HUAWEI Band 6 Fitness Activity Tracker- All-day SpO2 oxygen level monitor, 2-Week battery , Fast charge smart watch, Heart rate monitor, Sleep…

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Last updated on July 23, 2024 11:04 pm Details
  • 【All-day SpO2 Monitoring】 HUAWEI Band 6 can measure your blood oxygen saturation automatically and send you alerts if your SpO2 is too low, providing 24/7 health monitoring.
  • 【2-Week Battery Life & Fast Charging】HUAWEI Band 6 offers an incredible 14 days’ battery life for typical use, and 10 days for heavy use. With fast charging technology and magnetic charger, a 5-minute charge can last 2 days under typical usage.
  • 【1.47″ FullView Display】64% screen-to-body ratio, increased by 42%. 1.47-inch AMOLED FullView Display offers a screen size that is 148% higher than that of previous bands.
  • 【 Heart Rate Monitoring】The band uses HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0, which leverages long-time accumulated experience on heart rate monitoring to provide accurate readings for men, women and kids regardless of skin color or wrist circumference.
  • 【Optimal Sleep Tracking】The band can accurately identify several stages of sleep including, Deep sleep, Light sleep, REM sleep, Awake, and Naps, based on the HUAWEI TruSleep algorithm.
  • 【96 Workout Modes 】A fitness watch with step counter, 11 professional sports modes, including indoor and outdoor running, cycling, elliptical and 85 customized modes covering all daily sports modes to inspire.
  • 【Personal Smart Assistant 】HUAWEI Band 6 gives you a more convenient way to interface with your phone. View incoming calls and messages, get weather updates, control your music, plus take photos through your phone’s camera, all from the comfort of your own wrist.

Specification: HUAWEI Band 6 Fitness Activity Tracker- All-day SpO2 oxygen level monitor, 2-Week battery , Fast charge smart watch, Heart rate monitor, Sleep…

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‎4.3 x 2.54 x 1.15 cm, 18 Grams

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‎18 g

11 reviews for HUAWEI Band 6 Fitness Activity Tracker- All-day SpO2 oxygen level monitor, 2-Week battery , Fast charge smart watch, Heart rate monitor, Sleep…

3.3 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    Revised comments: After using Band 6 for two more days and made a few adjustments, I will now give it 5 stars. SpO2 can be argued as being all day (depends on your expectation). The device is quite fuzzy about how you wear it, which direction the watch is facing, and slight movements. So I seriously doubt the readings taken when I am awake is of any value (they fluctuate a lot and by big margins). But I think I can rely on the readings taken when I am asleep. The manual also says that it is for when you are at rest. As for the watch faces, my complaint is about the lack of “free” watch faces. If you don’t mind paying $0.99 and up, there is a big selection for you to choose from. Still very impressed with its battery life.

    Easy set up and paring with my Android phone. Compared to Band 5 I like its larger screen, easier charging and long battery life. It can even support a flash light function. The pedometer and heart rate monitor (all day) are accurate. I used other devices and manual counting to cross check. Sleep monitor is good. The SpO2 is NOT all day and is the only function worse than Band 5; hard to use and not accurate. Not too many watch faces to choose from, and some look rather wacky. I would have given it 5 stars if not for the 2 weaknesses highlighted.

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  2. Alan

    I bought this watch thinking that it was reasonably priced for tracking heart rate and O2 levels for exercise. I didn’t find out until I downloaded the app that it wants access to all of my contacts because it says that it wants me to be visible to all others. It also seems to be collecting a wide range of data. Finally, Huawei has been convicted of spying for the Chinese government and at this point, I don’t feel like paying them to spy on me.

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  3. A.

    This is a nice watch but the description of the 24hr O2 sats reading was the reason I purchased this and it will take those readings automatically as long as you are not moving. I thought from the description that it would be able to tell me my sats while working and exercising.
    It is a comfortable watch with lots of nice features.

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  4. Babak A

    Health App in google play is not updated from July 2020 and to pair the band you need to update the device list in app but also Health App device list is not updating.
    it seems many users have the issue. Just look up for “Health App device list is not updating” in google.
    The HUAWEI customer service asks to download the Health app apk from a HUAWEI’s cloud and installed in your phone. I am not going to install non-google play app from some online site.
    Band also does not work without a phone at all, it asks to pair with a phone and it does not show anything.
    Be aware also the reviews are mixed from different bands and old, and very misleading.
    I am going to return it, completely useless

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  5. Phucmeister

    Its more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch as it only shows incoming notifications (tells you of incoming calls and messages so yeah it asks permissions to your contacts list to show WHO is calling or txting you.. Should I elaborate? Lol) and basic music control of your phone. Yes, you have to download an APK. Once the pairing process is done you get all described features:
    – Continuous heart rate (you can’t do manual measurement like in previous bands, its just…continuous)
    – All day SpO2 altho it is an average per 30min.
    – Sleep tracking with REM and naps
    – All day stress measurement (per 30min also)
    – Steps and can auto-detect some basic exercices like walking, running and cycling. Tons of others too but they need to be started manually.
    – Connected GPS so you have to bring your phone for mapping.
    – Battery should last roughly 7-10 days with everything turned on.
    – The watch faces store is available for Canada and there’s a lot of free options.
    – Screen is gorgeous for a tracker.

    Few cons:
    – Doesn’t sync with Google Fit even if it says it does. Except steps. Nothing else syncs.
    – Vibration is kind of light. Options to change the length but not the force.

    Its not perfect but for the price its a no brainer.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I was looking for a fitness tracker and I was lured in by the Amazon reviews and the YouTube videos.
    Fits well, good face size and lots of options for the look of the face. It was fairly easy to set up to the Huawei Health App. I had a couple of glitches by easy to navigate.
    Easy to set timer
    Easy to read face.
    The heart rate, SPO2 seem accurate.
    Band is very comfortable.

    Setting up the sports (cycling) is a challenge.
    Too much dependence on my phone…I should have purchased a watch with GPS (My Fault)

    Overall good watch that does more than just tells time. I you’re looking for a step tracker this a great choice and it does a lot more. If you’re looking for something that tracks different activities, the best way to go is with a GPS tracker that does not require you have have your phone with you all the time.

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  7. Mr Patrick Leo Collins

    I bought this as part of a “Special deal”/”Truck deal” sent from Amazon via text. The strap had broken on my old smart watch and couldn’t get a replacement for it, and I wanted the latest Apple Watch which will be coming out soonish. So decided to take a punt at this, for £35, from a well known Chinese brand, it seemed the logical choice. I can always give it me dad or something after.

    Anyway things I like
    1) The interface and the App work brilliantly, a little slow uploading from the watch every now and again but great all the same.
    2) Very light weight and bright even in the sunshine.
    3) The ability to download new faces/skin onto the app. The one I like the most is the Pride one.
    4) The step count, heart rate monitor, Oxygen levels all seem pretty accurate.
    5) Battery life is pretty good, even with having constant monitoring on.

    Things I don’t like
    1) The step count can be a little too sensitive. I have been stood at the sink washing up, or at the piano playing and it has added the step count. On one long piano session (this is not a euphemism) I had clocked up nearly 1000 extra steps.
    2) Although you can download new skins/faces you can’t design your own, or at least haven’t found a function to allow it. Even if all it was was to put a photo in the background.

    For the price this was easily better than my last smart watch, and does make me think twice about getting the new Apple Watch when it comes out soonish. But I am an Apple whore and will continue to be.

    Anyway have a good day, and thanks for reading.

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  8. mike trotter

    The spO2 continuous monitoring only works if you download the app from the China huawei app store and you have to violate all your phones safety protocals to do so. It also only checks approx every 10 min. The heart rate seems to be inaccurate. Whenever i raise my wrist to turn the screen on, it displays some rediculous high number then drops to something reasonable after a few sec. I would not waste your money on this.

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  9. KGA1078

    I have only ever owned a Fitbit Zip and Galaxy Fit, so can only compare the Band 6 to those devices. I wasn’t looking to spend a lot on something new, and the Band 6 was on sale, so I bought it with limited expectations. I really like it so far….accurate step count, lots of options for watch faces, sp02 monitoring, sleep monitoring, weather, flashlight feature, alarm, breathing exercises, 2 weeks of battery life on one charge – just to name a few things. I also like just wearing it as a watch. The only thing I find is that the band will randomly disconnect from the app for no reason, the app is mostly ok. Also wish there were other band color options (I chose ‘red’ which is more coral/orange….the only other option was black). If you are not looking for a high end fitness tracker or smart watch, then this is a perfect in-between option to consider.

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  10. ✴️ RonSon ✅

    👉keine Zeit zum Lesen:
    Einfach bis zum Ende scrollen und dort das Fazit lesen.
    —Ansonsten weiter lesen—

    Das Produkt ist sicher und ohne Schäden bei mir angekommen, sicherlich ist die Verpackung nicht wie bei einem 🍏 Produkt.
    Euch interessiert aber sicherlich das Produkt mehr als die Schachtel ✌️😉

    Meine Erwartung war ein Fitness-Tracker zu finden der smart mit meinem Handy verbunden ist zu einem akzeptablen Preis. Also eine Mischung zwischen 🍏 Watch und einem Schrittzähler.😁

    Bislang habe ich mich gewehrt für eine smarte Armbanduhr soviel Geld auszugeben, daher habe ich mich erst im Jahr 2021 zu einem Kauf entschieden.
    Ich bin da immer sehr skeptisch und muss nicht bei jedem Hype von Anfang an dabei sein. Ich bin da eher solide und warte bis die Technik ausgereift und einen akzeptablen Preis hat.

    Das Format findet sich sehr gut zwischen einer Watch und klassischen Schrittzähler ein, nicht zu sportlich aber auch nicht zu elegant. Da finde ich hat Huawei einen Volltreffer gelandet. Natürlich hervorzuheben ist das riesen FullView Display von 1,47 Zoll.Design ✅

    Zwischen Glas und Gehäuse wurde die Verarbeitung sehr gut umgesetzt und grenzt an die Qualität von bekannten Hersteller. Die Wirkung ist sehr hochwertig und damit auch das Ziel für mich erreicht.Qualität✅

    👉technische Eigenschaften:
    Im 25,4 mm breiten und 43 mm hohen Huawei Band 6 steckt ein fast randlos wirkendes 1,47 Zoll OLED-Display mit 194 x 368 Pixel Auflösung mit 282 PPI, der Akku fasst 180 mAh und soll 2 Wochen lang durchhalten beziehungsweise in 65 Minuten vollständig geladen sein. Mit dem bis zu 5 ATM wasserdichten Gehäuse ist das tägliche Aktivitäts-Tracking, die Herzfrequenz-Monitoring sowie Schlafüberwachung und Stresstest möglich, auch ein SpO2-Sensor für die Blutsauerstoffmessung ist wie beim Honor Band 6 integriert.
    18 Gramm wiegt das leichte Armband, Verbindungen zu Android-Smartphones (ab Android 5) sowie Apples iPhones (mit iOS 9 oder höher) werden über Bluetooth 5 und Bluetooth Low Energy aufrecht erhalten, man kann sich natürlich auch über eingehende Anrufe, Benachrichtigungen oder Alarme informieren lassen. (*)

    👉Abgleich zu Mitbewerbern:
    Blutsauerstoff ✅
    Überwachung Schlafenszeit✅
    Fitnessaktivität über 90 Sportmodi✅
    Verbindung zum Handy✅
    Zifferblätter individualisieren✅
    Zyklus-Tracking für Frauen ✅
    TruRelax Stresskontrolle✅
    Wasserdicht zum Schwimmen geeignete ✅
    Mit Androide 5+ und IOS9+ kompatibel✅
    Bluetooth 5.0✅
    Musik/Nachrichten/Telefonieren🟨nur mit einer Verbindung zum Handy
    GPS 🟥

    👉verfügbare Farben:(aktuell Stand April2021, Graphit Black und Sakura Pink)
    Soll: Amber Sunrise, Forrest Green, Graphit Black und Sakura Pink, (*)

    👉Verbindung möglich mit:
    Android-Smartphones und iPhones. Für die Einrichtung und Nutzung braucht es zunächst die Huawei-Health-APP.

    Die Fernsteuerung für den Musik-Player des Smartphones erscheint allerdings nicht, wenn das jeweilige Band 6 mit einem iPhone verbunden ist. Die Kamera-Steuerung funktioniert nur in Verbindung mit Huaweis EMUI .

    Über die App konfiguriert man die Benachrichtigungen und das Gesundheits-Monitoring und lädt aus dem WatchFace-Store weitere Zifferblätter auf die Bänder.
    Funktioniert auch über IOS .

    kein Always-on-Display und regulieren die Helligkeit nur manuell in fünf Stufen. Im Haus reicht die Stufe 2. Das war überwiegend auch draußen in Ordnung, in der Sonne aber mitunter zu schwach. Das Display aktiviert sich, wenn man den Arm hebt oder auf die seitliche Taste drückt

    Die Wearable macht ihren Job und zählt ganztägig die Schritte und schätzt auch ohne GPS die zurückgelegte Distanz. Treppenstufe oder Höhenmeter erfasst die Uhr nicht, da hierzu der Barometrischer Sensor fehlt.

    Das Armband ist komplett ausreichend und funktioniert, dennoch im Vergleich zur eigentlichen Uhr hebt das Armband zum Thema „Hochwertigkeit“ etwas ab.
    Ansonsten habe ich bislang keine weitere Potenziale zum Produkt erkannt.
    Der Kundenservice von Huawei hat dahin ausreichend Potenzial zum Thema Wartezeiten.
    In der Produktbeschreibung sind 4 Punkte aufgelistet mit „ist mit dem IOS nicht kompatibel oder wird nicht unterstützt, werde dazu zum gegebenem Zeit berichten

    👉warum schreibe ich die Bewertung?
    Ich will den Interessent davor bewahren, sein hart verdientes Geld für Schrott auszugeben.Daher gibt es hier auch Klartext und eine einfache Gliederung.

    👉sobald ich mehr Zeit mit der Uhr verbracht habe werde ich hier ein Update einfügen. Dann werde ich sicherlich mehr über Laufzeit/Synchronisation etc. wissen und berichten.
    1.Update: das Gehen mit dem Kinderwagen wurde bei der Entwicklung nicht beachtet:-)
    Verbindung zum IOS Gerät bisher top, mit Ausnahme Bedienung Musik/Kamera, das weist der Hersteller aus. Anrufe / Nachrichten etc. Zeigt die Uhr alles an.
    2.Update: bei Abgleich der Schritte mit verschiedenen Geräten auch innerhalb einer Marke( z.B. zwei IPhones) gibt es wohl immer Unterschiede, das liegt jetzt weniger an der Uhr.

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 Sterne- Produkt und kann daher nur weiter Empfohlen werden.
    Preis.-Leistungsverhältnis sehr sehr gut, wenn ich die technische Eigenschaften zu bekannten Hersteller Vergleiche wie Blutsauerstoff, EKG etc. Muss man dort schon über 59€ zahlen, von daher ausgesprochen tolles Produkt.
    Funktion ✅
    Kosten ✅
    Synchronisation🟧(beim IPhone sind nicht alle Funktionen vorhanden, aber für mich die wichtigsten)

    Wenn ein Fitnesstracker zu verspielt am Handgelenk aussieht und wer keine ausgewachsene Uhr tragen möchte, wird hier fündig. Die Messungen sind natürlich eine Orientierung und nicht vergleichbar mit medizinische Messungen.

    Vielen Dank für ihre Zeit zum Lesen und ich wünsche noch einen erfolgreichen Einkauf

    (*Quelle Huawei Seite)

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  11. David

    TLDR: Good budget smart watch, tracking is very poor even compared to older & cheaper bands. (Possibly stems from poor heart rate monitoring).

    As above I love this thing as a budget smart watch, the graphics and clarity of the screen. Items you can view on the watch without having to open the Huawei app on your phone is great and worth the upgrade from the band 5 all day long.

    As a track on the other had it’s definitely a downgrade. Steps I would say are more accurate compared to my previous tracker (Honor band 5) but the continuous heart rate is all over the place. In the attached image (bottom Honor Band 5) you can see clearly when I took the dog for a walk around 8. But with the Huawei I was resting all day apart from the dog walk around 8 but it’s very hard to distinguish. I have a resting heart rate in the low 50’s high 40’s normally and yet I’ve had readings of 122 while I’m sitting watching TV.

    Sleep tracking seems less accurate too. The Honor band 5 could pick up brief naps very accurately. This can’t even pick up a 45 minute nap. Could the sporadic heart rate stop the watch from thinking I’m asleep?

    The stress score is just as sporadic and useless. I assume it uses heart rate and movement to calculate a stress score. i.e. low movement, high heart rate = stress.

    I’ve only had the watch 3 days so maybe it needs time to calibrate. If the results change I’ll update my review. I’m debating about returning the item. I got it on offer and love the upgrade from the budge Honor band 5 but the tracking for my needs is so far from what I require its almost rendered it useless in that regard.

    My theory is that the periodic heart rate monitoring doesn’t monitor for long enough. Whenever taking your heart rate it will default to around high 80’s low 90’s only once you leave to to read for 30 sec to a minute it will adjust to a more accurate reading. (Just while typing this paragraph it started at 90bpm, rose to 114 then dropped to 63). I hope this can be fixed in a software update.

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    HUAWEI Band 6 Fitness Activity Tracker- All-day SpO2 oxygen level monitor, 2-Week battery , Fast charge smart watch, Heart rate monitor, Sleep…
    HUAWEI Band 6 Fitness Activity Tracker- All-day SpO2 oxygen level monitor, 2-Week battery , Fast charge smart watch, Heart rate monitor, Sleep…
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