Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

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Last updated on July 8, 2024 12:15 am Details
  • Three inches of ultra-plush memory foam that conforms to your curves and hugs you to sleep
  • Infused with temperature regulating gel beads that capture and dissipate heat to help prevent overheating
  • Comfortable memory foam distributes weight evenly
  • Available in plush 2-inch and 3-inch profiles; the 3-inch topper will hug your body more than the 2-inch topper

Specification: Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

Fabric Type

‎100% polyurethane foam


‎100% Polyurethane Memory Foam Gel Beads

Assembly required


Warranty Description

‎14 year manufacturer warranty

Batteries Required


Included Components

‎Mattress Topper

13 reviews for Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Beany Jay

    I’ve been using this for a little over a month and it’s extremely comfortable. The package said to air it out for 48 hours and boy, was that ever necessary. It stank like drying paint. But the smell faded enough to use it within the specified 48 hours, and was undetectable within a week or so. If this topper holds up for a couple years I’ll be happy. Worth the investment, two thumbs up.

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  2. MissyLue

    Topper was not nearly as well made as I’d hoped or expected. This was the sixth time I’ve purchased a foam topper and had been completely thrilled with all of my previous purchases. This one was extremely lightweight-to the point that it sank right through to the surface you’d placed it on as soon as any weight whatsoever was placed upon it. After ONE night of gentle ordinary use, the topper tore in numerous places simply from the act of us trying to roll it up for storage for the day. I am extremely disappointed and would strongly discourage anyone from purchasing this product!

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  3. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for a California King after reading so many awesome reviews. After receiving the memory foam I followed the directions and let it sit out for the entire 24 hours before setting it up on my bed. After sleeping on the memory foam for over a month now, I decided it was time to review it. I don’t know if the memory foam is hard or if I can just still feel my hard mattress underneath. My back and hips hurt so bad when I wake up in the morning that I’m walking like a penguin for the first 10 minutes I’m up which only started after I got this memory foam. I 10/10 would NOT recommend this memory foam to anyone! I have no idea how it has such good reviews!

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  4. Eternal Senshi

    We needed some soft support on a firm bed as the bed was causing us to have stiff bodies and sore shoulders. We will be purchasing a new bed in the upcoming months but for now we needed something in the interim.

    This gel infused topper is very comfortable. Do follow all the instructions and leave it out at least 24 hours to allow the topper to inflate itself back to normal shape.

    Once it has expanded, you may think it won’t help at all, but so far it definitely has made a difference for us.

    One of the things that I am not happy with is that the tiny little blue gel balls fall off easily. You would think they would be embedded (no pun intended) better. So you kind of feel like the product you just spent a hundred dollars on is already crumbling straight out of the package :/

    All in all, this is doing the job we need it to do and it’s doing it quite decently. I would recommend this purchase for someone who is looking for soft support and comfort without a huge price tag of a new mattress set.

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  5. Heather Vega

    Please do not buy any mattress topper if you have young children at home!

    we bought this foam topper for my 3 years old’s bed because it’s rock hard. Today, my husband tucked him to bed and went to the living room while I was with the baby in our room. A few minutes later my husband started screaming and I ran into my son’s and he was hugging him sobbing. My husband went in to check on him because he heard faint cries that didn’t sound quite right. When he went to the room he couldn’t find him and he lifted all the blankets and saw a lump in the mattress and ripped it off. Our 3 year old apparently lifted off the sheet, the mattress protector and wedged himself between the mattress and the foam pad but because the protector was still on it. He got stuck in the middle and couldn’t move because the foam clung to his his entire body and face. He took a huge gasp of air when he lifted off the pad and he was pouring sweat. If my husband wouldn’t have checked on him right then, we would have lost him. I had seen the suffocation label on the package but it never occurred to me that he would climb under it. It’s not worth the risk!

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  6. Sky Pet

    My boyfriend and I wanted something to make our bed softer while also providing more support. His back has been sore, and we think it was from my mattress. We came across this, and it’s perfect! It’s soft, forms to our bodies, and it doesn’t get hot. It feels like we’re sleeping on a cloud! 🙂

    I’ve added pictures to demonstrate the added thickness, as well as what the topper will look like when you first roll it out vs. when it decompresses. The pad may appear too short for the bed at first, but don’t worry! It extends to the full length of the bed once it’s decompressed. (I almost thought they sent the wrong size – until it actually decompressed.)

    There was a slight odor when the product first came out of the package. I thought it smelled like some kind of chemical, and my boyfriend said it smelled like linen. It went away within an hour, though.

    I would definitely buy this again if I needed another topper! I strongly recommend it!

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  7. Jas100

    While visiting family, you know how a strange bed will most likely not be comfortable or what you’re used to sleep on. Such was the case with my husband and I. We ordered this Gel Pad and we’re quite pleased that it helped with our comfort for the rest of our visit. It fit the full size (double bed) just about right. We aired it outside for a half day to get the slight chemical smell out of it and it didn’t take long to dissipate. We kept the box and was able to roll it up to store it for future visits. It didn’t tear while adjusting it to the bed not did it leave crumbs after using it. I recommend this item. It is way better than the $17.99 egg crate brands that are out there.

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  8. Joelyn Kitzmiller

    I have purchased Linenspa memory foam before. I like how quickly it puffs up out of the package and bounces back from use. I bought this 2” to firm up the back cushions on a couch. See pics. I just cut the memory foam to size and stuff it on the back side of the cushions. I have done this a few times before and it has lasted over 2 years and counting. I have also used their 3” for a padded headboard.

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  9. Chantal B.

    Le surmatelas a pris sa taille complète en moins d’une heure. L’odeur du surmatelas est parti rapidement (moins de 24h).
    J’ai acheté ce surematelas pour mettre sur un vieux matelas quand je vais visiter mes parents… le confort est surprenant!

    Beaucoup plus confortable!
    Je recommande fortement!

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  10. Ann

    I love this memory foam mattress topper. I have neck, back, and knee pain and a good mattress is really important. I had bought a new, firm mattress (big brand name). After it arrived the mattress felt much, much firmer than it did in the store. I suspect the floor model had become softer with time as people tested it out. Anyway, I was waking up with lots of extra aches and pains and stiffness. I love the extra cushion the memory foam mattress topper provides – my hips and shoulders have great support. I wake up feeling sooooooo much better! I’m so relieved, as I had wondered if I would need to get rid of a brand new mattress and buy another one. The combination of a firm mattress below and the soft, supportive memory foam topper are a perfect combination!! The two inch topper provided plenty of cushion.
    I did as instructed and put the memory foam flat on the floor to expand and opened a window for ventilation. There was a bit of a chemical smell, but it disappeared after about 30 – 40 minutes. I let the topper expand and air out for 24 hours before using.
    I am very pleased with this product and would buy it again in a split second.

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  11. Al

    It’s very comfy. My old mattress has a bit of a sag in the middle which made my back hurt. After putting the foam topper on, my back pain slowly got better. 2″ doesn’t seem like much but it makes a world of difference. My only complaint is that it’s a bit too warm. I didn’t have any issues with smell.

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  12. John Dow DI

    I purchased this mattress topper to be placed on top of the cushions for my camper. Reading through all the reviews, I was confident that this would solve my comfort problem. It did not however. I found myself waking through the night, sweating and experiencing the same pressure point pain as before the mattress. (Normally, I sleep the entire night at home.)
    Unfortunately today as I was winterizing the camper and removed the mattress, I found a tear in it. I guess this would explain some of my discomfort through the night! I have only used it roughly 2 months. (I was not rough with it and no children were jumping or pulling at it.) I am quite disappointed as I was hoping this would be the solution to my comfort problem.
    I am seeking a refund for this product.

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  13. SALRB

    Lovely memory foam topper. Spent a few hours reading reviews online and comparing prices before buying. Bought because my partner has a sore back and he thinks it’s helping. Have only had for a week and only used during october. Bed seems to be the same temperature. Barely any odour upon opening.

    It’s VERY squishy and I’m happy I chose the 2″ one. I was considering 3″ and 4″ options but the reviews were more mixed and they were considerably expensive. Now that I’ve experienced how squishy 2″ is I understand was some people said the thicker toppers were too soft. You would probably want to actually touch anything much thicker than 2″ to determine the quality, density, squishiness of the foam. ( very technical terms eh)

    Anyway, I just rolled out of bed and thought ” I love this topper! ….I should write a review.”

    It’s great!

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    Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen
    Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen


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