Intex Recreation River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 95-Inch by 52-Inch

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Last updated on July 11, 2024 11:36 am Details
  • 2-person river tube
  • Includes backrests, built-in cooler with lid, 2 connectors, 2 handles, 2 cup holders and all-around grab rope
  • Great for floating on rivers, lakes and even pools
  • Approximate inflated size: 95-1/2″ x 62″

Specification: Intex Recreation River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 95-Inch by 52-Inch



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‎242.57 x 157.48 x 50.8 cm, 4.99 Kilograms

13 reviews for Intex Recreation River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 95-Inch by 52-Inch

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Paddy Anne

    Sehr gutes Produkt

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  2. Idy Ganica

    Amazing float! Unfortunately the first time I took it out to the river it was noticeably losing air about 1 hr into the trip (not caused by tree or rock puncture or overinflation). After finding a place to stop for a minute I located the source of the leak which ended up being the size of a pinhole near the left cup holder. Luckily I had a bandaid in my dry bag (always be prepared) and used that as a temporary fix for the rest of the float trip. Pretty bummed I seem to have received a defective product out of the box. 😕 My negative personal experience with this float aside, it would be an easy 5 star.
    Pro tip: Add ice cream salt to the ice in your inflatable cooler to keep your beverages icy cold for hours on end despite the thin insulation an inflatable cooler provides.

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  3. CourtneyAnn

    I bought two of these for $40 each and am very happy with this purchase. I brought them to the lake for the adults to use and they were perfect. The cup holder held our beverages, the cooler kept our extra beverages cold and we used the middle space for our snacks. In case it’s not obvious, the seats have a mesh cover so they hold you in, but the water is able to come through. It’s very refreshing. We used paddles from our canoe to orient ourselves. They fit nicely in the center while not in use. They are a good size as well. I was surprised at how big they were. I can’t say how well they clasped together because we never used that feature. Although in the future I would like to buy the attachments.

    I plan on buying a couple more for next summer. The people we were at the lake with ended up buying their own because they loved the float so much. I would definitely recommend.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Great Floatie. We got this for the cottage, it held 500+ pounds no problem, my husband, myself and my son were all on it, it didnt feel like it was going to sink or tip or anything. The cottage has a rocky bottom at the shore and my son kept saying that it was going to pop, not only did it not but we also tied it down in the back of the truck and unfortunately the guy driving in the truck was t-boned and the truck flipped, slid across the road and hit a pole and landed in the gully, the floatie flipped hit the ground scraped against the road and went into the ditch but didn’t budge at all from the truck and it did NOT get a whole. very strong material.

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  5. srt

    Fantastic, huge, roomy and xamt wait to get this used

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  6. TRP

    Don’t fight Costco crowds or go buy cheap ones that are thinner vinyl at Canadian Tire, these are THE BEST. They sit a bit higher than the CT versions and you’ll be floating properly vs. banana looking with 2 on a CT brand!!! Got one of these 2 yrs. ago, friends asked me to hook them up for this, and I bought another to have guests use…Strong and AMAZING!

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  7. LuckyLucy

    River days are SO much better now! This floaty is a summer must have for those hot days floating on the river. Super comfortable with mesh seating and cushioned back/head rests. Easily fits/supports two people plus all of your drinks in the little cooler section in the middle! Easy to inflate and good quality/thick plastic. Love the rope around the edge so you can tie up to your friends/family’s floaties beside you and float together! OR you can anchor the rope on a rock to stay floating in one spot! Also has cup holders! When there’s two of you on it, the floaty stretches a bit so the cup holders stretch/warp a bit so sometimes its hard to fit your drinks into them. We had an absolute blast using this last summer and can’t wait to blow’er up again this year!

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  8. Real Reviews from the North

    You def. need a pump to fill it up.
    Extremely sturdy. I ended up swimming and pushing/pulling it (with flippers) while 2 kids and an adult were in. Then I got it and it did not flip. Good balance.

    It’s nice that we can attach other ones – will be getting a couple single tubes.

    So far tried it on the lake..the cooler is a nice touch,we all did get hungry and was ice that we had refreshments.
    The cup holders on the sides aren’t that sturdy, but they do the job.
    Deflation was quick.

    Next, is trying it down the river

    DISCLAIMER: I purchased and use this product.
    If you find my review helpful please rate it as helpful. I enjoy writing reviews and sharing my thoughts about a product with others because I always read the reviews myself before I buy most items.
    If you do not find my review helpful please leave a comment say why and perhaps I can relieve your concern and give you a better understanding of the product.

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  9. Megan W.

    Está súper increíble el material genial. Le quito una estrella por que se manchó en el primer uso , no se si fue el bloqueador con el sol o que pero se pintó amarillento lo blanco. Fuera d eso está súper genial y más por lo que me costo como 500 pesos vale la pena

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  10. TRP

    Bought this double tube right after Christmas and tucked it away for summer. I was so excited to use it at the beach but was hesitant because I read a couple of reviews saying that it had leaked shortly after initial use. I am very happy to say that I have used my tube many times this summer and never had a single issue. I love the built in cooler system as well! Inflated within minutes and I have not had to add more air to it yet. Would highly recommend it to others.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    I bought this so my wife and I can lounge in the pool. We used to have raft loungers but they broke so easily that it infuriated us. They aren’t cheap either!!! These shoddy rafts are found in Amazon here…beware. So we decided to try this couple’s lounger tubes. Best ever. They’re so comfortable and convenient to use. The little container lid is quite handy to store drinks. Drop in ice and close the lid. The ice melts and there is a hole to drain the water into the pool. Smart!!! Fits two adults no problem with so much space. I’m 180lbs 5’9 and she is 120lbs 5’4. The neck support is perfect for us…because we lounge with our phones or a book and just chat in the sun so we slouch and rest our heads back on the individual neck/back rests.

    We use this in the pool backyard and just float around relaxing. Mind you this is a huge inflatable device meant to be used in a lake. So if your pool is small, make sure you know the dimensions. This thing will occupy a lot of space.

    The inflatability is outstanding. With an electric pump, the boat rises quick and the double valve is sooooo convenient. It lets air in and not out. Deflating is also very quick because of the large outlet. Heavy duty material makes this sturdy and will definitely outlast any pool inflatable. It obviously stores compact into your pool house for the winter season, unlike permanent raft loungers that take up so much space… And break.

    Super happy with this . I cannot really review this for lake cottage usage.. but if you’re like me and frustrated with fixed loungers in the pool that are so poorly made consider this inflatable …

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  12. Amazon Kunde

    This thing is a monster!! We bought this for a trip down the Guadalupe along with the Mega Chill II Floating Cooler Tube 48 X 38. We are not small people I weigh 255 and my wife around 150. This tube held that plus beverages in the on board cooler and a dry bag from Ivation (I highly recommend their bags). I do recommend using half length paddles with this tube as it is hard to steer. We did not take ours this trip and ended up hitting a very large tree in rapids. This resulted in both the cooler tube and this one flipping. The rope on this one caught the tree and folded the raft in half so hard I was afraid it was going to pop. I got washed 100 yards downstream banged and bruised up from the rocks. I got the cooler and the Ivation dry bag (it had $1000 of camera and cell phone gear that all stayed dry). I went back and cut loose both tubes from the tree and rescued my wife from behind the tree. The tube did stretch some from the extreme pressure but did not leak.

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  13. Lisacsea

    Bought this to take down the Grand River here in Southern Ontario. We hit a couple big rocks and gravel on the low parts in the river and had no issues with this beauty. Love the built in cooler, and love the release valve in the bottom, helpful to drain the water once the ice melts. And the middle pocket to store our stuff was handy!
    I do recommend picking up a couple oars though, it’s hard to control when floating down the river, so the oars were needed to push off big rocks or get yourself moving in the slower river spots. Overall very happy with it.

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    Intex Recreation River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 95-Inch by 52-Inch
    Intex Recreation River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 95-Inch by 52-Inch


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