Lekue 3400221S01U150 4 Unit Stackable Ice Lollipop Mold

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Last updated on July 23, 2024 11:01 pm Details
  • Easy to make delicious home-made ice pops that are stackable and will save room in the freezer
  • Easy to fill design and comes with a lid to protect your creation from unwanted flavors and smells in the freezer
  • Includes easy recipes, also lactose and gluten-free recipes
  • You can have healthier and more natural ice pops with no preservatives or dyes
  • Each mold comes with one stick and is dishwasher-friendly and BPA free

Specification: Lekue 3400221S01U150 4 Unit Stackable Ice Lollipop Mold



Model Number




Product Dimensions

‎9.78 x 11.48 x 6.99 cm, 180 Grams


‎0.24 liters



Auto shut-off


Item Weight

‎180 g

13 reviews for Lekue 3400221S01U150 4 Unit Stackable Ice Lollipop Mold

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Seabird

    This is rather disappointing. These are so tiny, they should not cost more than $12.99 for only 4 of them. I was definitely expecting something really mind-blowing for almost $30 dollars. These are really nothing special. And not as versatile as standing molds. Beware you have to pay extra for returns despite this being a prime product. Won’t be recommending unless using for very small children/toddlers, which makes this product of limited/temporary use.

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  2. Northern light

    These are great for making smoothies and freezing. The kids love them and it makes for a fast breakfast. I just wish you could buy the sticks seperate as I know its only a matter of time before one goes missing.

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  3. RKL

    I’m really impressed with the quality of these ice pop molds. I haven’t put them to use yet, but I can see that they will be a delight to work with, fill and unmold. Good quality silicone, very pliable, and the orientation when they go in the freezer makes much more sense than the usual type of mold. Best of all, they take up little space in the cupboard or the freezer, also unlike they usual counterparts. Thanks to Amazon Warehouse Deals, I got my set at a fantastic price! 🙂

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  4. Zhibek

    These are easy to fill, with an obvious line on how much to put in them. It is easy enough to gently pry the mold back to lift the frozen popsicle out, although one does have to handle the actual popsicle with one hand while pushing the stick through the mold with the other hand. There was no difficulty getting frozen strawberry out of this mold. I have only used them once so far so can’t comment on other foods. They didn’t stay perfectly stacked in my freezer when sliding the drawer in and out because there is a jarring component, but I didn’t have any spillage. I am satisfied with my purchase.

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  5. Cortney

    I love these. They are easy to use and remove and they are the perfect size. I saw some comments about it being small but I am happy with them. I love to make my own frozen yogurt Popsicles. I was a little unsure because of the price, but they are great. I also love that because they are separate, once you use one you can wash it and put something else inside. I would definitely recommend them to others.

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  6. ACanadian

    These popsicle molds are great.
    You can fill as many as you want at a time and place each one wherever you have room in your freezer. You can stack them too. So flexible so you don’t waste freezer space or struggle to find room for them.
    I made fresh raspberry purée with a little water and honey and pieces of whole raspberry added
    I poured the mixture straight into the molds from the blender but you could also spoon it in. Just be careful not to fill them above the line where the lid goes on.
    They don’t leak and the lid cane off easily and they popped out easily
    They are smallish but I like that. Just the right size for a treat.
    The attached pic is before I topped them up with more purée after adding the pieces of raspberry

    I used 400 ml of fresh washed raspberries
    1/4 cup water
    2 teaspoons of honey

    I just ordered another set so that says it all about how pleased I am with them

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  7. Steph

    We have had loads of lolly moulds over the years, but with the recent heatwave I thought I’d make more home made lollies for the family, even though they’re grown up now. These are great moulds, they fold back enabling the lollies to come out and be stored in a plastic box in the freezer whilst I go ahead to make more. Would suggest that you also invest in extra sticks. Excellent design and value, sure they’ll last for years. Nothing brittle to snap like the cheaper versions. I’m getting into mass production, just using high juice squash 50/50 with filtered water. The saving on commercial ice lollies must have covered the initial outlay by now. Must go, got to make some more lollies….!

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  8. Northern light

    Although, these molds were smaller than expected, they are very easy to get the popsicle out once it is frozen. Even for me, and I have pain and grip issues. I am enjoying these much more than the hard plastic molds. You just need to be careful about feeling them because they’re not very big so they fill up quite quickly and therefore can get a bit messy.

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  9. Maria

    Really pleased with these. I am loving the product. They work really well and are a great size for my 1 and 3 year. Too small for adults though if thats who you want them for. However i ordered the bundle option… mini moulds and extra sticks. The sticks are too large for the mini moulds. I now have to return the large sticks, as they are actually sent as two separate items and order the smaller ones, which will cost more as the bundle was a good deal. Time wasting too, very irritating and stupid to send large sticks with mini moulds. Anyway, despite this i do recommend the product but not the bundle if buying mini moulds.

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  10. Maria

    I’ve used my mini moulds to make blended fruit lollies so far and I am so impressed with the quality. Easy to make up, clean and stack in the freezer!

    They are really small but I figure they are perfect for my toddler, and even portion control if you’re on a diet

    I doubt I’ll be making ‘dessert’ lollies any time soon but again these are a good size for something more rich like the recipe cards included, show

    I’ll definitely be investing in the larger size when the price is right as the quality is second to none! Not to mention they will serve a better purpose for the whole family when my kids are older (cordial lollies particularly)

    I can see the lolly sticks getting lost in the future but at the moment I have a close eye on them 🙂

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  11. Hale and Hardy

    Tamaño justo, muy fáciles de usar y de desmoldar.
    Me decidí por estos polos porque venían con tapa (así no cogen sabor en el congelador) y porque la silicona es de buena calidad.
    Como única pega, y por lo que valen, deberían venir más palitos de repuesto.

    Mi primera receta: un plátano, medio mango y 2 cucharadas de queso batido. Cuando estén congelados, por encima con una cucharita el chocolate derretido 👌🏻

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  12. Seabird

    I was super excited to see the Lékué popsicle molds on Amazon. I have a set of the Lékué 95ml molds. The title on the box is “Chill out with Popsicles!” These are regular sized molds as the seller’s photos show. I ordered 2 boxes to give as gifts. It was disappointing to receive tiny popsicles molds. The title on these boxes was “Refreshing Popsicles”. I went back to look at the photos put on by the Amazon seller. They do not have a photo of the box at all, and it is definitely the larger molds that they are portraying. Feeling very deceived!

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  13. Sanders2378

    Compré aprovechando una oferta y es muy guai. El otro día no se terminó fruta así que la trituré y la puse en los moldes y a congelar. Es muy útil el poder apilarlos, va muy bien, pero tuve que poner un papel debajo por si caía y vi que si que había manchado.

    Creo que los llené demasiado, así que no os paséis, ya en el momento de poner la tapa se salía un poco

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    Lekue 3400221S01U150 4 Unit Stackable Ice Lollipop Mold
    Lekue 3400221S01U150 4 Unit Stackable Ice Lollipop Mold


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