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Eton NELITEFIELD Elite Field AM/FM/Shortwave Desktop Radio with Bluetooth

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Last updated on July 9, 2024 5:36 am Details
  • Am/FM shortwave radio: with high sensitivity, strong anti-interference, low background noise, & even lower distortion, this Bluetooth ready AM/FM/shortwave radio delivers excellent audio quality
  • Fine tuning: this radio features an LCD display with coarse/fine digital Tuning, treble/bass control & 50 memory stations. It’s Bluetooth ready so you can stream your own music or favorite podcast
  • Versatile receiver: this radio includes a line-in/line-out & headphone jacks, Plus an FM telescopic antenna & external AM/FM/shortwave antenna connections. Plus it comes with a handy carrying strap!
  • CONTINUING A LEGACY: For more than 30 years we’ve combined the best of old world analog electronics with the efficiency of modern day circuits & systems. Custom designed accessories like stitched satchels & pouches round out the Eton experience.
  • ETON’S COMMITMENT TO INFORMATION: We’re committed to helping you stay entertained with access to the latest news, music & information. Whether you’re listening to a local radio station or signals from a faraway land, make Eton’s radios your go-to source.

Specification: Eton NELITEFIELD Elite Field AM/FM/Shortwave Desktop Radio with Bluetooth



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Power source type

‎Battery Powered

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‎See package for components

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‎3.5mm Audio

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‎Elite Field



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‎PALO ALTO, CA, 94303 US

Product Dimensions

‎39.62 x 21.08 x 11.43 cm, 2.59 Kilograms

12 reviews for Eton NELITEFIELD Elite Field AM/FM/Shortwave Desktop Radio with Bluetooth

3.3 out of 5
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  1. chris mcdonnell

    I wanted a pocket radio that I could listen to while I am travelling it has many features and different

    Bandwidths FM medium wave and to shortwave bands I love to listen to classical music and this radio is ideal for it as it has an earphone jack so you can listen to the radio whilst travelling also it has its own inbuilt speaker it came with a nice pouch which is handy for clipping to your belt so really it’s the ideal travelling companion

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  2. Propellerhead333

    I wanted to love this radio. After the return of the third one, I am DONE with Eton. First one arrived with a faulty tuning dial. Second one, the tuning dial fell into the radio after using it for the first week. Third one, faulty power button as discovered by many folks online talking about it. I’ve had it with their lack of quality control. Thank you to Amazon for accepting the return and issuing a refund.

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  3. Val

    Don’t get me wrong – I like this radio very much. It sounds great, it looks great, it feels great.

    There are a few rather minor problems that are still significant enough:
    – when used with a power adapter you can hear some hum in the background. It’s almost non-existent when using the speaker, but very noticeable when using headphones
    – you need user manual for many functions of the radio. The user interface is not intuitive in many cases.
    – it has the same problem as it’s smaller brother Eton Executive – auto-time setup that uses RDS is acting weird and sets time for some weird time zone (no matter what time zone is set in the radio), so the time is like 4 hours off. The function is easy to disable though.
    – if you switch mode or bandwidth while wearing headphones, you’re going to be awarded with a deafening click (which is not affected by volume setting – it’s always extremely loud)

    Still, the radio is well worth the money, it’s has a combination of parameters that work very well for me and probably many other radio enthusiasts. Now it’s my permanent table radio that is on almost all the time I’m home.

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  4. lance26

    I really enjoy the fact that this slim shortwave radio has a lock feature even when off so you don’t accidently turn it on or change the station. The orange LED screen is easy to see even outdoors, but the screen is always on. Once I had seen the LED turn off when listening to the radio but I’m not sure how I did it. I assume it doesn’t pull much power since it’s a basic orange LED. The radio has 2 shortwave’s and an AM and FM receiver so there’s plenty to listen to. Has a good speaker and gets pretty loud and the inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack is really nice. The leather case I find is too tight in my opinion and my one real grip with this radio is it drains the battery when on standby. I had batteries in it for maybe a week before they were dead which really isn’t something you would want if using for emergencies or taking with you on long camping trips unless you bring spare batteries. I would recommend this product though and it’s pretty easy and straightforward to use!

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  5. Ottawaguy7768

    If you are looking to hook up an external antenna and feed it into your house/ shack, be aware that the internal whip does not disconnect and picks up a lot of noise even with the antenna selector flipped to External.

    Lots of noise and signals come through the whip all the time. No point in having an external antenna if the whip is just going to pick up all the EMI/noise from your house or your neighbor’s house.

    Radio style/ design, battery life, speaker all excellent but with the whip not disconnecting when switched to external there is no point.

    I am returning it to Amazon.

    Happy Dx’ing 73’s.

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  6. David and Viola Sheppard

    I’ve bought some cheap radios in my lifetime and was mostly disappointed. Then I bought this radio and finally got a radio with good sound, precise tuning and sound control. I wouldn’t even say this is an expensive radio but it does sound like one. The only other radio I have that sounds better is the Bose Wave radio….but this one is close. I didn’t buy it for the SW rather just for AM/FM and its battery capability for the cabin. I think anyone who buys this radio will be satisfied. Update: So I went to move my radio the other day and the plastic window over the station info fell out. Not glued that great and so I will have to get some adhesive and glue it back in.

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  7. Phil (Ham-Call KO6BB)

    Hi, First let me say that I’m an active ‘Ham” (callsign KO6BB) and have been ‘radioactive’ in one form or another since about 1953. In that time literally hundreds of radios have passed through my hands. Everything from military sets like the Collins R-390A (~80lbs) to small pocket all-wave sets like the Grundig G6. As I’m presently sitting in my “operations center” there are 10 multi-band radios within easy reach and ready for instant use, ranging from the Yaesu FTDX101MP (look it up) to a homebrewed tube type regen for longwave. . .

    Having said all that, lets get to the Eton Elite 750. A few years ago I had the Grundig Satellite 750 (same set) and almost immediately regretted selling it to get a different radio. Well, this past summer I bought an Eton Elite 750 to use for general purpose AM/FM listening as well as use on the front porch etc. It is everything I’d remembered (yes my ‘big’ radios do a better job for shortwave, ham etc), but I REALLY LOVE the 750 for it’s tone, portability and general usefulness. It is my ‘go-to’ radio for general listening.

    To show you how much I enjoy the radio I just bought a second one and received it today. It’s set up in the living room and will soon be connected to still another outdoor antenna, of the small amplified whip variety. I bought it because I find I’m spending a lot more time in the living room since wifey passed away last year. I have sort of adopted her power lift chair with massage and wanted a small listening post beside it (already have a Yaesu dual band mobile radio sitting there). Can’t spend all my life in the “Operations Center” (grin).

    This may not be the ideal radio for everyone, but it does offer a lot of performance in a reasonably priced package, and in the event of a power failure it will always work on it’s battery pack (if you keep fresh batteries in it). It is probably one of the best portable “all-wave” sets you can buy.

    NOTE: I DO take slight offense at some of Eton’s advertising copy, such as “ON EVERY WAVELENGTH The Etón Satellit 750 broadcasts every radio wavelength”. First, it does NOT broadcast at all, it is only a receiver, and it certainly doesn’t even receive “every Wavelength” though it does an admirable job as a general coverage receiver. . .

    20 Jan Up-Date: One important item I forgot to mention is that the AC adapter that comes with the radio is of the “old school transformer linear” type that DOES NOT generate a lot of RFI (Radio interference) . At least both of my 750’s have one. This is important for any radio operated on the AC mains as the more common “Switching Supply” can generate a lot of radio hash or noise and cover up weak stations. . .
    Phil, KO6BB

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  8. HUGH A.

    no reception I live in southeast Manitoba and can’t even get a radio station 35-miles away. thinking about returning it

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  9. Jerry

    disappointed,can,t get shortwave or FM ,looks like the antenna is not connected ,pity ,it looks really good .i binned it .

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  10. Gloria june evans

    Bought it to deter burglars – the plan was go out at night but leave the radio on…but the radio has a timer which turns it off automatically. I, and others, have tried to follow instructions which are rather complicated, but to no effect.
    I believe the instructions need simplifying.

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  11. Florin Cezar Ardeleanu

    He’s pretty smart! I don’t like the color of the screen! In the AM band is incredible! Look like a DX AM: i received a radio channel from 1.416 miles!!!

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  12. Henry Gildersleeve

    Long time radio listener and ham operator…This thing has better sound quality than all of my ham equipment. Some of those ham units costing well over $1000.00. The narrow filter on AM is very good quality. You can bring a signal back by turning on the narrow filter and increasing volume. My wife bought me a S350 15 years ago when they first came out (the old version of this) I still use it everyday, but it is showing its age. I dropped it more than once and it still functions perfectly. The receiver on the 350 is as good in most ways, but the audio is much better on the Elite Field. The new field also doesn’t have any problems with drift, like the old analog 350, however the tuning mute is a little wierd at first. The new advanced speaker is most excellent. All reception is very good to excellent and the problem with poor reception on the top of the AM band is cured on these new units. If you are a night time radio listener or an all day radio listener, do yourself a favor and buy this thing! I like it so much, I am going to buy a spare to put away in the closet. It pairs with your phone quickly and easily as well. You won’t miss the SSB on these units, because I think listening to other ham guys yap is not my cup of tea for enjoyment, but I may be getting old and cranky these days…One last thing, if this thing is anything like the S350, it will run on the 4 D cells for an outrageous amount of time, but that remains to be seen. The people who developed this radio knew exactly how to improve the S350 and what new features you would want, good job guys! Five Stars! Update on the unit…have used it for a few weeks now, I am still very happy. Battery life is excellent, if you leave the LED light off when you are not using it, which is not necessary anyhow. The reception is excellent and can pull in AM and shortwave broadcast very well, even with just the stock antenna systems. I use it for AM at night every single day and it pulls stuff in with superior ability, especially if you use the AM filter for tough stations. It works better than smaller units for AM and has a huge stock antenna for FM and SW stations. For an all around radio, you will not regret purchasing this unit…happy listening! I will be taking this thing everywhere I camp and hunt from now on…just like my trusty old S350. Try finding a unit with a huge stock antenna like this as well…not too easy these days. AM FM SW…does everything very very well. I spent more time beside the fire cradling my S350 listening to stuff at night than I did talking on my FT857 mobile unit and this unit will be even better…

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    Eton NELITEFIELD Elite Field AM/FM/Shortwave Desktop Radio with Bluetooth
    Eton NELITEFIELD Elite Field AM/FM/Shortwave Desktop Radio with Bluetooth
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