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AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Channel Studio Headphones

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Last updated on July 7, 2024 2:45 pm Details
  • Professional over-ear closed back headphones perfectly-suited to both the stage and studio
  • Intuitive auto-mute switch mutes your headphones when you take them off
  • Extremely comfortable design with thick pads and a self-adjusting headband
  • Comes complete with a 3m straight cable and a 5m coiled cable

Specification: AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Channel Studio Headphones

Product Dimensions

‎22.35 x 23.37 x 10.92 cm, 240 Grams

Item model number


Color Name


Connector Type



‎K271 MKII

Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎240 g

13 reviews for AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Channel Studio Headphones

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Tekanatoken Delaronde

    So, I have a home studio and I do a lot of mixing/mastering.. A friend had suggested these and I gotta say, I’m impressed. Great sounds and build quality.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Highly recommended for home recording. Very comfortable for extended use without fatigue.

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  3. Simone D.S.

    Dopo svariate ricerche su internet e letture di centinaia di recensioni, ho optato per queste cuffie e posso confermare il loro eccezionale suono.
    Premetto che per quanto riguarda le cuffie il giudizio ed il gusto sonoro sono molto molto personali ed anche se a me fanno letteralmente impazzire queste cuffie, cercherò di essere il più imparziale possibile elencando i pregi ed anche quelli che potrebbero essere per qualcuno dei difetti.

    – Il suono di queste cuffie risulta essere di una purezza imbarazzante mai sentita prima, si addicono all’ascolto di concerti dal vivo dove si riescono a percepire dove sono posizionati i vari strumenti o i vari cantanti dando ampiezza al palco, eccezionali con musica strumentale dove si sente ogni singola nota di una chitarra acustica, queste cuffie permettono di sentire suoni nuovi su tracce magari ascoltate decine di volte in precedenza, scordatevi di tutta quella musica ovattata ma abituatevi a degli alti e medi equilibratissimi e definiti in modo straordinario, bassi che non sovrastano mai i toni medi e alti.
    Si tratta di cuffie da studio progettate per trasferire il suono più fedele possibile come il musicista lo ha registrato, senza nessuna alterazione per enfatizzare una tonalità specifica.
    Per gli amanti delle Beats dove prevalgono i toni bassi sempre molto enfatizzati, queste cuffie non fanno per voi in quanto i bassi sono piuttosto carenti anche se presenti e puliti.
    Quindi qualità d’ascolto eccezionale come mai provata, ma che ti costringe ad un ascolto da amplificatore in quanto per i suoi 32Ohm d’impedenza l’ascolto da PC o Smartphone risulta essere con un volume basso che non ti permette di apprezzarne le qualità, quindi le sconsiglierei per chi le vuole usare principalmente in queste situazioni.
    I padiglioni sono over ear di grandi dimensioni che quindi nemmeno toccano l’orecchio, nella confezione se ne trovano di due tipologie, in similpelle e velluto in funzione di cosa si preferisce, comunque entrambi comodi che associati ad una estrema leggerezza totale permettono un uso prolungato senza avere disturbi.
    Il rovescio della medaglia di una purezza totale è che se la traccia non è pulita ovviamente tutto viene rimarcato rendendo poco piacevole l’ascolto.

    Le ritengo a mio gusto delle cuffie eccezionali che consiglierei a tutti per provare un’esperienza nuova d’ascolto, certamente non sono cuffie per tutti i gusti dove qualcuno le potrebbe trovare troppo sobrie per l’ascolto di musica che pompa….ma questo non è il loro valore!!!!

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  4. Blake Skanes

    Edited March 2014

    I bought a pair of 271s in September of 2012 and initially loved them. They are very comfortable and sound fantastic. You get truly well balanced sound from them. I used them for music production, recording and general listening through various mobile devices and computers without issue and was very impressed by the quality of the sound. Until the internal wiring for the mute function messed everything up I was extremely happy with these headphones and would have recommended them immediately to anyone looking for good, quality cans.

    In October of 2013 however the right speaker began to periodically mute while I was still wearing the headphones and eventually they stopped working all together. I checked both of the cables to ensure that they were not the problem. Upon taking the earcup apart to remedy the problem I found that the wiring used for the auto-mute system is really thin (by necessity of the design) and with regular use of the headphones it’s most likely not a case of if the system will be damaged but when. I by-passed the mute function and soldered things together to work like a regular set of cans and that worked until March 2014. Again I’ve lost sound in the right speaker and the damage is internal. Additionally the assembly that holds the headband on the left side (the part that has the model info on it) has broken apart. I’m going to attempt a fix again but I will not again be buying from AKG, the headphones are no longer made in Austria, they’re Chinese made and while in some cases that is ok, the build quality on these headphones just isn’t there. I used these headphones solely indoors and tried to treat them as gently as possible considering they were on my head sometimes 8 or more hours a day.

    TL;DR: The sound of these headphones blew me away and I can’t go back to cheaper cans but the build quality is really shoddy and I have had to repair the headphones multiple times despite gentle use.

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  5. Shadi

    The AKG K271 is easy to use but doesn’t suffer for its simplicity. Both sides are made of plastic and reinforced with a metal ring at the edge, while the headband is made of imitation leather and is supported by two metal hangers. The ear cups enclose the ears and offer sufficient horizontal and vertical play so that the headphones fit snugly to the head. At first glance, the AKG K 271 MKII doesn’t seem to be that unusual, but it does have one or two hidden treats. For example, instead of a conventional jack plug, the left earpiece has an AKG typical mini XLR connector for the two supplied cables, making them interchangeable.
    Another special feature of the K271 MKII is the self-adjusting headband, as well as an automatic switch-off, which mutes the headphones when they are removed. When the earpiece is put on, a rubber band at the lower ends of the headband gives way so that it slides upwards on the frame until the auricles sit on the ears. At the same time, a small switch on the outside of the left shell is released so that the audio signal can pass through. If you put the receiver down, the switch is pressed again and silence reigns. Although this is a nice gimmick, it is also one of the breaking points of the headphones. Otherwise, there is nothing to criticise as the earpieces and shells are firmly connected, offering a robust overall impression.

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  6. Zebedee

    These are without doubt the BEST earphones to start your journey to becoming a professional record producer. They were for me and even though I still have about 10 reference pairs sitting beside me ranging from Munitio’s to Grado’s to AKG Quincy Jones Signature’s, I always actually check my speaker mixes in these during recording and mixing as they are RUTHLESSLY mean. If you can learn to make the Bass sit perfectly on these as perfectly as it’s appearing from your monitors, you’re heading on the right direction.
    Make of this what you will, but I guess you’ll ignore me and probably think they suck as have a flat bass response.
    Mix into them and wait for reactions on your mix.

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  7. Albert Einstein

    I bought these to replace my K550’s which I stood on and destroyed. After getting these I really wish I had just bought another set of the K550’s as they were the most relaxing set of headphones to wear being lightweight with no side pressure on the ears with the softest ear covers I have ever experienced. Don’t get me wrong though, the K271’s sound is just below the K550’s quality which is fine but ear cups are really hard as are the velvet covered ones supplied as well meaning they can’t be worn for more than an hour without taking them off due to the pressure on your ears and as I am a true audiophile I am quite angry with myself for buying these. If you like your music like me and have invested in high end audio equipment don’t make the error I did, stick to the quality you know. I don’t recommend you buy these unless it is your first pair of AKG’s you are trying. I recommend the K550’s or better.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Can’t have headphones that sound more real then these. No extra driver, nor software. Pure and just sound. I use these in the studio for singers since it’s close-back and no sound will ever leak. Really high quality!

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  9. Momo

    I’ve owned the first version of these over-ear headphones for more than a decade and they’ve lasted that long with heavy use. I also have the Sennheiser HD650, HD25 and B&O H6. I would rank these just below the H6 overall but the H6 is much pricier and not quite as comfortable as these.

    The good: The cord is replaceable and long. The headphones mute when you take them off (genius). Super comfortable with the velour pads, big cups and flexible headband. Super robust. The sound quality is good enough. Isolation is excellent and others will be protected from your music.

    The meh: The sound quality is good enough. You can get better sound with open headphones and more expensive closed headphones, but you will be hard-pressed to find the same all-day comfort.

    The bad: These are not for the fashion conscious. I bought them for a relative who found them bulky and weird but four years later she still wears them while using her computer. That’s because of their amazing comfort. They couldn’t be fashionable headphones without sacrificing what makes them great. Don’t wear them walking around in public as you look like a spaceman with them on.

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  10. Zzouk

    Great headphone to record music or just to listen to it, cable is bit to long for iphone, but except that perfect and the extra pair of cushion, is very welcome.

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  11. T0T0R0

    This headphones are Reference class headphones. Sound is neutral, uncolored, thus make this suitable for Studio use and very versatile. Use of great amp will also enhance your listening experiences!
    The auto-mute is very handy as well.

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  12. Habrawk

    At the 80 CDN price tag I got them for, they were a real deal. They are comfortable and sound great. As noted in other reviews,the bias on these is neutral; everything shows up on stage and is measured. Not for the “deep bass” experience.

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  13. Darren Hogarth

    I gave it three stars since the second pair of pads for the closed ear feature, arrived torn. It’s not worth returning since it’s still functional and the leather ear pads installed are okay. Just a heads up so maybe the manufacturer can check the second set of ear pads. May just be mine, or I could be a common flaw. Other than that, great head phones.

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    AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Channel Studio Headphones
    AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Channel Studio Headphones

    Original price was: $318.14.Current price is: $214.93.

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