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Keurig My Kcup Universal Coffee Filter, Black

(13 customer reviews)
  • Includes lid, filter basket, and filter holder
  • Compatible with all Keurig Classic brewers
  • Keurig accessory

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Specification: Keurig My Kcup Universal Coffee Filter, Black



Model Number


Product Dimensions

‎6.15 x 6.2 x 6.81 cm, 45.36 Grams



Compatible Models

‎Keurig K-Mini Plus, Keurig K-Classic, Keurig K-Duo Plus, Keurig K-Mini, Keurig K-Duo

Item Weight

‎45.4 g

13 reviews for Keurig My Kcup Universal Coffee Filter, Black

4.3 out of 5
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  1. GB

    We have a Series One Keurig (our second) and after many years, with the original filters, we went shopping for replacements .Well we tried at least a half dozen generic filters. While we searched out generic models that appeared improved over the original Keurig, we were alway disappointed. This 2nd generation filter is beautifully finished, compact and easy to clean. While it appeared confusing at first, with its graphics, nothing could be further from the truth. The only con is it’s price. We paid $12.00 each for the first Keurig filters years ago.while we have no objections to a price increase, we find the increase a little excessive.

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  2. Octavio Hernandez

    He estado utilizando ese filtro por semanas y funciona bien. Tengo la Keurig 200MX y no tuve que hacer ninguna adaptación para usarlo (tengo entendido que los modelos más viejos deben quitar la parte de abajo). Es un poco gorroso limpiarla, sobre todo porque el café molido se comprime mucho, pero fuera de eso, sin quejas. El único comentario sería que agiten bien el café con una cuchara, porque he notado que el concentrado se tiende a ir al fondo y a veces eso hace que el café no tenga sabor, pero se arregla con una agitada.

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  3. Anna Smith

    There are only a few Keurig machines available in the UK, so the myriad of compatible devices on here can be a bit lost when in all likelihood you have either a K140 or a K150.
    I’m happy to say this works perfectly on the K150 (the same would be true for the K150p) and the instructions are simple and clear to get it set up and brewing.

    Prior to this I tried a cheaper third party alternative, which was in effect a rubber replacement for a k-cup. It did fit in the machine but resulted in water backing up and spilling over the top and down the side of the k-cup. I’d recommend not wasting your time with the alternatives – you need this model which has is more than just the cup, it has a filter holder which replaces the circular section you currently place the k-cup into. It’s really easy to pop-out and you could happily add it back in again if you had some k-cups you wanted to use.

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  4. Fabio Augusto

    Estuve un tiempo indeciso de que filtro compraría pensando si le quedaría a mi cafetera. Al final me decidí por este, leí muchas críticas buenas y malas pero a mi me funciono para café de grano molido y té. Les dejo estas fotos espero que a alguien les sirva.
    El único inconveniente es que tienes que ver qué cierre bien antes de que se ponga el seguro al girarlo.

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  5. Michelle

    This makes using your own brand of coffee in the Keurig so easy. It is definitely a more environmentally way to use this machine. One thing to note is that it comes with an adapter for certain machines, but does work in ALL Keurig models. You just have to slide this piece on the side of the filter down and it comes right off. I am currently using mine in the Keurig K-Cafe without the adapter piece.

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  6. JennyK

    I bought this because it says it’s Universal. I’ve just gotten my first Keurig- a K-Mini- and want to use fresh ground coffee in it. When the package got here, I read the directions, took the filter out and removed the adapter as instructed then tried to put it into the machine- and it did NOT fit. It was way too big. After several minutes of playing with the thing I figured out what the instructions DON’T say. You have to reach under the machine head to where the coffee comes out and push up on the nozzle where the coffee comes out- the entire black piece you put the pod into pops out. Then the filter will fit down into the machine.

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  7. Mr. T

    Works great. Shame it’s so expensive, but now you can use whatever ground coffee you like.

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  8. Girlw7huskies

    Oh, my gawd so earlier this week my K-Cup for my Keurig broke….I was in a panic cause I need coffee in the morning. So I went on Amazon and purchased a replacement. It came in overnight. Well this new K-Cup somehow is “smart”. Actually is amazing. It has these different settings and I like my coffee strong, this thing has a button to set it to “strong”. Who knew changing just the K-Cup would make this coffee maker even better!!!

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  9. Learningful

    Makes weak coffee compared to regular Keurig style pods. I’ve tried more and less grounds, coarser and finer grounds, but can’t see to get a full-bodied cup using the coffee we usually brew in our drip maker. Tried some of the “tricks/hacks” described online — marginally better.

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  10. Ava S.

    My first one of these broke after more than two years of constant everyday use (and only after I dropped it for the thousandth time!). This one is a newer model with removable and easier to clean stainless steel filter. They are expensive but they last and work very well. I have already tried a generic filter which was only a few dollars cheaper and my machine didn’t recognize it. Save your money and time and buy the original. It works great. Very happy with this purchase.

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  11. Luapog

    I use this to make teas using loose teas and herbal mixes. I like that after filling it with tea leafs or herbs I can brew it as many times I want until it becomes weak. I assumed it would work well for coffee too but I don’t want to contaminate it with coffee so I use it to brew teas only. The basket keeps everything in and it is so fine that no particles get through. It is not messy and very easy to clean, just rinse everything under hot tap water.

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  12. Sarah

    This insert does not fit my Kureig K40 model. Even if I take the black outer part of the insert off…the mesh cup is too tall. Item needs a list of ACTUAL compatible machines instead of ppl just being told it is “compatible with all classic Kureig brewers” when it’s not. Especially since this item is NOT RETURNABLE!

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  13. L.Williams

    This is a great filter which allows you to grind and blend your own brand of coffee in your Kuerig. Some of the advantages are.
    1. Easy to assemble and switch with your K cup holder once you read the instructions so you can switch from pods to ground coffee with each serving.
    2. Saves money since it is a precise measured amount, it takes less ground coffee than a drip coffee maker to make same cup.
    3. A fresher brew, sometimes with k cups you get stale coffee depending on when it is grounded and packaged.
    4. Better for the environment no k cups to dispose.
    5. Tip; I put ground coffee in my compose bin or around plants that have a bug problem most bugs don’t like the coffee smell.
    1. Since the grounds become compacted after brewing, take off the filter cover and removing the filter from its basket and turning the filter upside down and gently tapping on the side of the sink doesn’t work to release the grounds. And if you leave them in the machine overnight it’s even worse. I use a small teaspoon to gentle get the grounds out and then wash the filter out under the tap.

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    Keurig My Kcup Universal Coffee Filter, Black
    Keurig My Kcup Universal Coffee Filter, Black

    Original price was: $34.83.Current price is: $18.91.

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