Filtrete 10x20x1 MPR 300 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter 6-Pack, Basic Dust Clean Living (307DC)

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Last updated on January 22, 2022 10:47 am
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Filtrete 10x20x1 MPR 300 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter 6-Pack, Basic Dust Clean Living (307DC)
Filtrete 10x20x1 MPR 300 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter 6-Pack, Basic Dust Clean Living (307DC)


  • Electrostatically charged fibers attract and capture large airborne allergens like pollen, household dust and lint
  • Compatible with most home furnaces and air conditioners; ideal for high-velocity heating/air conditioning HVAC systems
  • Carries a 300 microparticle performance Rating (MPR)
  • Outperforms fiberglass, washable and non-electrostatic pleated 1″ filters
  • For optimum performance, change your filter every 3 months

Additional information

Specification: Filtrete 10x20x1 MPR 300 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter 6-Pack, Basic Dust Clean Living (307DC)



Place of Business

‎London, ON, N5V 4M9, CA

Part Number


Parcel Dimensions

‎52.4 x 29 x 16 cm, 204.12 Grams

Item model number



‎6 Count (Pack of 1)


‎10x20x1. 6 pack

Item Package Quantity


Included Components

‎6 furnace filters

Batteries Required


Item Weight

‎204 g

Country of origin


Price History


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8 reviews for Filtrete 10x20x1 MPR 300 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter 6-Pack, Basic Dust Clean Living (307DC)

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  1. Beebs

    Good deal and free shipping. These filters are good quality and are more than sufficient for most households. I replace them every 60 days or so and they are jammed with dusty gunk – better the filter than my family’s lungs.

    Compare these with other “name brand’ multi-packs and take the pack that’s cheaper – you can’t go wrong with a name brand. I would be leery of trying any of the El Cheapo filters.

    I’ve compared these to the Nordic brand of the same approximate price and perhaps unsurprisingly they work about the same. Electrostatic pleated filters of the “basic level” are more than sufficient for most household needs. Keep in mind that the more fine the filter the more restrictive it is on airflow. Also, if you think about it, as a filter builds up dust and crud it’s filtering level increases as it’s flow rate falls since the dust and crud itself acts as a kind of filter.

    For general household use, buying more expensive filters are a waste of money from a practical point of view. A decent name brand electrostatic pleated filter changed regularly will do everything a filter should but also at a lower cost.

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  2. PaulK

    Had 3M as quality brand in my mind , not any more , checked the filters after receiving – there are 1/4 inch holes / empty spots ( see photos attached ). After a research it appears : MPR = Microparticle Performance Rating. The MPR system of ratings was created by and is only used by 3M. Only filters under the 3M / Filtrete brand contain an MPR rating.
    My expectation was that MPR300 would resemble the MERV4 performance and quality , but nothing can be further from that assumption. Have not really had any passion to study the unique MPR system in depth after sending 50 $ to garbage.
    In addition to that , these 3Ms cost twice the standard good quality filters sold @ local hardware stores.
    Pls keep in mind that this is my personal experience with this particular 3M product.
    As an advice based on the experience – stay away from 3M air filters.

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  3. Ravenchilde

    Great price on a well made 3M filter. This doesn’t filter particles as heavily as the expensive 1500 rated units at your local hardware store, but this is the model my HVAC company recommends, especially during air conditioning season. As your furnace fan doesn’t have to work as hard to pull Air through this unit, you should save some power and wear and tear on your furnace. My furnace guy tells me you are basically wasting your money with higher rated units, and lowering furnace performance, and doesn’t recommend them unless a client has bad allergies. As this is a 3M product, you know it will be built well.

    This will filter out the larger dust and hair particles flying around your home, keeping your furnace working great.

    If this review was helpful, please rate it up for others.

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  4. BjBnet

    These are just what my HVAC tech recommended. Not the brand but he said to go with an inexpensive type of filter without the bells and whistles that’ll filter every type of dust and particles. The expensive fancy filters capture more “stuff” but also reduce air flow which is harder on the furnace. To me, that makes sense.

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  5. Amazonaddiction140

    Ok so I’m kinda on the fence. The product seems great! The value for the money is great. But I’m so mad because they delivered it with a heavy box of cat litter in the same box and so some of mine are bent … and iv only recently opened it to change my filter to realize that the cat litter they had it packed with did for sure bend them. Couldn’t really tell until you put them in the furnace.. not sure who packs these but I’m so disappointed. This is a great but just dont buy with other items in risk of it being ruined. Buy on it’s own!!!!! Now I have 3 I cant use 🙁

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  6. MommaOfTwo

    Great that we bought in bulk as we often forget about buying new filters. These last about 2 months in our house (2 cats). We will happily purchase this again when we run out. I will say there isn’t a noticeable difference in the air quality between these and the more expensive ones that we have tried; our AC guy told us there’s no real reason to splurge on these since you switch them out so often anyway.

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  7. Kevin R

    Very poor quality. Not sure what ‘dust’ these filters are going to control or catch as the filter media wouldn’t even stop sugar grains. Plus the filter media is pulled/damaged/torn in quite a few spots on each of the filters. The cardboard frame is as flimsy and cheap as you can possibly get. Would not recommend or buy again. Get the MPR 600 minimum for any kind of dust filtering.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Ok so they beat taking paper towel and wrapping them around a frame but not by a lot. They are thin, the Air Force alone from furnace bends them. I am not a furnace expert, or even all that knowledgable but when I know I bought a sucky air filter it tells you about the quality of these. I am not blaming the manufacturer but rather the seller who does now explain very well that out of 4 levels of quality that the manufacturer makes this is their lowest. The price wasn’t great, but I am cheap. I dunno. Would I buy again? Not too likely. In fact no I wouldnt. If you care about the air you breath, then spend 10 bucks more and skip your mocha in the morning. you will be healthier and happier in the long run.

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