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Anker SoundCore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Enhanced Bass, Noise-Cancelling Microphone

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Last updated on July 7, 2024 7:55 am Details
  • Compact And Powerful: Super-portable Bluetooth speaker delivers powerful sound and robust bass through an advanced 5W driver and passive subwoofer.
  • Unstoppable Music: Micro SD support and AUX capability provide endless audio options.
  • Extensive Connectivity: Utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology for seamless device linking and a 66ft connection range.
  • Extended Playtime: Anker battery technology supplies 15 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge; more than double that of comparable speakers.
  • What You Get: Anker Soundcore mini, Micro USB charging cable, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

Specification: Anker SoundCore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Enhanced Bass, Noise-Cancelling Microphone




‎5 watts

Item model number


Remote control included


Includes Ac Adapter


Includes Rechargable Battery


Has Audio Recording


Contains Liquid Contents


Mounting type


Connector Type

‎Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB

Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Ion

Batteries required


Batteries included


Battery Average Life

‎15 Hours

Power source type

‎Battery Powered


‎5 Volts



Speaker Connectivity

‎Bluetooth, USB, Auxilliary (3.5mm)

Speaker amplification type


Speakers maximum output power

‎5 Watts

Speakers Nominal Output Power

‎5 Watts

Color Screen


Web Browser Included


Number Of Items


Mounting Hardware


Special features

‎Portable, Bluetooth

Part Number


Model Name

‎SoundCore mini



Place of Business


Product Dimensions

‎6.86 x 6.86 x 6.86 cm, 200 Grams

13 reviews for Anker SoundCore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Enhanced Bass, Noise-Cancelling Microphone

4.4 out of 5
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  1. S. D. Southam

    Bought this so we could play music out in the garden without having to move a surround sound speaker over to the window. But I didn’t have any music on my mobile phone so paired it with my TV to try it and while we were watching a TV program, it seemed like the sound was barely audible. But then we noticed that the volume control on the Virgin Smart Remote was now controlling the SoundCore Mini and when we turned that up, we found the sound was plenty load enough for our likes. Then we played a couple of Radio Stations through it and the sound was MORE than loud enough. Next we chose my USB drive as the input or source and boy, did my music sound good through the SoundCore Mini! And I’m a bit of an audiophile who hates poor sound systems!

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  2. Dave Jones

    This was recommended to me by a friend and with it being reduced to £16 I thought I would give it a go. I unboxed it to find that it was considerably smaller than I expected. The build is beautiful and of such high quality, I was very surprised. I connected my phone to it (amazingly simple) and was literally blown away by the sound quality. Heavy in base and no distortion, this tiny speaker fills my living room superbly. Having a Samsung Bluetooth speaker retailing at £100, this little Anker knocks it into a cocked hat. I cannot recommended this speaker enough. Awesome!

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  3. Roberto

    This is the tiny speaker that “could”. The speaker fills my bedroom with great sound, and my living room as well. Distortion free sound, of high quality easily fills my room when I use my Anker speaker. And, at the price I can always afford a few more. Very easy to configure on my iPad. I knew the sound was great when my wife made a positive comment about the quality of the music. Great for travel, the dorm, or anywhere you would like to enjoy your music. It is now about two years since I bought this speaker, and I am very happy with the sound.

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  4. fa-schmidt

    Ich kann mich den vielen hundert positiven Rezensionen nur anschließen. Hier bekommt man eine Supertechnik zum angemessenen Preis.
    Faszinierend, was aus dem kleinen Zylinder an Klang herauskommt.
    Klar, mit Tiefbass ist nicht zu rechnen. Und weiter oben wird die Luft auch dünne.
    Aber zum Bedudeln auf dem Schreibtisch oder zur musikalischen Untermalung einer Fotoschau oder Präsentation ist das allemal genug.

    Und das Teil regt zum Basteln an:
    Man kann aus Papier einen kleinen Trichter machen, über den Schallaustritt stülpen und damit den Klang in einer Richtung konzentrieren und
    auch die Klangcharakteristik noch anpssen.
    Man kann das Teil auf ein Holzkistchen setzen, welches als Resonanzkörper wirkt.
    Was dem Klang Wunder tut: Die Büchse in eine Raumecke stellen. Mein Schreibtisch z.B. steht in einer Raumecke und ich kann die beiden
    “schallharten” Wände als Trichter benutzen. Für die tieferen Frequenzen, an denen es diesem Teil am meisten gebricht, tut das Gutes.
    Auch ist die Schallverteilung dann breiter. Einfach mal probieren.

    Achja, fast vergessen: Das Ding kann auch Radio.
    Nach Anschluss des beiliegenden Ladekabels (ohne Netzteil am Ende!) kann durch langen Druck auf die Playtaste ein Sendersuchlauf
    eingeleitet werden. Dieser läuft etwa 2 Minuten. Danach sind alle FM Sender im Kasten und können über + und – (mehr als 1 Sekunde drücken)
    durchgetastet werden. Der letzte Sender wird vom Gerät gemerkt.
    Falls der Radioempfang schlecht ist: Einfach mal ein anderes Ladekabel mit mikroUSB (Handy-üblich) versuchen. Das beiliegende Kabel ist
    recht kurz. Ich habe so ein Meterstück. Das geht prima.
    Ich bin restlos begeistert!

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  5. Darrell

    Great speaker that exceeded my expectations for such a small low cost unit. I’d read a lot of reviews before buying and was not disappointed. I have not tried the microphone or micro SD features as yet.
    My impressions:
    excellent sound for the size
    the standard micro USB charging port is convenient. Other members of my family use Samsung and LG smart phones, so there are already charging cords setup around our house.
    I see people complaining that there’s no charging cord included, but it’s likely in the box hidden in the cardboard packing that surrounds the speaker. If you need a replacement, you can buy one at a dollar store as it’s the same as used on most android phones.
    Battery life seems good. I have used it several times in bluetooth mode for 5 hour stretches between charging, but I don’t know how long it would run before being completely discharged.
    Bluetooth range when connected to my iPhone is very good (much better than I get with my Bluedio headphones).
    The FM radio is a nice touch, but it takes a bit of experimentation to get it working. The manual does not explain radio setup well at all. You must connect the charging cord and leave it hanging loose as an antenna to pick up any radio stations.
    Since it’s not waterproof, I will likely pop it in a ziplock sandwich bag when I take it outside in the summer. A sudden shower could ruin it.

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  6. Jay

    Apparent build quality, size and performance is quite impressive. I have the JBL GO 2 and these are neck and neck. The GO 2 is water resistant and has slightly fuller sound. This unit though gives a nice 360 unidirectional sound.

    The only flaw is short battery life. Not sure if I have a dud but my unit only lasts just over an hour of continuous playback.

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  7. LeBruit

    This is a very nice little speaker. It’s lightweight, absolutely portable, and easy to understand. It paired instantly with my Android tablet via Bluetooth, and using a cable, it played music from my laptop without effort. It also receives radio signals.

    The sound quality is impressive for a device this small. Of course, it is nothing compared to big high-quality speakers that cost a couple hundreds of dollars. But for 30 $? Damn, this is the best thing you can get. I used it to play music in my apartment at my birthday party, with about 30 people chatting and laughing loud, and you could ear the music perfectly. And it wasn’t even at full volume.

    It has a bit of white noise to it, and it may be tricky to handle. That’s why I took off a star. I suggest turning the volume down on the speaker and increasing it on your device for best results. That way, the white noise is greatly reduced.

    Overall, very recommanded for on-the-go music and even at home entertainment!

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  8. J. Wickens

    When this arrived it was beautifully packaged but the actual speaker is tiny. I thought, this isn’t going to sound any good – it can’t possibly. Then I connected my iPhone via bluetooth, pressed play and nearly fainted. It really is a fantastic sound, so much more than I expected. The volume it can reach for such a small speaker is crazy! I had a similar speaker years ago and never used it because it was tinny sounding. This beauty has volume, bass and clarity like a much more expensive speaker. Anker must have used reversed engineered alien technology because it really shouldn’t sound so good.

    Anker are my new favourite company and I’d recommend this to anyone. The sound will easily fill a room and the size makes it as portable as they come. Not to mention the battery playing time, FM radio, SIRI access and more. OUTSTANDING piece of kit.

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  9. DJ

    Compact and excellent sound and the mic too. We use it to listen to podcast on Saturday morning. It pairs with my iPhone and boots with the flick of a switch. It runs a long time on it internal battery and if will recharge while you listen to it. We use it as a speaker phone as well, with WhatsApp to talk with our daughter. We just need to make sure the mic pin hole is pointed at us. The play/pause button works well when we need to pause a podcast and the up/down helps to deal with the loudness of the blender when make pancakes.

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  10. K.L

    At first, we loved this product. It works great sound quality was great. No issues at all. Until one day I plugged it in to charge after work for the next day and after about an hour I noticed the charging port was melted somehow, and so was the charger! Completely freaked me out when I discovered it. Now it will not take a charge and is useless. Not impressed.

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  11. Sp

    I was extremely surprised at how heavy this little speaker is. It just feels like it’s built very well. This small speaker produces a clear and loud sound. I like it! My only complaint is there is no standby mode. After about 10 minutes of inactivity it disconnects and you have to turn the speaker off and on again. Thats why it gets 4 stars.

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  12. Tano

    Le son distribué par cette enceinte bluetooth est de bonne qualité ; si vous cherchez un son hi-fi haut de gamme dans la gamme de produits comme Bose, ou Denon par exemple, vous n’y trouverez pas votre compte, et encore, vous ne devrez pas viser l’entrée de gamme de ces marques ; par contre, si vous cherchez une enceinte à qualité prix imbattable, pratique, fonctionnelle, et avec un son très correct, vous vous y retrouverez à coup sûr.

    Détails :

    A noter qu’en temps que très grand amateur de musique et musicien depuis près de 25 ans, je sais jauger le son d’un appareil audio, y compris high-tech.

    Les basses sont légèrement accentuées. A noter que, même s’il n’y a pas d’égaliseur pour les régler, on peut jouer sur le niveau des celles-ci, en jouant avec le volume du Smartphone connecté et du volume de l’enceinte. Il est possible, par ailleurs, grâce à ce mécanisme, d’obtenir des basses lourdes et exagérées mais, sans pouvoir obtenir une extrêmes lourdeur audible quand même.

    Les aigus, tout comme les middle, sont corrects. Tout comme pour les basses, on peut jouer avec les volumes, mais les résultats sont moins flagrants.

    Pour le volume, on peut atteindre des niveaux corrects, mais je, l’ai trouvé juste, par exemple pour une utilisation dans une voiture sur l’autoroute à 120 klm/heures, mais avec la deux vitres avant complètement ouvertes ; !!!!!! mais attention que j’ai un smartphone qui, même si c’est un Huawey, est d’entrée de gamme, et que j’ai constaté que le son et sa son volume sonore sont ses points faibles et que je pense fortement que cela a des conséquences directes sur le niveau de volume obtenu.

    Le produit a un poids conséquent, comparé à sa taille, mais, dans l’absolu, rien de pénalisant (à vue de nez, entre 100 et 200 gr) . Par contre, malgré le fait que je n’en ai pas la preuve à ce jour, il donne une sensation de confiance au point de vue solidité, de par cela.

    Le bluetooth fonctionne correctement et, mis à part une ou deux coupures sur 3h30 d’utilisation, par exemple, rien à signaler.
    On peut considérer cela comme normal ou alors, il faut du plus “lourd”, mais du plus cher également.

    Je pense, au vu des évaluations que j’avais lues, que vous ne pourrez-pas transmettre cet objet à votre arrière petit fils, et que la durée de vie du produit doit se situer aux alentours d”un ou deux ans, selon la fréquence d’utilisation, mais au vu du prix et de ce qu’il donne, je trouve cela normal.

    Finalement, pour conclure, agréable à l’œil, pratique, bon fonctionnement à un prix imbattable mais, amateur de son haut de gamme et extrêmement subtil, passez votre chemin A noter qu’à ce prix là, vous ne trouverez rien qui correspond à vos attentes précises, et je suis gentil.

    J’espère que vous aurez apprécié mon évaluation.

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  13. T Puff

    At around 80% volume I could hear the music 10ft down the hall from my room (with my door shut).
    I also brought it over to friends places and it was great having a small portable speaker, plus bonus convenience of the Bluetooth.
    Battery life is alright. I charge it before I take it out.

    I wish I could give bonus stars for Ankers customer satisfaction team. My original order was faulty, but Anker was super understanding and replaced it for me! Communication was polite and fast 🙂

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    Anker SoundCore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Enhanced Bass, Noise-Cancelling Microphone
    Anker SoundCore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Enhanced Bass, Noise-Cancelling Microphone

    Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $27.99.

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