bluetooth speaker is resistant to splash, rain, gentle spray, therefore is applicable in shower room,by the pool or beach,or even rainy riding. Don’t worry about weather and outdoor conditions. Become a rock music in your journey, A lifetime Monster Customer Service makes your purchase absolutely risk-free. Any questions please feel free to contact us, we will provide a premium service within 24 hours.

Specification: Monster Bluetooth Speaker, Superstar S310 Portable Bluetooth Speakers. 20W True Wireless Stereo Pairing Deliver Dynamic Sound,Waterproof Speaker,…


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

7.62 x 7.62 x 16.51 cm, 453.59 Grams

Date First Available

Oct. 23 2019



Place of Business

Brisbane, CA 94005, US

Item model number


10 reviews for Monster Bluetooth Speaker, Superstar S310 Portable Bluetooth Speakers. 20W True Wireless Stereo Pairing Deliver Dynamic Sound,Waterproof Speaker,…

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  1. April

    I bought two of the S310s for the stereo connectivity, which as it turns out is a real pain to setup. They’re light weight compared to a JBL Flip4, but the sound isnt there. Theyre quiet by comparison and have almost no bass. They crackle at high volume too, which sucks.

    Worse than that;

    The charge times are stupid. I mean, they take longer to charge than they do to drain. From 60% battery it took almost 11 hours to get to 90%
    They have yet to reach 100% charge. I dont have patience to wait 20 hours for the damn thing to reach 100%.

    Next; Their control is laggy. Theres a huge delay between the speaker and your phone, and vice versa. Approximately 2 to 5 seconds delay.

    The sound On/Off chime is LOUD but the speaker isnt loud in Bluetooth mode, weird right?

    It gets worse…

    Tried downloading the Monster App off Google Play…

    Dont… Just…

    Dont. -Rage quit.

    Overall? Buy the JBL Flip 4. its more expensive, but its clear why. This speaker is mediocre at best. I think I’ll be sending this pair back and just buy another Flip 4, then using Samsung Media Pairing have the same feature as the Stereo mode in the Flip 4 without the hassle of cheap components, and crappy hardware.

    Flip 4 is five stars all across the board.
    Monster 310, 2.5 stars at best…

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  2. Coolest In Cambridge

    I had not really thought about Monster as anything but a legendary maker of premium cables and connectivity hardware. But I picked up the S310 because I wanted something really portable for the back yard this summer. In fact, the convenient wristband caught my attention. Often I’m going downstairs with items for the grill or beverages and don’t have a free hand for a Bluetooth speaker. So the carrying strap was a really useful feature. But I am getting ahead of myself.

    I’m very pleased with this little speaker. Here are the highlights:
    1) It paired with my phone immediately.
    2) It connects very quickly.
    3) The sound quality is much better than I would expect with such a small speaker system. It fills my back yard with clear and full sound. It stays clean near to the very top of its volume range. There is indeed bass, even in such a small driver. Well, actually, there are 2 drivers and a passive radiator. Certainly it is not earth shaking bass. That is just not physically possible from such a compact unit, but the build quality is sufficient to deliver low end to the soundstage. The documentation states that Monster’s audio legend, Noel Lee, personally designed and tuned this little guy. It’s well-balanced and clean sound gives me no reason to doubt this claim.
    4) Battery life is impressive so far. After giving it a complete charge, I’ve been using it for at least 12 hours (of music, not standby) without a recharge at a decent volume.
    5) Speakerphone mode is actually pretty good. I have another, more expensive Bluetooth speaker with a speakerphone mode and my callers complain that I sound like I’m in a closet. I did not have that experience with the S310. People could hear me and I was not the least bit embarrassed to use it.
    5) Water resistance is something I have yet to really test. I’m just too chicken to let a nice piece of electronics get wet. It does have a rubber seal to protect the power port and SD slot.
    6) Oh yeah, the SD card slot. This is not a feature I would use but I could certainly see how it might come in handy. For example, you could load up a card of kids music and let them enjoy it without having to use your phone or give them a tablet. Also, if, heaven forbid, you find yourself without WiFi or a cellular signal, you can still enjoy dozens of hours of music.
    7) I don’t have 2 of these, but if I did, you can pair them so that they will work as left and right channels and double your power. I may take advantage of that.
    8) The only feature missing, and maybe I’m old fashioned, is a an 3.5 mm aux input. I hardly ever use one of those old things, but I find the a comfort nonetheless. Ah well.

    While this is about the size of less expensive Bluetooth speakers, you really get what you pay for with the Monster S310. It is a small but loyal audio companion.

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  3. CreativeNameHere

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Battery life is ridiculously good, more than I’d ever need at one time, so no running out of juice while out and about with it.
    Which is what you’ll be doing if you purchase this, as it’s a larger speaker but is exceptionally loud for its size. It’s about the size of a can of Arizona tea, as the attached picture shows.
    Crisp highs and boomy bass make a great speaker for blaring EDM at parties or enjoying a pop album. The mids are recessed, muddy, and unexceptional, but I do not complain about this.
    It’s waterproof alright, and while I haven’t fully submerged it, running under a faucet and using it in the shower has done nothing to it. It has very thick rubber gaskets that inspire confidence in the IPX rating.
    This is the speaker you’ ll carry with you to pool and dance parties.
    It’s unbearably loud at even half volume, a comfortable solo experience is found at 15-20%.
    It’s become very apparent this is not geared for home and office listening, it’s a loud, powerful on-the-go speaker and is a college freshman’s dream.
    Audiophiles can look elsewhere, this speaker doesn’t meet the requirements for any level of critical listening.
    It’s loud, boomy, shiny, and serves it’s purpose surprisingly well.
    I had sound quality issues with the first unit I recieved, reaching out for support was painless, and I recieved a new working unit very promptly.
    If you need a thumping can to toss in your car for the occasional party, it’s not at all a bad pick.

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  4. Thomas Chastain

    I purchased my Bose Soundlink 2 about a year ago and was thoroughly disappointed. I really wanted to Mini, but Amazon had the Soundlink 2 for $80, so I gave it a shot. I liked the Bose initially, but found the mids and lows to be lacking.

    So, I saw Amazon was buying them back at $40 with trade in. I thought why not and looked at every speaker on Black Friday deal. I used to install car stereos in High School, and always used the Monster branded cables. So, I decided to give this speaker a shot, especially since I wanted the cylinder design.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the speaker. It hits the mids and treble extremely well. Bass isn’t bad, but is a little lackluster (however for a 16W little speaker, it suffices). I like the battery life, size and design is great. Being able to skip a song from the speaker is a huge plus (Bose didn’t offer this). The big drawback is the speaker takes about 30s to power on and pair to your phone (not a huge deal, but my past 3 BT Speakers have been virtually instantaneous). Other than that I highly recommended the speaker, just need to ensure I can pair 2 phones to it simultaneously, since my wife will use it when I ‘m out of town (and not have to pair phones back and forth each time). Overall, for the price I rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

    EDIT 12/14/20: I ended up returning this speaker. Every time I would turn it on, it would blare full volume. So, I returned for a Tribit Stormbox. Not going to lie, the Tribit blows this speaker out of the water. Maybe I am too picky or this speaker doesn’t fit my needs, but might work well for you.

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  5. WW

    this speaker has great sound quality for the price. my only 2 complaints are:

    1. when turning it on and off, it basically yells out “PAIRING” or “GOODBYE.” it’s actually quite loud and i live in an apartment building where i had a noise complaint for the system volume and not the actual music i play. if the system volume could be turned down or muted, then i wouldn’t have to jam it under a mountain of pillows just to turn it on and off. that’s the only way to make sure the system sounds are muffled and not bothering my neighbours.

    2. volume issues. there’s quiet and then there’s loud. there’s no in between. you’re either playing it to the point where you can’t hear it, or you’re playing it louder than you want. if you live in an apartment or have roommates, you’re gonna wanna skip this speaker. the only way i can control the volume in a more sensitive way, is to constantly keep tweaking the equalizer throughout the day to not disturb my neighbours. it’s pretty annoying to have to do this.

    so unless you have a space that can endure loud system feedback and loud audio output without disturbing someone, then this is perfect for you

    otherwise i would skip this one.

    i personally would have returned it because i’m pretty disappointed, expecially with the noise complaint, but my roommate threw out the box it came in.

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  6. aka Merc

    Gran Marca, Diseño y muy practico para llevarlo a todos lados

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  7. Amit

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     This is the best Bluetooth speaker I bought…!!

    The sound quality is perfect which very loud at peak level. It’s clear and crisp for music or any other podcasts listening. Bluetooth connectivity 5.0 is seamless, very quick to connect any device, and an indication sound when connected or disconnected.

    I have not charged the speaker since I received it and has worked almost 15 hours already and not discharged yet.

    I have used it for phone calls and worked without any issues or mic problems.

    I have not used it in water or rain yet but used it while playing Holi colors and it was easy to clean without any mark got permanent.

    It’s a very light and handy speak which you can use anywhere especially outside without worrying or charging cable and can go long with strong battery life.

    Highly recommended the speaker for the price and quality

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  8. Moe

    This is great portable speaker 🔊. Not too small and not too big. Perfect for my need. I use this speaker for my laptop since my laptop has crappy speakers. This are great for watching movies and listening music. This are not 360* speaker sound only comes from one side but it’s very loud. It advertises built-in 4000mAh powerful lithium ion battery guarantees up to 20 hours of continuous use!

    Some of the key features are:

    Pure Monster Sound: offers a natural, authentic sound and powerful bass.

    Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology: own fast and stable transmission without tangling within 10m.

    IPX5 Water Resistance(not water proof): splashproof and weather-proof protect your bluetooth speakers against rain and water.

    Built-In Microphone: For clear, hands-free calls.

    Support Wireless/TWS/TF Card Mode.

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  9. daniel caldwell

    For what it is it sounds pretty darn good, it has a decent amount of base if you position it in just the right spot in your room but if you don’t get it in the right spot it just has no bass at all but anybody who is familiar with speaker placement knows how that goes. But overall I’m pretty satisfied and I am crazy picky about sound, I’ve been in the high-end audio since I was a kid and this is definitely not high-end audio, I love the fact that in the description that says this is just like being right in front of the live artists on the stage but it’s not even close, that statement right there almost makes me want to get it one star LOL, it’s a shame companies print descriptions like that to make a sale but

    if you’re just looking for a nice sounding Bluetooth speaker that won’t break the bank, something that’s kind of a medium size so it’s still nice and portable but not teeny tiny for casual listening I would assume you’ll probably be happy with it.

    I like it, it’s not perfect and it doesn’t sound as good as they claim it does butts I’ve heard things that sound way worse than this,. Now if I listen to this for a while and then I turn on my home stereo this speaker makes me appreciate what my home stereo sounds like,. But this is probably one of the better sounding little Bluetooth speakers that I’ve heard for casual music listening, It is very impressive for what it is.

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  10. Goride09

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     This is a cool speaker for the price. Doesn’t have 360 sound like the UE Boom but it is loud enough and I really like the fact that it has skip/play/pause feature. I use it on my bike and don’t have to take out my phone to pause or skip my music. Also if your phone can’t stream music you can load a micro SD card with music (hook up the speaker to your computer via USB) I love that feature too. It sturdy and water resistant. Not too heavy and built well. Also the strap is good for hanging it places. Also can fit in a water bottle cage. For the features it has and the price it can’t be beat!

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    Monster Bluetooth Speaker, Superstar S310 Portable Bluetooth Speakers. 20W True Wireless Stereo Pairing Deliver Dynamic Sound,Waterproof Speaker,…
    Monster Bluetooth Speaker, Superstar S310 Portable Bluetooth Speakers. 20W True Wireless Stereo Pairing Deliver Dynamic Sound,Waterproof Speaker,…

    Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $107.99.

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