Garmin dezl 560LMT 5-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Last updated on July 9, 2024 12:52 am Details
  • Large 5″ color touchscreen.
  • Specialized truck routing supports commercial class 8 rating.
  • Lane assist with junction view.
  • Incorporates locations in the NTTS breakdown directory.
  • Lifetime maps and traffic included.
  • Preloaded street maps for the U.S., Canada and Mexico
  • Preloaded street maps for the U.S., Canada and Mexico
  • Lifetime traffic receiver
  • Vehicle power cable
  • Micro- USB cable, quick start manual

Specification: Garmin dezl 560LMT 5-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

1.52 x 13.72 x 8.38 cm, 192.78 Grams

Date First Available

Jan. 18 2011



Place of Business

OLATHE, KS, 66062 US

Item model number


13 reviews for Garmin dezl 560LMT 5-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Darren Perry

    Everything is good with this product. I do wish though it would provide Canadian HOS and the ability to put the driver in drive mode or non drive mode automatically

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  2. Jacques Poirier

    Satisfait, livraison rapide, merci

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  3. paul m.

    I bought this as an upgrade for my Garmin 465. I am disappointed with this purchase. The graphics are great but the errors in routing are annoying. I have come across several roads that I know are truck routes and the 560 detours me around. I have a warehouse in Danville Ky that I go to every week,my next stop is Lexington. The 560 routes me 20 miles out of the way. My 465 knows the correct route. Also the 560 tries to route me under a low underpass in Lexington something the 465 knows is there. My 465 is 4 years old. I don’t understand why there are so many errors with the 560. You would think the 560 being a new version would be the more accurate GPS. I guess this is a case of older is better. I wouldn’t recommend the 560 if you are looking for a accurate GPS. As much as I paid for this you would expect better accuracy. This GPS is an excellent example of why you should use a road atlas and call the place you are going to in addition to the GPS. This one will get you in trouble.

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  4. Nelson Bergeron

    As a truck driver I use it a lot. Woks good! Don’t be afraid. I uae it in Montréal and in the who;e province.

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  5. greenman

    I mostely like this unit. I wish I would have bought it last year.

    Pros- It is very helpfull for truckers when looking for a place to park like a truck stop or rest area. It has a trucking icon with both of them on there. It warns of weigh stations, curves, and hills. It is plenty loud and easy to see. It also shows grade % which is kind of cool.

    Cons- As long as you stay on the highway it can direct you to places where big trucks can go. Get off the highway and the little truck with a question mark lights up. That means it has no idea how to route you safely. You have to know where you need to go at this point because it will route you on narrow car only roads. For example: today I am delivering at South Portland Maine. There is only one way into this facility and the unit wanted to lead me on a narrow car only road. I was able to create via points to make it route me correctly. This creates another set of problems. After putting the address in and creating the initial route, the best way to create via points is to touch the map and bring up the over head view. This brings up a global view of the whole route and not local view near my truck making it harder to check and pinpoint local roads. Its much easier to expand the view from a local view than it is to zoom in from a global view. Anyway, after adding the first via point and touching the map for an over head view to add another via point the map only shows the trip to the first via. It loads them up as seperete trips. When you arive at one via point you wont know where to turn till the last minute because its busy loading the second via point. By that time you better know where the turn was because it wont be ready with another turn direction until its to late. There is a way to see the whole route with all the vias by clicking tools, trip planner, and map but you cant alter the route from this point for some reason. So what I’ve been doing is looking at the trip planner to see where I need a via point and then switching to the regular over head map and try to find the via point there without the help of a highlighted route line and then check if it worked by going back to the trip planner. It works but is very time consuming. Maybe there is a better way to do this and I havent figured it out yet.

    Problem 2- I had a fuel stop at the Gary Indiana Pilot. This can be a problem all by itself because of being a crowded mad house. The only way to get there is to take exit 10 and go over the overpass if you are going east. The two truck stops there are surrounded by car only roads. The truck Garmin sees that bridge as a 7 ton rated bridge and tried to route my 80,000 lb truck around in a 15 mile circle ending on a 10 foot wide car only road. There is a remark on an earlier review where a guy says he works at a place where they are responsible for bridge heights on this unit. I emailed about this problem but havent heard back yet.

    Overall I am glad that I made this purchase despite the problems I am having with it. Once its programed right its pretty much smooth sailing. This unit has lifetime map updates which is very nice since they are expensive. I also purchased the carrying case with the stylus along with the window suction cup. Forgive me on my spelling. The suction cup hasn’t fallen once. The carrying case is nice. The stylus could be longer but keeps my fingers off of the screen. I would recommend buying this unit. The technology will get better eventually and cheaper but for now its nice to have in my truck.

    Update: 5 years later and still works like it did new. Thats why I got the garnin.

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  6. Tanya

    Fast shipping, works great, definitely worth the money!

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  7. Mojodie

    My husband uses this for trucking and thinks it’s great! You still need to use maps and other resources for preplanning long haul trips, and not perfect (not all truck stops/fuel listed), but keeps him off the ‘no trucks allowed’ routes…

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  8. Rhaspun

    I’ve been using one for the past couple of months now. I was able to directly compare it against a Cobra GPSM 5550. This Garmin Dezl model does well in most of the US. However in congested areas like New Jersey it can go on a very inefficient route and the route may not really be a good route for a truck. I see the warning on the GPS telling me than a chosen road may not be the best route recommended for a truck. It doesn’t make sense. It’s suppose to find the truck routes. Another complaint is the inaccurate ETA time for arrival. The estimated time of arrival could be off by almost 4-5 hours at times when the drive is over 2500 miles. Finally I realized that the miles calculated by the GPS is short by a few hundred miles. Even now when choosing Newark,NJ and my home town the mileage is short by 300 miles when compared to Google and this was confirmed by the actual measured milage. This shouldn’t be happening at all in my opinion.
    The good points with this GPS is that it can recalculate quicker than the Cobra when changing routes. It does avoid tolls routes when it is asked to do so. For me the menu system works quicker for me since I’m familiar with the Garmin way of doing things. As I mentioned earlier this unit does the job right for most of the US. It’s just the crowded cities that it seems to have problems with.
    I had debated giving it two stars but I may take away a star as I use this GPS more.

    Nov3- I was able to acquire a Rand McNally TND 720 GPS and it seems like a blend of Cobra and Garmin. The TND 720 offers plenty of information that is quickly accessed, quick recalculations and at times better routing through crowded Eastern cities like Boston. The Garmin seems to be missing quite a few truck stops when going to the Points of Interest icon. The NTTS icon information seems to offer much more. Garmin should use only one icon and put the fuel stop icon first from the NTTS icon. Overall all the Garmin Dezl is decent. Its main issues for me are the missing truck stops, bad routing at times through crowded cities and the horribly inaccurate ETA. I know it can be done better.

    March 14, 2013- Another problem with this unit. The memory in it can fill up when ever I’m trying out different routes to the same destination. It seems like the unit is saving the routes so it can recalculate quicker. But the problem is that I will end up with a message telling me that it can’t calculate the route. Not good. I clear it out of memory by unplugging the unit and shutting it off for a minute to clear the memory. I would recommend that when you download and install system or map updates that you do a master reset. Do this by placing your thumb or finger on the lower right hand corner of the screen while turning on the unit. You will get a message asking if you want to erase all information. Click yes. Make sure you write down all the addresses for your saved favorites as they will be erased.

    April 8,2013-WHAT HAPPENED? I have to knock this unit down to 1 star. Since I did a map update back a couple of months ago this DEZL 560 can send me off on a different route to avoid certain roads. The best example is when going East in I80 at about exit 257 in Nebraska.
    It will route me around to avoid that part of I80 for several miles. When driving through that section of I80 the interstate is marked with crosses warning me that the route may not accommodate the weight of the vehicle. Not I have the same problem heading from North on I74 from Hebron, Kentucky. I’ve also had the same problem in the New England, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. I’m sorry that I didn’t write the exact highway and exit number. Garmin needs to take of this as one side route in New Jersey took me off the interstate and through a neighborhood with a low bridge! The GPS is right most of the time but I’ve started to run into these areas where a bypass is being done and it might be like that one on I80 in Nebraska. To me either a employee who was driving the car around while mapping roads didn’t pay attention to a setting or there is a disgruntled ex-employee. Garmin or the mapping company needs to spend the money correcting these errors. Tough if they complain about the tens of thousands of miles. Also it can at times take a terrible route to get to a truck stop. Might be due to the problem I mentioned about it wanting to avoid a truck restricted route.
    I’ll put some stars back on when I see the bad routing is corrected on these interstates.

    April 26, 2013- Well I downloaded a software update today. I tested the routing by going through that I80 section I mentioned. I had the weight set at 10 tons and the route will turn off at exit 257 in NE and take a scenic route. I didn’t take the time to test out different weights so I just set it back to 1 ton to avoid getting routed around that section. Oh well maybe next time.

    Nov 25, 2013- The latest update seems to have fixed a couple of the re-routing directions that were incorrect. The one on I80 in Nebraska and another one going north from Hebron, KY are good now. There’s another one going west on I95 in NJ I believe that I haven’t tried yet. I’m curious as this one wants to divert the truck because the GPS thinks there is a low bridge on I95 and it wants to route me into town where it wanted to go under a low bridge. Garmin needs to find out why so many of the Loves truck stops are missing. I’ll give it three stars for now.

    March 22,2014- With the last update the problem on I80 going through Nebraska shows up again. Not good. I know this only because I kept on driving on I80 and I can see the hash marks on the road that delineates that part of the road as being unsuitable for trucks. Garmin needs to fix this. They need to get on the mapping company about this problem. I imagine there are other bad locations but many of them may not be found out since the GPS routes around bad sections. Another problem is that there are missing road sections in Dallas and St. Louis. Come on now these are large cities that should be regularly updated. No excuses. So it’s back to a one star rating due to the lack of progress in correcting this problem.

    Oct 17,2014- At some exits the name of the street is used instead of the exit number. It started doing this recently after a recent update.

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  9. Nathan S

    My review is admittedly slanted in favor of Garmin products as I have been a Garmin user for about 8 years now. As far as these types of consumer electronics go, you really do get what you pay for. If you go in and buy the $100 Nuvi, you’re not gonna get a full-featured Sat-Nav unit – you’ll get a map with an arrow on it. This spendier model features all the added benefits of an exit service guide, POI customization, and proximity alerts. I have co-workers that use Nuvi’s, and I feel like the Dezl (as well as my old StreetPilot) almost always provides better routing.

    PROs – Full featured, easy-use Sat-Nav with fairly accurate truck features such as trip-fuel reporting, low-clearance proximity alerts and active routing. Using 3rd-party websites (listed on you can download and add all sorts of custom features to the unit using no more that the supplied USB cable and a little PC know-how. I added full lists of all of my favorite road-side food and shopping chains so I am always a few buttons away from finding the services I need out on the road.

    CONs – As will all Sat-Nav systems, you should always double check the route your unit gives you against common sense. Double check the Traffic with Google Maps, and also make sure the unit isn’t sending you on a 15 minute detour to avoid 5 minutes of traffic (because they will all do this to you). The window mount is sold separately, which some find annoying, but I prefer the included bean-bag mount if you switch vehicles from time-to-time. The ad-supported traffic serice is also anoying, but like other reviewers said, you can turn it off.

    The number one complaint I hear about GPS units is that they ‘send me on some awful road’ or route to the wrong place. This technology is far from perfect, but if you use common sense and re-check the route before you go, I have found that a good satellite navigation system is absolute necessity for the professional driver. I have used non-Garmin units in the past, but prefer Garmin’s ease of use, full featured POI lists and multiple search options.

    I would highly recommend this unit over cheaper versions, and for the truck drivers out there, the trip logging won’t replace your log books, but serves as a great back-up.

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  10. Guy Lapointe

    J’ai des problèmes avec cet appareil. Je perd les cartes et dois redémarrer l’appareil a tout moment
    Je suis vraiment déçu de cet achat

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    We bought this GPS after we accidentally ended up on the Saw Mill Parkway with a travel trailer – no warning until we were already on the road that it was passenger vehicles only. So we dished out for the dezl specifically for the truck/RV profiling and routing, and it is useful for that purpose. But most of the time we use it in ‘car’ mode, and have been finding ourselves frustrated more often than not. The dezl seems to prefer routing us through main street after main street in every little town when a highway would be faster – and this is when we choose the “fastest” routing algorithm! Other problems – I cannot figure out how to avoid a specific road or a city. I have found the menu for this buried at a low level, but it is too complicated and unintuitive to be useful. Finally, if you have a multi-stop trip and you don’t drive to the exact point on the first leg that the dezl identifies (like parking in the wrong side of the lot) it will not clear that point and will spend the rest of your life trying to turn you around to get you there. I would have expected better from Garmin, especially since the last time I paid this much for a GPS was the very first Street Pilot.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    too much screen info sometime slow.

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  13. Alan

    I’m a trucker came from northern Ireland to Canada. Bought the garmin560lmt as it was a trucker sat nav! Came in super fast time from amazon. Decided to invest a large amount of money in it as it’s not the cheapest! I have 2 problems with it so far! First being if u r in the country it sometimes does not take u the safest route eg I drive a b,train weight is 63,500kg hauling fuel if u r a driver u want to stay to the safest route this may not always be the fastest as you know but still you want a safe route ie Tarmac roads etc the 560lmt sometimes wants to take you of Tarmac roads onto dirt roads! It seems sometimes it does not understand it’s own setting ie hazardous route etc! U Dnt want to b going down dirt roads unless u have to be! I’ve noticed myself using maps a lot to so the garmin doesn’t catch me out.
    Problem 2- it gives u a option were to get fuel for a truck! Wen u hit option find fuel it tells you every petrol station to find fuel!! Unfortunately it’s giving u every single petrol station for cars NOT for btrain trucks! This is a nightmare if u Dnt no the area!you do not want to be driving up to some small petrol station and finding out you can’t even get in off the road or under the canopy at the pumps!!! It needs to be relevant to what you ate driving it is a truck sat nav after for driving in towns and cities it hasn’t let me down yet takes you exactly where you want to be.
    As for everything else it’s perfect it’s easy to use, logs work perfect, blue tooth is great! Settings etc perfect! It even shows u showers and wifi at truck stops when available that is.
    Id definitely recommend it but if u knew the area were u wud b driving I Dnt think you need such a complex sat nav!

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    Garmin dezl 560LMT 5-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
    Garmin dezl 560LMT 5-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable Trucking GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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