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GOURMEX Tango Induction Saucepan | Stainless Steel Pot with Glass Cookware Lid | Interior Measurement Markings | Compatible with All Heat Sources |…

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Last updated on July 19, 2024 5:11 pm Details
  • SAFE DESIGN COOKING POTS WITH LIDS- The induction pot is made from highest quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and safety. This classic pot includes measurement markings in the interior for quick and simple cooking. With a specially designed stay-cool, oven safe handle riveted to the pot, the silver small pot will compliment any kitchen and will be your cooking companion forever.
  • INDUCTION COOKWARE SAUCE PANS WITH LIDS- The cooking pot is induction and oven compatible. Whether you cook on electric, gas or halogen, the sauce pot with lid can take it. These kitchen pots are also compatible with GOURMEX, T-fal, Calphalon or Strauss universal glass lids. Unlike most cookware that ruin induction stovetops, with this restaurant-grade kitchen cookware you have nothing to fear.
  • SIMPLE CARE STAINLESS STEEL POTS- All you need to do before the first use is wash with soapy water, rinse and dry. After each use, use any scrubber to easily remove the grease and oil. To make kitchen cleanup even simpler, the induction quart sauce pan with lid is dishwasher safe so you can stick it into the machine to get it clean.
  • QUALITY 18/10 SAUCEPAN STAINLESS STEEL – The stainless steel cookware is constructed of heavy-duty materials to make it everlasting. The extra thick 3-ply capsuled bottom transfers heat quickly and efficiently, thus resulting in even cooking while preventing hot spots. As the aluminum core in the base provides even heat distribution, only low to medium heat is required to get your food ready.
  • FULL GUARANTEE- As all GOURMEX products, the stainless steel saucepan and pot lid are 100% guaranteed for full satisfaction. If you receive the stainless cookware with any damage, we will take full responsibility. As any scratch, dent or discoloration is not to be expected when receiving the stew pot, we at GOURMEX will deal with the issue efficiently.

Specification: GOURMEX Tango Induction Saucepan | Stainless Steel Pot with Glass Cookware Lid | Interior Measurement Markings | Compatible with All Heat Sources |…



Parcel Dimensions

‎34.29 x 16.8 x 10.2 cm, 990 Grams


‎1.2 quarts



Special Features

‎Gas Stovetop Compatible, Electric Stovetop Compatible, Induction Stovetop Compatible, Dishwasher Safe

Item Weight

‎990 g

13 reviews for GOURMEX Tango Induction Saucepan | Stainless Steel Pot with Glass Cookware Lid | Interior Measurement Markings | Compatible with All Heat Sources |…

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Shahin Saadati

    I want to like this pot because of its compact size and material. However after only 4 days of usage the bottom of it no longer looks shiny ( just look at the pictures) and no matter how many times I washed it, it did not get any better.

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  2. Burton

    I liked that it has measurement markings in the pot so I don’t need to use a measuring cup but it would’ve been better if there were markings on the opposite side as well for those who want to see the measurements while holding the saucepan in the left hand. More finer measurements such as every 250ml instead of every 500ml would make it even better too.

    As the lid does not have a small exhaust hole, steam can push out the sides so it’s possible to get burned if not paying attention.

    The handle is comfortable to hold except when my index finger is at the portion close to the rivets (partly visible in the 5th product picture). Not sure why this part wasn’t also curved or closed shut like most of the handle.

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  3. Jazz

    The item received was slightly damaged with a slight dent on the side of the pot near the bottom
    and a slight dent on the side of the lid.
    I could tell that it was not caused through the shipping process as the box was in pristine condition
    when it arrived. It could be a factory defect during the manufacturing process, but the good news is,
    the damage does not appear to compromise the functional nature of the product itself.
    I would buy again and in fact have the next size down in my Amazon Cart, waiting for the price to go down
    before I place the order.

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  4. Sid

    Over all works great but after cleaning multiple times leaving a whitish residue. Is it a manufacturing defect?

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  5. Mat E.

    This is a high quality sauce pan. I generally cook with cast iron and this pan captures many of the properties of my old cast iron cookware. It has weight to it, but is lighter than a similarly sized cast iron pot, it heats evenly and retains heat well. I cook on an induction cook top and this pan heats up instantly and boils a cup of cold water in less than a minute. The handle stays cool enough to not need a pot holder which is a nice improvement over my cast iron. So far it has been easy to clean but I haven’t looked overcooked anything in it yet. The only reason i didnt give it 4 stars is that my cooktop is very loud with this pan. With cast iron, you can barely hear the magnets humming, but with this pan, you can hear it loud and clear from across the room and at the lower heat setting the noise is high pitched. I have gotten used to it now, but it is a little obnoxious at first. I have 3 sizes of this pan and all three could get this same review. I like them enough that i plan to get a few more sizes as well.

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  6. Mark Whitlock

    I have used these a couple of times, since my recent purchase.
    I purchased 3 sizes.
    I like the overall quality, good sturdy construction.
    The covers are solid and fit properly, although a vent hole would have been nice .
    But I can live without it.
    The heat distribution is good.

    I am happy with these, especially since I recently had a bad experience with a non stick set, from another company that really was a waste of money, i’ll never purchase nonstick (pots) again.

    These look durable and well made.
    The only reason I only gave them 4 stars, is due to the handles not being coated.
    As expected from a stainless steel construction they get really hot.

    So I use my silicone egg poachers, to grab the covers safely.
    They are much more practical then gloves or towels for these pots.
    I highly recommend both the pots, and the silicon egg poachers, purchased on Amazon.
    The silicon egg poachers, are small so they don’t get in the way, and easy to clean, perfect companions for these pots.
    See pictures.

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  7. Mac Riding

    As a lifetime gas range enthusiast, my local inspector said that I could not upgrade from an electric stovetop in my new home to gas due to cabinet clearances and the larger than normal opening in my stone countertop. I had to go to induction which forced me to upgrade many of my favorite pots and pans. The replacements were now in the hundreds of dollars many each costing one and a half times that. I took a chance on the Gourmex Tango and was delighted to find a $60 pot with lid that could withstand my abuse. I heartily recommend these products to anyone (induction stove or not), they are definitely worth the price and more!

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  8. joseph ungar

    This pot is absolutely the best pan around, I have tried many pots, they either were too lightweight or too heavy, This Stock Pot is the perfect pot. Used it a few times, This is a durable pot with heavy enough bottom to withstand the ultimate test, I love the way the handle is made, comfortable and sturdy, wash up is a breeze, measurements inside are very helpful and stack nicely in my drawer. BEST STOCK POT AROUND! strongly recommended!!!

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  9. Vic

    While the bottom of the pot is stainless steel, the rest of the pot is not. I suspect it is aluminum which I want to avoid. I could not determine it having non-stainless portions from the description. I tested it with a magnet when I received it. I am returning it since I want a pot that is all stainless steel.

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  10. 30something

    This is a durable pot with heavy enough bottom to withstand the ultimate test, which for me, is béchamel sauce. The pot performed well, no scalding of milk or cream – turned out the perfect sauce and washed up in a snap. I love to cook, but have a small kitchen, therefore, every pot, dish and appliance must EARN it space in the cupboard. I love this pot, the glass top is so convenient for checking on simmering liquids and I fully recommend it in this size as a go-to all purpose pot for anyone’s kitchen. Thanks Chef’s Choice!

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  11. Tialoca

    I’ve been cooking since I was three-years-old and assisting the chef on my dad’s fishing fleet so I KNOW good cookware. The Tango stockpot is made from heavy steel and well-designed with good handles & a glass lid. So far, I’ve made broth, a thick soup, Bolognese sauce, and grape jam in it. Everything heated up fast, nothing stuck to the bottom, and the pot handles & lid were easy to use. In short, this is an excellent stockpot and one I will be using for decades to come.

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  12. Bruce J. Lynskey

    I’m a serious cook. My small (1 quart) covered Revere sauce pot’s cover lost its knob/handle after 40 good years of use and countless runs through the dishwasher. I thought that it would be a simple task to locate a replacement online, but I was wrong. No matter the brand and the cost range, I could not locate an adequate replacement. Even the premium brands had some serious negative criticisms. Then I stumbled onto GOURMEX and decided to give it a shot. I was not familiar with the brand and assumed that it was European given the measurements in liters. I have been extremely pleased with the product thus far and would seriously consider replacing my bigger pots with this brand’s offerings as needed. My best cooking pots and pans are the original copper bottomed Revere offerings as well as some German offerings that I was lucky to obtain while living in Southeast Asia. That German firm no longer makes pots and pans. The ‘new’ Revere offerings don’t hold up. GOURMEX appears to be a cut above the popular current offerings and boasts very attractive pricing.

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  13. Joanne

    I have an 8 qt pot which I felt was big. Then I decided a larger one would let me make twice as much soup while only doing the prep once. This pot is excellent. It cooked the chicken very well (actually, 2 whole chickens at once) and the veggies. It actually cleans up better than my more expensive 8 qt pot. It says it is able to go in the dishwasher, which is great, but it would not fit in my dishwasher. I tried taking out the top tray of the washer but couldn’t take it off easily so decided to just wash by hand. Which was very easy and it has no marks or discolouring. I have to rinse my smaller pot with vinegar to get the haze off inside. I love this pot. The glass lid is a nice change also. I would recommend this pot for anyone.

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    GOURMEX Tango Induction Saucepan | Stainless Steel Pot with Glass Cookware Lid | Interior Measurement Markings | Compatible with All Heat Sources |…
    GOURMEX Tango Induction Saucepan | Stainless Steel Pot with Glass Cookware Lid | Interior Measurement Markings | Compatible with All Heat Sources |…

    Original price was: $29.95.Current price is: $27.95.

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