Camp Chef CIBP9 Home Seasoned Cast Iron Bread Pan (Black)

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Specification: Camp Chef CIBP9 Home Seasoned Cast Iron Bread Pan (Black)

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13 reviews for Camp Chef CIBP9 Home Seasoned Cast Iron Bread Pan (Black)

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Ale Valdez

    Para mi tiene muy buena calidad a pesar de que la superficie es un poco rugosa (no como sartenes que tengo de hierro fundido que es lisa) esto no afecta los alimentos que cocinas, lo que si coincido es que hay que lavarlo muy bien antes de usarlo por que suelta residuos de polvo negro propio del material del que esta hecho, y si hay que curarlo antes aunque esto no es problema. Lo recomiendo.

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  2. Red

    First attempt at bread went very well! I had read things online that suggested these can stick but I didn’t have that problem.

    I seasoned this twice, which was very easy. I’ve never done it before so I was worried I’d do something wrong but it was fine. When making bread I very lightly oiled and the bread fell out after with no effort. It cooked just as fast as my non-stick dark coloured bread/meatloaf pan.

    Only way I would be any happier is if they were cheap enough that I could buy 5 more 😉

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  3. Jacey

    Love this bread pan. I was so sick of none stick and having to treat it so carefully just to have to replacing it every few years. This is not that. This pan you can literally use and abuse and never worry that you are going to cause damage or stcratch it. It bakes breads and loafs better then any non-stick pan because of its even heat distribution. You’ll also have it forever.

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  4. Scott

    Have just used the pan for the first time to make a cheese and onion loaf of bread, what can I say, other than the loaf went down a treat. When the time came to empty the bread from the pan it easily came out, and the outer sides of the loaf were fantastically crunchy. One loaf down and many to follow. 10/10

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  5. Phil F

    Fast shipping. Quality looks fine . Pan is a bit smaller than my normal bread pans. Was disappointed that it was Made in China. Will try to source a Lodge Made in USA pan and compare. Wish Amazon would disclose country of manufacture.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I bought this one as a gift for mother’s day. But I am very disappointed with the dimension.

    The real Length : on the top is 22.5cm, on the bottom is 20cm, The length included two handles is 2it is 27.9cm. W: 12.2cm, ( not 13.3cm),only D is 6.4cm match with the item description. It is very small than it description.
    It said it is pre-seasoned, but I used banking soda to clean it, It is getting dark right away. I used olive oil to clean it, my paper-towel getting dark too. I cleaned at least 5 times, it is still getting dark, the color doesn’t go for each clean. I am afraid of some toxic material used on the surface of this cast iron. I decided to return it.

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  7. Lascaux

    100% satisfaction and arrived on scheduled time.
    Bought Camp Chef twice before . Supreme Cast Iron Bread Baker.
    Bakes bread better than molded metal bread pans (tin, steel or aluminum.
    Same baking time as with other metal pans, resulting in an improved crust on the 4 sides, light golden brown.
    Looks fabulous.
    * Experienced Breadman- Montreal

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  8. Swifty

    Perfect size for a loaf & being cast iron cooks them to perfection – will be buying more of them

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  9. César MO

    Me gustó mucho pero primero lo tuve que curar 3 veces con aceite de linaza.
    Despues de eso hice un pan de platano y quedo muy bien, doradito de las orillas y no se pegó para nada, solo lo levanté del molde y salió.
    Me gustaria que fuera un poco mas grueso, se siente mas delgado que otros instrumentos de hierro que tengo.
    Un par de cosas que no me gustaron y por eso le doy 4 estrellas:
    – la superficie es muy rugosa, por eso lo curé 3 veces para mejorar eso. Si sirvió pero aun se siente rugoso.
    – recien sacado de la caja se veia que se despegaban puntitos negros del curado de fabrica.

    Conclusión: Muy bueno sabiendo curarlo. Lavenlo bien antes de curar, quiten todo el curado que se pueda caer.

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  10. Purodude

    I paid $20 for this so it true you get what you pay for. That being said I have a lodge loaf pan as well I’ve attached pics so you can see the difference. The camp chef is half the thickness and have the weight and well half the price. I feel if I dropped the camp chef on the floor it would break. I bet I could throw the lodge on the floor Without it breaking.

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  11. Saskalta

    These pans come pre-seasoned, but like with all cast iron, season them again 2 or 3 times before use. I now have 8 of these pans and I bake bread on a regular basis. Just brush the inside with olive oil or give it a quick spray with your fave cooking spray, and your baked loaves will easily fall out. Each time you use them and brush them/spray them, you’re building up the patina and the pans becomes beautifully non-stick!! The bottom crust is amazing!

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  12. Taly S.

    Das Backen vom Brot in diesen Formen nimmt mehr Zeit als in in dünnen Aluminium Formen. Mann muss schon mind 15-20 min dazu rechnen, wenn man das Brot zum Schluss in den Formen gärt und dann die kalten Formen in den geheizten Ofen stellt. Wenn man die Formen aber ca 30 min bei 240-250C mitheizt und das Brot in die heißen Formen vorm Backen stürzt, dauert das Backen ungefähr wie auf einem Backstein. Ich habe ziemlich feuchten Brotteig, daher muss ich die Formen gut einöllen vorm Aufheizen und dann den Formboden noch zusätzlich bemehlen, ansonsten ist es schon passiert, dass das Brot in einer Ecke fest geklebt war und ist ohne Bruch nicht aus der Form rausgekommen. Ich finde die Formen insgesamt gut, man muss sich ein wenig mit Backzeit reinfuchsen und halt wissen, wie man Gusseisen pflegen soll, damit er nicht rostet, dann hält er auch ewig.

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  13. save_marla

    Obsessed with cast-iron and this pan is nothing short of perfection compared to other ‘regular’ bread pans. My first sourdough loaf (jalapeño cheddar) had a perfect golden crust all around and slid right out. I’m upset as i bought this pan 2 weeks ago for almost $40 and now it’s sitting at $20!!! I’m now buying two more pans to bake 3 loafs at a time. I normally bake sourdough in a big cast iron pot but this pan works just as well and you get uniform slices, as well as no need to poor the dough out of the proofing basket. I like saving steps. Banana bread next, to see how it does with wet dough. Just go ahead and buy this thing, for $20 you can’t go wrong!

    Update. Baked wet batter Bananabread and it slid out right from the oven! Quick wipe with a dry cloth and back on the hook it went! Incredible. I baked three loaves of cheesy sourdough at a time to see the difference and the regular pan loaf took ages of cutting to remove from the pan and ended up loosing half its bottom that was too stuck whilst the cast iron pan loaf popped right out! i’m obsessed.

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    Camp Chef CIBP9 Home Seasoned Cast Iron Bread Pan (Black)
    Camp Chef CIBP9 Home Seasoned Cast Iron Bread Pan (Black)


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