Microsoft PY9-00002 Wireless Desktop 850 with AES – Keyboard and Mouse (English)

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Last updated on July 23, 2024 11:19 pm Details
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-Bit Encryption
  • 2.4 GHz wireless delivers a reliable connection with up to a 15-foot range
  • Windows shortcut keys provide easy access to commonly used functions
  • Media keys for music and video control
  • Design is suitable for use with either hand
  • Optical Technology 1000 dpi provides responsive cursor control
  • Snap-in transceiver stows conveniently under the mouse

Specification: Microsoft PY9-00002 Wireless Desktop 850 with AES – Keyboard and Mouse (English)



Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎4.5 x 16.71 x 53.9 cm, 204.12 Grams

Item dimensions L x W x H

‎45 x 167 x 539 millimeters


‎2 AA batteries required. (included)

7 reviews for Microsoft PY9-00002 Wireless Desktop 850 with AES – Keyboard and Mouse (English)

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  1. Jim Clark

    I have been using this wireless keyboard and mouse for less than 4 months and twice, the letter “p” on the keyboard has stopped working. The first time it happened, I spent time on the phone with a Tech Service Rep from Microsoft. She took me through the process of performing an update for the keyboard and that seemed to fix the problem. Recently, the “p” key has worked sporadically but today it just stopped altogether. The drivers/software is all up to date. I tried to get through to Microsoft Tech Support but it has been transferred to an on-line support system that doesn’t have any telephone access on weekends! They instruct you to go on-line to That’s kind of difficult when the “p” key doesn’t work. I have substituted an old Logitech keyboard for the Microsoft crap to enter this review. Coincidentally, I have never had problems with the Logitech keyboard and mouse. I only wanted to replace it because the mouse doesn’t have an on/off switch. I repeat, DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP!

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  2. Derek

    I’ve owned a number of wireless kb/mice. While this one isn’t the best with regard to functionality, it is by far, the best value.

    I use this on/around my coffee table and couch, to control my desktop computer (about 8 feet away); it works great! While there can be a signal detection issue with the mouse, it’s due to it being too far back on the coffee table, blocking the signal. It’s more compact than most keyboards, with no separation between the main keys, arrow keys and number pad. I’ve had it for a while now and only wish I would have purchased it sooner.

    Extremely light weight.

    Very low battery consumption.


    Good signal, no connection problems (if no major obstructions in the way).

    Mouse scroll wheel button is too easy to accidentally press when scrolling.

    Keyboard seems to have a power saving mode (if the keyboard isn’t used for a while, the first key press will be ignored/used to “wake” the keyboard. This is a minor inconvenience and saves your batteries, so in a way, it’s actually a pro. To unlock windows, I simply type the first key of my password twice. The first press “wakes” the keyboard and the second press begins typing.

    Overall, great value!

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  3. Barb

    I had the 800 combo for years and loved it. I expected to love the 850 combo. It was horrible!

    The keyboard is nice and designed the same as the 800 combo. The problem in the mouse wheel. The wheel sticks and as you roll it jumps up and then you try scroll slowly and it still jumps. Must be something wrong with the guide underneath. I finally bought a cheap logitech combo that I had bought for my work computer. The mouse is wonderful and the keyboard does not take up as much space. Shame on Microsoft for replacing the 800 with this product. Buyer be ware!

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  4. Pan Paper

    This is actually a really good keyboard for the price. Having used laptop keyboards for my entire life, I found this keyboard to be very easy to type on.

    The tactile feedback is not great by any means, but is sufficient for knowing when the threshold for a keypress has passed. The keys don’t require a lot of force to press, making prolonged use less tiring.

    The lack of spaces between keys could be a turnoff for some people, but I find it much easier to move your fingers from key to key using this kind of layout. This also makes it possible to slide from one key to another if you’re a really lazy typist.

    If you’ve ever used MIcrosoft Keyboard 600, this is pretty much identical.

    I would have give 4 stars, but took one off for the glossy finish on the edges of the keyboard. Those are the areas most prone to hand smudges, and you’ll end up with a dirty, grimey-looking keyboard in no time. The plastic is also extremely weak. I tried cleaning the glossy parts using a microfiber cloth and ended up leaving micro-scratches from dust particles on the surface. This shiny new keyboard will look old in no time.

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  5. Jennifer G.

    This is my favorite keyboard and I wish I had one for every computer I use.

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  6. Dr. Tim Parker

    Overall, I’m quite happy with this keyboard and mouse combination. I’ve been a pretty much exclusive Logitech keyboard and mouse user for years, especially in the wireless area, but decided to try this combo from Microsoft on a new computer. A few good and bad things:

    – it updated the firmware and drivers automatically as soon as I plugged the wireless dongle into my computer; a nice feature
    – the keys have a nice tactile feel and sound (not the usual cheap clicky sound and mushy feel)
    – I only have to turn the mouse on; the keyboard doesn’t have an on/off switch (which also means I need to push a few keys on the keyboard to get it responding from a boot)
    – the angle of the keyboard, while it can be set at two settings (low and high, depending on fold-out legs) isn’t quite as comfortable as other keyboards I’ve used
    – while the keyboard layout is standard, I’m finding the space between the main keyboard and the arrow and Ins/Del key blocks to be too small compared to many other keyboards

    I’ve tried a few keyboards over the years that lasted less than a week on my desk, due to bad feel or ergonomics. This will last a lot longer, although the noted issues above are slightly irking. Still, if this was my only wireless keyboard/mouse combo I doubt I would care as much as I do now, because I have three other computer systems in the same room with other keyboards that feel slightly better. Overall, quite happy.

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  7. Rob E.

    This keyboard/mouse combo seemed perfect. I love that one USB adapter covers both devices. However, the mouse frequently stops working until I unplug and reconnect the USB dongle (averaging once a day). The keyboard also does this but not as often, around 1-2 times per week. I’m outside of the return window by a few weeks so I’m stuck with it but it happens so often with the mouse that I’ve now stopped using the mouse entirely.

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    Microsoft PY9-00002 Wireless Desktop 850 with AES – Keyboard and Mouse (English)
    Microsoft PY9-00002 Wireless Desktop 850 with AES – Keyboard and Mouse (English)


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