Backlight LCD Display Luggage Scale, Dr.meter 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Digital Postal Luggage Hanging Scale with Rubber Paint…

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Last updated on July 7, 2024 6:10 am Details
  • 【Durability and Accuracy】110lb/50kg capacity. Accuracy of up to ± 1% and 1 degree celsius, graduation is 0.01kg/0.02LB/1℃/1℉.
  • 【Bright LCD Backlit Screen】A clear LCD backlit screen for day and night visibility to accurately display both weight and temperature.
  • 【Easy to Use】lb/kg, °F/°C conversion units, data lock and tare functions at your fingertips.
  • 【Tare and auto-off functions】 to preserve both time and energy.
  • 【Traveler Design】: Durable and heavy duty to stand the test of time and travel. Portable and easy to store at home or in your suitcase. Rubber Paint Technology; Utilized textured hand-grip.

Specification: Backlight LCD Display Luggage Scale, Dr.meter 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Digital Postal Luggage Hanging Scale with Rubber Paint…


‎1 Lithium Metal batteries required.

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer




Batteries Included




Maximum weight capacity

‎110 Pounds

10 reviews for Backlight LCD Display Luggage Scale, Dr.meter 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Digital Postal Luggage Hanging Scale with Rubber Paint…

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  1. Peter

    I ordered this at dinner time on Saturday evening and it arrived 11.00am Monday morning! Easy to use, accurate. A bir more exprensice than the “knock-offs” but well worth it. Dunno why it includes a thermometer, but anyways! 😉

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  2. Roman

    FEATURES: 5/5
    This product provides a consistent reading of the weight of my luggage prior to traveling. As I add more and/or shift the weight inside, the reading is still accurate. The reading will vary depending on the angle that you hold the device at when pulling up on the weight – that is expected! Where as some device may lock the reading from deviating as the angle switches, this one provides an accurate reading with no frills! To be on the safe side, always take the highest reading provided. Very easy to use, and re-use.

    Very elegant and well built!

    PRICE: 4.5/5
    Slightly more expensive than its competitors.

    OVERALL: 5/5
    Quick, simple, accurate, and clear display. Highly recommended.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Works well. I’ve used it a few times. Its not 100% accurate but weighing luggage by suspending it in the air leaves room for error. The backlit LCD is nice. I also like that you can switch between pounds and kilgrams. That said, I like the analog scales more though because you can see the needle move. This just spits out a number that you have to trust. It works great for what it is though.

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  4. Nancy

    I actually bought this to be able to weigh my cat by putting her in pet carrier (and for weighing luggage in the future), so for the typical use of weighing the total weight of one piece of luggage once, it should be excellent. The description noted a plus or minus error, so I was expecting that but wasn’t expecting the reading to actually change weighing something again immediately after, so it can show a difference of 30 grams when it seems like everything was done exactly the same. That’s insignificant when you are talking about making sure your luggage is under 50 pounds though (for things the weight of a cat, it’s more important, but that’s not the intended purpose of the scale). I think this difference has a lot to do with hanging a weight which is more unstable than a counter scale. But it will show a different reading even if your object hangs still both times. Being a small object that you are hanging a large weight on, I wasn’t sure how sturdy it would be or how awkward it would be to hold, but it seems very solid, and is pretty easy to hold. The plastic of the casing is hard and doesn’t bend. I like the blue backlight and find it easy to read, with nice big numbers (a big part of why I chose this one). It’s easy to change the units which I really like. I never would have looked for the temperature function, but it’s nice to have a thermometer (and I could imagine enjoying that if I packed it for travel. It’s lightweight enough that I could imagine packing it. But there are some ways it operates that I wasn’t expecting so I’ll share it here (and would have actually preferred it to be simpler but that’s particular to how I’m using it and not relevant to everyone). So the weight locks in once it’s stable, which is actually really handy when something is dangling and you’re waiting to get the reading. But then you have to press the button again to do the next weighing, but I think if you have “tared” it, you lose that tare (for example, my kitchen scale doesn’t lock in and doesn’t need to because it sits on a stable surface, but that means that you can continue to weigh things in the same container immediately and keep the tare and is more straightforward to do the next weighing). Also, the weight locks in for a minute and then turns off, and so does the tare, so you have a time limit that I wasn’t expecting and it would be more straightforward if you could control it, and not have that minute. So for example, I was trying to zero it with the container (the carrier), and then had to quickly get my cat to jump in the carrier within a minute for the tare to work (she’ll do it for a treat, but she’s not really quick about it), otherwise after a minute, I’d lose it the tare. Other types of scales I have used would just keep that container zero’d for however long you need it, which I find more straightforward. So I wind up not using the tare and trying to remember the two readings and doing the math. But keep in mind that the readings can vary 30g from one moment to the next, so potentially I could be off 60g getting on the weight of one object if the errors on the two readings went opposite ways. Not being able to use the tare is not horrible, just not how I was expecting it work and less convenient, and it wasn’t clear from the description (maybe two or three minutes would be a better time-out if it has to be automatic. It feels faster than a minute). Probably all the luggage hanging scales work like this but it’d be ideal if the minute time limit could either be controlled or removed and if the tare could be locked in somehow. If you can do this, I wasn’t able to figure that out. The strap is fine, but I wish the hook was a little more curved inward to make it harder to accidentally unhook. It’s fine, but you have to be careful to keep it at a certain angle if you are weighing the container and then want to put it down and keep the container on the strap on and weigh again and unhooks too easily for me. I’d actually be fine with something that closes up the loop entirely until you’re ready to take it off. Again, for a quick single total weighing, this wouldn’t matter but for multiple weighings, it’s a bit annoying. The strap seems sturdy though which is important for hanging large weights. It came packaged well in a box so no worries about it getting damaged in transport. For the price, it’s a good thing to have.

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  5. Tannia

    Pésima calidad. Se descompuso durante los primeros días. Parpadeaba y se apagaba, aún cuando comprobamos que las maletas no pesaban más del peso máximo que recibe la báscula.

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  6. RAZA

    We bought the

    Esky® ES-PS02 110lb/50kg Backlit LCD Display Electronic Balance Digital luggage Hanging Scale, Temperature Sensor, Tare Function, CE/FCC/ROHS Approved, 2 AAA Batteries Included, Silver

     because we usually travel using the maximum weight allowed and this allows us to quickly and accurately measure the weight. It has a capacity of 110lbs or 50kg. typically more than the allowed amount of 50lbs-70lbs.

    Its soo easy to use, just wrap the strap around the luggage handle, turn it on, switch to your preferred unit of measure, lift until it locks on to the weight. VOILA!

    Design 5/5 – nice silver finish, ergonomic hold, one hand operation, light enough to carry with you
    Ease of Use 5/5 – Easy to read with large numbers and backlit display.
    Build Quality 5/5 – robust strap and metal clip, plastic doesn’t feel cheap
    Accuracy 5/5 – luggage measured in at 49.4lbs and measure the same at the airport.

    We have so many friends and family where we go, carrying all the gifts in our carry-on to try and save on weight is a norm. trying to weigh a suitcase while standing on floor scale is quite entertaining. One person has to lift the suitcase, the other has to look at the weight minus your own weight.

    We love this product so much we bought an extra one to give to my father in law so that he wouldn’t have to break his back trying to measure the weight on a floor scale.

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  7. Jesse Manntai

    Absolute garbage buyer beware! Do not buy if you care about accuracy(for all you backpackers out there).
    I did not listen to the reviews and wish I did. I’ve weight the same thing 10 times in a row and it gives me a different weight each time! No accuracy.
    Plus if you scroll through the different units (kilograms, pounds, etc) it makes the item lighter each time you press the button.

    Total trash.
    Do. Not. Buy!
    (Especially if you’re a backpacker looking for accuracy)

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  8. Ray

    Me llegó el producto con la batería totalmente descargada… tuve que comprar la batería por mi cuenta, ya que regresarla y que me devolvieran el dinero o me reemplazarán el producto tomaría tiempo y dinero para Amazon

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  9. Jorge Martínez

    Fácil de usar.
    Lo uso para pesar gas refrigerante para aire acondicionado.

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  10. Roberto

    muy practico y sencillo de manejar

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    Backlight LCD Display Luggage Scale, Dr.meter 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Digital Postal Luggage Hanging Scale with Rubber Paint…
    Backlight LCD Display Luggage Scale, Dr.meter 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Digital Postal Luggage Hanging Scale with Rubber Paint…


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